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  1. ARCHIVED-Properman Guest

    Well I wanted to chrono down so I could get some low level items and start doing some odorning. Things went great, spent the evening working on low level quests and got a lot fo items to transmute. Now comes the end of the day and I want to go back to my proper level. Hmmm how do I do this again, 15 minutes of search and the only thing I can find is click off the buff. Cant find a buff, even tried f10 to see all my windows. No buff, how do I un-chrono myself?
    Aww well, its nice to be back even if I am stuck at level 5 ;-)
  2. ARCHIVED-Zergosch Guest

    (I user profit ui)
    Just right click the your healthbar (on my setting) middle down the screen and click on " Stop mentoring " or something like that, as i do play in europe ;)
    hope that brings back some memorys ^^
  3. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    type in chat /unmentor and hit enter.
  4. ARCHIVED-Gravy Guest

    General_Info wrote:
    Or right click your level in the UI (upper left hand corner of your screen) and select the stop mentoring option.

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