Return of Kerafyrm

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  1. Meirril Well-Known Member

    A free Tserrina actually ups the possibility that Mayong will die when he goes to play his hand. Her sudden interference and familiarity with Mayong's methods may be his undoing.
  2. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    I disagree that it might be a hinderance. it's plainly clear in the questline that Tserrina still carries a torch for Mayong. and Mayong is definately the type that would play on that seeing as Tserrina is still a powerful ally if he coudl win her back in her affections. it may be she'll finally tell him what she did to herself, he'll see it as fascinating, play on her emotion and get her forgiveness and use her as a rook or bishop on his side of the chessboard.
  3. Tyrus Dracofire Well-Known Member

    Kerafyrm isnt what you see from eq1/current eq2, it is illusion used by Kerafyrm, it is known as "prismatic" because it is known as "Tiamat" the 5-headed dragon is the real appearance.
    only the devs would know true face/s of Kerafyrm, the scion of Tiamat.

    remember when the raid fought 4 elemental dragon versions in Sleeper Tomb, the 5th will be revealed somewhere else.
  4. Meirril Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if you've spent any time in EQ1 but "prismatic" is a really big deal in Everquest. "prismatic" doesn't mean 5 color or 5 elemental, it means "associated with Kerafyrm". "Prismatic weapons" were dropped from the warders that held the bindings to the Sleeper (aka Kerafyrm). At the time they were considered the best weapons in the game. The inference was that they were made from Kerafyrm's scales.

    When "prismatic weapons" were introduced in EQ2 they were the top end weapons in this game. They also had a very similar appearance to Kerafyrm from EQ1. (yes, original Sleeper looked like he was made from a white crystal that gave off a rainbow effect. It looked silly.)

    Also no Everquest franchise is going to have you going out to slay Hindu gods. SoE doesn't like the idea of offending real world religions with their made up one.
  5. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    I think Tyrus is referring to this Tiamat (which is probably based, at least in part, upon this one). But either way, it has nothing to do with the EverQuest franchise, so I agree that it is unlikely that they would include anything called Tiamat within this game.
  6. RpTheHotrod Member

    If I recall correctly, the 4 elemental dragons that the raid fought was not a part of Kerafyrm or even associated with him. They were in essence "jailors". In other words, they weren't fighting "4 heads of a 5 headed dragon". They were fighting 4 dragons that were trying to make sure that Kerafyrm stayed imprisoned. Where'd this info about a 5 headed dragon come from...and especially that there is still one more dragon to fight? o-O
  7. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Back in EQ1 land there were the 4 warders, plus 1 more warder that wasn't actively holding the spell. The 5th warder was apparently there to trade out to give the warders an opportunity to rest. That was all pre-awakening.
  8. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    yeah the ONLY multiheaded dragon in EQ at this point (SoE Live showed a hydra model that was kinda neat but it's not in gmae yet to my knowledge) was Quarm. and Quarm was the 4 Elemental Gods combining thier power into a draconic shaped 'captain planet' the fight off adventurers in the Plane of Time.

    Kerafyrm, himself, his a Pristmatic dragon. a dragon born from a pair of parents with opposing alignments. (Fire and Ice, for example) which made him insanely powerful. though most refer to him as nuts, I don't think he is. he's a very cunning, smart dragon...who wants to remake the world in his image, into a Kerafyrm run everlasting Age of Scale. unfortunately for us, he's got the power to probably be able to make that happen if we can't figure out a method of beating him and/or putting him back into 'stasis'
  9. Mitharius New Member

    You Guys are over thinking it when the answers to this problem is in front of you. First in secret we have to learn how to reverse the Epic Repercussion in a single casting of a spell. Then we have to wait until Lord Kerafyrm becomes a god or convince the other gods to elevate him to a god. Then in force we attack him get him below 50% health reverse the Epic Repercussion and have Roehn Theer with his now repaired weapons Exonus, Aeteok slay Kerafyrm because he's a god now, thus restoring the balance . With that done Roehn Theer will own us a favor, which in return we ask him to bring back Erollisi Marr goddess of love to restore the balance. Problem solve!!!!

    Lord Mitharius
    Knight of Valor
  10. Meirril Well-Known Member

    But...Erollisi isn't dead.
  11. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    Erollisi is alive. she was 'dead' in the manner that she left behind a part of herself that was a 'corpse' that also had with it part of Ullorruuk, the goddess of betrayal. both were trapped in the statue made by I beleive it was Varig Ro. when we broke the seal on it, we released them both.

    As to the 'plan' there...making Kera a god wouldn't work, becuase then he'd have full ability to use his godslaying powers. remember that was Rallos' plan, to steal the power and become 'King of kings'. it took the energy of a dying god to 'reactivate' Aeteok and Exonus. so they would be able to handle having the Godslaying power channeled into them.

    though I wouldn't be surprised is the final conflict does involve Theer using hte weapons on Kera, perhaps as a 'death' blow. basically stab him and drain the power and leave him at 1% health so we can finish the task without undoing creation...unless he turns tail and escapes.
  12. Innania Member

    Actually, when the term "Prismatic" is used in EQ1, it means of all elements. It's somewhat similar to "Chromatic", although Chromatic shifts elements and Prismatic contains all elements at once.

    That's why Kerafyrm in EQ1 is a crystalline dragon that refracts light into a rainbow. His revamped model looked a lot better than the original Sleeper's Tomb version.
  13. Innania Member