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    I used to play this game between Sentinel's Return and Chains of Ethernere. I more or less stopped with the expansion after that. My exp bar hardly rose no matter what I did, my bags were getting full and I got bored.

    I love the lore of this game and there is pretty much to do. Some of the equipment is amazing art-wise.

    I was (relatively) recently made aware of the fact that this game has added a Wardrobe feature and for the first time in almost 4 years I felt compelled to log in and play. I have logged in a few times during these years to check the broker and that's about it.

    The first thing I did was to clean up my storage. I freed up almost 200 slots or so from old appearance gear I had lying around. If not more.

    All was going well. I had about 20.000 Daybreak Cash or Station Cash or whatever it's called these days so expanding my appearance slots was a no-brainer. Easy. Smooth.

    I felt like "Now that I can collect appearance gear in the wardrobe, I have an urge to play again!"

    The feeling of adventuring and collecting appearance gear overwhelmed me and made me want to play, explore and enjoy the things I hadn't enjoyed for over 4 years. I am playing another MMORPG now. You all know which one.

    But now I wanted to return. To expand my collection.

    But when I was almost done emptying my bank, I got slapped in the face.

    "Your character has reached the maximum amount of items in this slot." Unable to buy more.

    The dream of adventuring and collecting new gear and coming back to a game I used to play almost every hour of the day got ruined about 2 hours after it took root in me.

    And I lost my lust to return. I added the rest of my appearance gear into the other slots I had remaining space in. Then I logged off. And I don't see the point to log in.

    And all I ask is...


    Why go through the hard work to add a wardrobe to encourage collecting appearances and limit the players to how much they can add to it?

    Why not even add a warning message that there is a max limit in-game?

    And most importantly, how in god's name is this a good design decision?

    The players who use the Wardrobe tab are people who like collecting. Just likes I like collecting mounts.

    Why limit them when they can continue collecting items until they got as much as they want?

    And how is this a good business decision?

    Daybreak Cash costs money or gets rewarded monthly for subbing.

    Daybreak wants us to get a hold of this cash as it means money for them.

    So why limit people from using that cash in-game?

    Someone spending 5000 DB Cash to improve the wardrobe will yield more money than someone who can only spend 500 and then get locked from buying more.

    Having this limit is a lose / lose situation for both Daybreak (economically) and the players (gameplaywise).

    With disappointment I am again leaving and returning to that other game. Where I can collect as much appearance gear as I want without limitations. That are also account bound.

    Does anybody know the reasoning behind capping collections?

    It doesn't make sense to me. Neither in mounts or wardrobes...
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    When I read a post like this I realize just how many different types of people play this game.

    I would guess that the limit on collections is because the devs never thought anyone would need more than that. Or ran into a data structure size limit.
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