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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Dakkrose, Mar 27, 2023.

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    Hello fellow mages! I am a newly returning player on Varsoon prepping for the PVP TLE server coming in April. As I've begun leveling my Coercer I was incredibly disappointed to find that Charm appears to be broken in that my pet can no longer get agro and mobs instant attack me by even sending in my pet. I really don't understand this change. Not only does it make no common sense for a mob ignore the mob attacking it, but it essentially removes what made leveling fun and interesting as a Coercer. Any other Coercers have any suggestions for improving solo play since most of the lower level cities and zones are ghost towns? I came back specifically to play this class since the notion of playing an enchanter is pretty unique to the EQ IP.
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  2. Dakkrose New Member

    Been doing some reading in the other forums. I guess this change was made a couple of years ago and pretty much no one is happy about it except for max level raiders who don't use it much anyhow. That's a game breaker for me since I came back specifically to play my favorite (Enchanter) role.
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    I agree with your posts, when you /pet attack the mob runs to you. A terrible not fun old nurf.
    On the positive side no con slots used to charm a pet/the pet spell has a dependable timer. If you have space, cast root often & debuffs/proc spells, back off, use mez! use a wand for ranged attack.- it is possible to 'solo' many heroics. Another positive? is the aggro change made 'pet pulls' soooo easy for groups....solo play still possible even just a duo the coercers a very powerful partner. raids need them. For pvp a coercer can be very strong, stuns & curse (mindbend/curse) cast first/early is an advantage. Good Luck, have fun :)
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