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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Quorthon, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Quorthon New Member

    Hi all,

    I've played EQ2 since launch, although with breaks now and then, I haven't played for several years now, and was keen to return again :)

    I previously played necro (to ~80) Inq (to 95) and BL (to ~95)

    This time I am trying Conjurer for a change, and started at level 1 (Kelethin) levelled to 50 or so, then got a bit bored of (re) doing content I'd done before, in particular, DoF which I never really enjoyed...

    So I boosted to 110....

    Went to new expansion, got totally pwned by the Garden Plant thing.

    Did some reading (not that there is much EQ2 online content to peruse), used the contents of the PoM chest, equipped adornments, specced AA's appropriately, did the panda quests (boring) got potency and HP to decent levels and now can progress (albeit very slowly)

    My questions:
    • I have 9 million spells (approx) which ones do I use, and more importantly, when?
    • Which pet? I'm assuming earth pet for solo/molo
    • Should I prioritise epic 2.0?
    • Any difficultly progression through Chaos Descending that I should focus on? I've done most of the PoK quests (except my current heroic one, which has taken me to Doomfire now, and I'm really struggling with it).
    Any help/pointers would be much appreciated, as i just feel like I'm randomly clicking spells in the vain hope that some of them's a bit hard to tell the difference between 12123131876137135 damage and 1312458234652434 damage :/
    Many thanks,
  2. Vokan Active Member

    Don’t do the epic. Do the CD timeline and you will be granted apprentice level spells from the epic 2.0. Then of course use that pet. I always used the scout pet before that.
  3. Beee Well-Known Member

    The CD Timeline gives you Epic 2.0 Planeswalker pet (recommended conjurer pet)
    Special see the section Free Gear and get it with all the adornments from the Lockbox

    Level one Ascension class to 15.. prefered Elementalist for conjurers
    Get lv the lv 10 ascension spell (Elementalist: Elemental Avatar) to celestrial with the monthly celestrial quest

    And the most important thing: Have fum in Norrath :)
  4. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Oh no. Elementalist is kinda worthless for anyone. Go Etherealist, it has the most DPS.

    So, yeah, there's a lot of spells. Get out your Knowledge book (press K) and start reading what they all do. I can't stress this enough. Conjies have several types of spells:

    (1) Combat Pet - do the CD timeline to get your Planeswalker. It's a scout pet, and by far the best. Otherwise, your scout pet is your next choice, since they finally fixed scout pets a while back. You don't need to spend forever tanking the thing, you want to melt its face off immediately. You will have some spells that directly affect this pet, like Plane Shift (short buff), Sacrifice (the pet feeds you and your group power), etc. and some AA damage spells.

    (2) Quick-refreshing direct damage spells. These are an important part of your rotation, because they refresh fast. Hit them every time they are up. Crystal Blast, Fiery Annihilation.

    (3) Dumbfire (aka swarm) pets. You have three of these, Communion, Aqueous Swarm, and Roaring Flames. These are also important in your rotation, cast them after the first round of quick DDs, and recast when they're refreshed. Since they fixed dumbfires, these do a nice bit of damage.

    (4) AOE damage spells. You have a couple of encounter AOEs (green background) and some unrestricted, blast everything in the area AOEs (blue background, but you have some AA things that don't have the blue background but hit everything within a certain radius).

    (5) Absorb Magic. Dispels and removes some or all of a target's power.

    (6) Stoneskins. You'll get more oomph in Stoneskins from AA, use it early and often to reduce damage to you, your group, and your pet.

    (7) Heal Servant. This is your pet heal. In a group, hopefully your healer will keep your pet healed, but it's really helpful to be able to heal your pet, so this is one I usually work on improving spell quality early.

    (8) Cure Magic. You also should carry a stack of cure potions, but this is how you get detrimentals off you and your pet and your friends. It's single target.

    (9) Pet Buffs, Self Buffs, Group Buffs, and "Friend" Buffs. To save room on my hotbars, I make macros with two buffs each in them. Press O, click an open macro slot, select Spell/Ability, and drag the two buffs from the Knowledge book. Save. I keep these on my least convenient hotbar, because sometimes things will debuff you, and it makes it faster figuring out what needs to be recast. Fireseed is a notable single-target buff that boosts fervor, and can be applied to two targets (you and your pet, two group members, or some combo).

    (10) Ascensions. No matter which Ascension you choose, there will be a couple of really useful spells, a couple of situationally useful spells, and some trash. Every Ascension has a spell at level 1, 5, and 10 that boosts Fervor (it used to boost potency): don't upgrade level 1 or 5, DO work on upgrading level 10. Etherealist is the first choice for DPS, and this spell is Etherlord. Other useful Etherealist spells: Implosion (big AOE, drags all your foes into a heap), Etherflash (big AOE), Cascading Force, Levinbolt II followed immediately by Focused Blast, Compounding Force, Mana Schism, Ethershadow Assassin immediately followed by Essence of Magic. Recapture allows you to buff a friend. Ethermancy II strips the target of half its mana and boosts your group's potency (is it still potency or is it fervor? I'm not in-game ATM), and is handy to use on pulls. The other spells in this Ascension you'll want to evaluate for yourself and decide if they're worth hotbar space.

    (11) Utility. Shard of Essence, Najena's Essence Summoning, Call of the Hero. You will use the Essence spells mostly when grouping or raiding, ditto CoH. They're handly, but used infrequently.

    (12) Mostly useless spells: Petrify, Quicksand,, Vampire Bats, Winds of Velious, Minion Translocation, Cat's Eye, Bind Sight.
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  5. Seefar Well-Known Member

    ... except that if you don't do your epic 2.0 (the situation I'm in), you don't have any chance of getting the greater thingummies that you need to upgrade your 'epic' spells, so they'll stay as apprentice :(
  6. Vokan Active Member

    The drop in heroics now I thought.
  7. Teletrium New Member

    Oh no. Elementalist is kinda worthless for anyone. Go Etherealist, it has the most DPS.

    not true
  8. Prox Well-Known Member

    Get some Mastercrafted armor and jewelry made , be sure to use upgraded rares. Experiment on all of it for potency. Yes its a pain , but more potency equals things dieing faster. Life is easier.
  9. Feara Well-Known Member

    Wait until next expac when HP's and DP's start looking like this 971092065834109352359470624854957024534184970 :confused:
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  10. Redlight Well-Known Member

    Elementalist is in the same tier as etherealist if you do not naturally hit the fervor cap (pretty much nobody does so don't worry about that).
  11. Sowy Active Member

    elementalist is great even if you do.

    those two spells that add to fire damage applies that fervor above fervor cap.

    also elemental overlord is pretty sweet.
  12. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Some one correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure the ele fire damage ferv temp doesn’t count for pet abilities and elemental blast unless it changed I can remember Conjies asking for it to apply. That said and done ele is still solid for conj but I believe with ferv capping coming into play eth has the edge atm.
  13. Beee Well-Known Member

    Neither Frost Pyre (Ele lv 13) no Elemental Channeling (Ele lv 11) are measurable for primary or swarmpets.

    Actual my fervor solo cap 361,5 (+additional 35 from Rune of the Tormented Celestrial ) and this is temporary reachable SOLO. Pact of the Fire Tyrant can be used almost all the time, but Undeath (AA Dragon Tree) is your friend too ;)

    Sadly changing ascension class it's much too much effort, but Elementalist IS nice for mages.. If it's the best choice depends on the player and the level of the spells

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