Return of Kerafyrm

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    There's a great raid like this from a few years ago in EQ1. It's in the Field of Scale (Field of Bone in the ancient past, before the fall of Cabilis). The raid takes place during the final battle between Emperor Ganak and the dragon forces. You have to run around reinforcing particular dragons to make sure they don't get killed, until eventually Jaled'Dar and Ganak both take to the sky in a battle.

    It's one of the coolest raids in EQ1, and is similar to what you are describing.

    There are a few clips of it in this video.
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    I animated a bunch of those npcs. Cool to see them in action again.
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    You did EQ1 animations? Or are they shared resources?
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    I was on EQ1 from PoP until DoD.
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    Very cool. That was probably the biggest era of improved NPC graphics, so I appreciate all your hard work!
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    what if, in a suprise twist, kerafym was actually aquiring all this power to defeat the true instigator of ages end, and then we kill him only to discover that were screwed ;P

    What a twist that would be :3
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    Awesome. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Devs do not get enough credit.
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    except either way, we'd be screwed. if Kera wins, all non-dragons die. even if he was building himself up to 'defeat' the real cause of Age's End. if KEra loses, and Age's End 'real' cause shows up...yeah we lost what coulda been a BIG ally...but we'd still have the force that beat Kera at our disposal.
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    and the real cause is.... drum roll please....

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    Hmmm ? I don't get it?
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    I don't get it either
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    I believe he's referring to Discord.
    That was the loading art in Omens of War on EQ1 (I think. Might be Gates of Discord)
    For those who don't know.
    Discord are basically a world/universe conquering army.
    Started off with Gates of Discord, where a minor branch of the Discordian army invades Norrath, is repelled.
    Storyline continues with us working our way into a world that a more major branch of the army has conquered.
    Later on, the full leader of the army (Brekt, Rider of Discord, as I recall his name) invades the planes, finds a tear in the Plane of Time (From the continuity split. Where we get punted out of time / gods back off). Invades and prevents key moments of Norrathian history from ever happening, then personally kills (nearly) all of the gods. (In the "void" zone of EQ1, you can see Veeshan's corpse floating along in the background, and many others are confirmed dead.

    Basically, it was one of the stories that just kept coming back, much like Mayong. (and then Cazic).
    Big joke was always "It's gonna be another Discord expansion"

    If I'm wrong and he's pointing at the players or Firiona Vie or whatever else, well, you just got a lore lesson for EQ1!

    And to be honest, I wouldn't mind a Discord expansion for EQ2. It'd be interesting seeing how they'd pull it off.
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    Kyvs and Ukuns and Nocs, oh my!
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    Don't forget Aneuks. And Mastruqs, Aneuks, Ikaavs, Aneuks, Ixt, Aneuks and the Ra`tuk..
    And last but not least. Aneuks.
    Can you guess my favourite Discord model?
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    except we know that in EQ2..when we shoved the Discord forces back, we just sealed off the portals. apparently the EQ2 norrathians didn't give a damn about what was happening on that dragon world. so I doubt we'll see Discord.

    My bet is if it's not just about Kera, that 'Age's End' is a 2 pronged assault. we Have Kera, the Awakened...who wants to destroy everything and bring about a new Age of Scale. the other symbol in there is from Mayong. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts Mayong is going to go for the Twin Swords or the Godslaying power himself if he gets the opportunity, which would easily be provided by us dealing with Kera.

    We're in the Age of Destiny...if Kera wins, we get a new Age of Scale that non dragons won't live to be part of. if Kera falls, Mayong might try to create an Age of Darkness...where he and his vampiric ilk rule everything and we're just food.
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    Good schtuff!
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    Mayong's motivations are not clear. There are substantial rumors that Mayong hates dragons. There is a possibility that Mayong may still be upset at Inny for the destruction of his people. From what we know I'd say Mayong's major reason for being involved is to get rid of the dragons. With them out of the way nothing will be left that is resistant to his influence. He has agents in every other group, but dragons are resistant to manipulation by non-dragons.

    As for grabbing Godslaying for himself, I doubt it. There is a huge risk involved with internalizing that power, and I think Mayong would rather use a pawn than take that risk personally.

    Also considering that mixed symbols, there is a possibility that both Kerafyrm (or Veeshan) and Mayong will be destroyed in the Ages End conflict. The death of either would be significant in Norrathian history and might be the subject of a prophecy. The death of both would also make sense at a certain level.
  20. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    I doubt Mayong would be destroyed. and while Mayong might not internalize the's clear that the twin swords can, if combined, utilize the godslaying power. after all the power at that point was contained in the blades. Mayong trying for the swords themselves, after we are all weakened and scattered from battling Kerafyrm is quite plausible I think. and him joining in the fight to get into a position to snatch them would make sense as well. (for comic fans, think Dr. Doom during the fight against Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet series) of course it could be that he's dealing with a free Tserrina atm.