Return of Kerafyrm

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    Can someone please explain the results of the questline, as in what happens and such? I'm currently not able to participate in the questline due to studies and such, and by the time I can get involved, it'll already be all done and over with, anyhow.
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    what happened was you, the overlord, the queen, Duality, and the marshal all met up to talk about some ancient prophecy and how now is the time to make it happen. Overlord got mad over something and killed the marshal and Duality stopped him after that. and than you go into a special place where Jorlak is and you begin the prophecy with one of the pieces of the Tear of Veeshan. as it's happening The Sleeper comes and warns you that it was a bad choice to make. after such Keafyrm's massive form shows up and thanks you for bringing both the Tear and The Sleeper to him. Yelniak than tells Keafyrm that he will no longer stand for this and they engaging in a flying dragon battle. now Yelniak is big, but Kefyrm is easily 100x the size. and after a bit Yelinak gets smacked into the ground and is now dead. it's at this point that Jorlak uses the magic of the Tear to teleport the Sleeper to a random place, in a random time that even jorlak doesn't know where. to Hide from Keafyrm. Keafyrm being who he is just laughs it all and takes the Tear, saying that he will soon have the power to find the sleeper and kill them and once and for all take over the world.
    just a poorly spelled summary. here is the actual talk from the special zone, not the meeting before hand.

    Hail, Yelinak the Ancient
    Yelinak the Ancient says to you, "The time has come. We must act quickly. Chronomancer, contact The Keeper. We must know more before we act."
    You say to Yelinak the Anicent, "..."
    Jorlak says to you, "But, Lord, we do not know what thread she has taken refuge in."
    You say to Jorlak, "..."
    Yelinak the Ancient says to you, "Ucala, you claimed this Tear of Veeshan. What do you know of it?"
    You say to Yelinak the Ancient, "Evidence suggests it was linked to a necrotically cursed dragon whose bones spread corruption through Cobalt Scar."
    Yelinak the Ancient says to you, "But it does not hold any necrotic arcanum. How you come to understand why?
    You say to Yelinak the Ancient, "It seems to be a magical amplifier"
    Yelinak the Ancient says to you, "An astute observation, Ucala. A Tear of Veeshan will increase any arcane acumen, for example: pyromancy, cryomancy, geomancy..."
    You say to Yelinak the Ancient, "Or Chronomancy! that's it, Jorlak, use the Tear to strengthen your power!"

    Lucan D'lere says, "If this is going to fulfill the Age's End Prophecy, we should contact the Swordbearer
    Queen Antonia Bayle says, "At the very least: Firiona Vie and the Duality"
    Lendiniara says, "Oh Chronomancer...if you had observed the visions I Have, you would not have done tihs.
    Queen Antonia Bayle says, "To what do you refer, My Lady?"
    Kerafyrm says something in Ancient Draconic that you don't understand
    Kerafyrm says, "Quickly, pull The Keeper to this realm, so I may claim my prize!"
    Yelinak the Ancient says, "Jorlak, get the monarchs to safety!"
    Queen Antonia Bayle says, "NOOOO!"
    Lucan D'Lere says, "You DARE!?"
    Yelinak the Ancient says, I will ensure your defeat Kerafyrm!"

    Kerafyrm says, "We have tasted victory! The Keeper has been lost to all time, but I hold this Tear.
    My success is inevitable."

    You say to Jorlak, "Jorlak! Are you Okay?"
    Jorlak says to you, "Drakinvess, we have survived!"
    You say to Jorlak, "Barely. But Yelinak..."
    Jorlak says to you, "I feel your sorrow, Ucala. Grieve, but know that Lord Yelinak foresaw his fall at the claw of the Awakened."
    You say to Jorlak, "He did!? Than why did we...? Why did he...?"
    Jorlak says to you, "He did not know it was to happen on this day. The monarchs, I sent them to Scarstone..."
    You say to Jorlak, "Wait! What happened to Lendiniara?"
    Jorlak says to you, "The Awakened Legion chronomages were attempting to use the Tear of Veeshan to pull her form hiding. We stopped them! I pray to the Mother, she is safe now."
    You say to Jorlak, "But they took the Tear! Won't they use it to pull her, again?"
    Jorlak says to you, "They can try, though she is too far away for even the Tear's amplification to work, now. The Tear had barely enabled me to follow her through one chronol leap. The amount of chronomagic that was being applied to her before my collapse was extaordinary."
    You say to Jorlak, " don't know where she is?"
    Jorlak says to you, "Or When. She is truly beyond Kerafyrm's reach, now. But the monarchs are not!
    Go now...check on them."
    You say to Jorlak, "I'll go back to Scarestone."
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    It isn't the sleeper. It is the blind-folded dragon we helped in Skyshrine. Lendiniara. The Sleeper would be a refrence to Kerafyrm.
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    I thought they were one of the same, my bad.
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    He reappeared a few years ago, with an updated model. It's hard to see him in pictures, because he is still transparent, but he was much more powerful and we were still not able to kill him. Basically, we had to put him back to sleep.
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    And she ends up in EQ1 via the Ethernere for our upcoming expansion LOL
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    Really? Well the games appear to be more interconnected that before. We recently dealt with your Cazic Thule corrupting our Drinal (granted we kinda shoved our own Rallos Zek into the mix but that happens).
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    Now is that our Lendiniara or EQ1's Lendiniara? Can she save the world by destroying EQ1's Kerafyrm? (answer: no) Does EQ1 now have two Lendiriara?
  9. Innania Member

    Yes. There is Lendiriara The Keeper found in the Temple of Veeshan, and next month when the expansion launches she will appear via the Ethernere in the Western Plains of Karana. The next EQ1 expansion will also include the Ethernere zone, so the games may tie together even more.
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    Um...nice let the cat out of bag move :-(
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    Actually where is the Lendianara lore? I tried to look it up and found little beyond a referance that she is ell known from eq1...
  12. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    "well known" in eq1
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    She grants several quests in ToV, but the info about her coming over from the Ethernere is only from SOE Live panels as of now. The expansion launches next month, so I'm sure we'll have plenty more lore after that.
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    The lore that Lendianara is involved with in EQ2 is the quests she gives in Skyshrine, and the new quest line in Cobalt Scar. There isn't a whole lot involving her but its probably the reason she appears in EQ1.
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    THAT... is exactly how I envisioned Him!
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    when the time comes to kill Kerafyrm in eq2. upon defeat he will fall apart only to find it was a machine made my gnomes of ancient times. which will only confirm that gnomes > all and are the superior race.
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    I doubt Kerafyrm will be the boss of Tears of Veeshan expansion, I guess we are going to lay waste upon his stronghold Temple of Veeshan and cripple his army by quite a notch - final showdown will be summer 2014 then.

    Remember, Mayong Mistmoore is also on his run to discover the meaning of doomsday calendar, and he could be the last ally to join us after the New Combine Army has crumbled.
    Maybe the killing of Kerafyrm will lead to a death of some main character, but we will see in the near future.

    I also think the battle against Kerafyrm will be like Teku/Rallos Zek, Kerafyrm is just too powerful to be tanked by a heroe of our own midst, at least lorewise.
    I guess he has to deal with seveal beings at the same time, e.g. Lady Nevedaria, the last crusader dragon and maybe even Roehn Theer who got his weapons back.
    Final stage could be that he will revert to his human form (Fyremid Lorkar, remember) and we can finish him off by ourselves, we will see.
  18. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    maybe it'll be an epic fight with Kera dealing with Lady Nevedaria, Firionia Vie, Mayong Mistmoore, the Duality, Rohen Theer, Tserrina Sy'tor as a group, along with other npc army folk, while we deal with his personal vanguard/generals. we don't know if the last 'good' crusader is alive or if Gremmish got her she she tried to flee...since he does come back to help Dozekar.
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    That is true. We do not know is Sussarak was slain by Grendish after she fled. Granted many servers never even slew Grendish due to how fast CoE came out. I know a lot of guilds were 1 kill from HM-Dozekar in progression the week of CoE. Good luck convincing a raiding guild to go kill that fight just because one of it's members is a lore-monkey :(

    Such an "epic" fight though may be too strenuous on the server and quite laggy.
  20. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    I would love to see a zone wide battle. a battle where we aid each 'legendary' figure like a ring event. your raid force goes and helps Fironia with part of the army and it's leaders, while she is working to keep the New Tunaria/Kelethin forces advancing..then you move to help Tserrina, who is bolstering the forces by raising Kera's daed but needs aid dealing with another General and his vanguard that are using Chronomancy to destory the undead into dust as they rise...then off to help Mayong and the Duality, who are combining thier forces to take on the last of the vanguard and it's general, whiel defending the Swordbearer. Then we help Lady Nevedaria, who is dealing with Kera's strongest support (provided we haven't dealt with him yet, the high priest that trained him/raised him) Last but not least, we see Kera going toe to toe with Rohen Theer.

    Then you can have this fight work a couple ways. Aiding Theer and defeating/depowering/killing Kera. or maybe in a plot twist, we depower Kera from the Godslaying Power, only to have Mayong and Tserrina turn on us and make a play for the Swords...and while we deal with them, Kera escapes to live to fight another day, though his Awakened army and cult is all but destroyed now...which could fit into why both symbols int he center of our 'doomsday' clock are symbols we associate now with MAyong, and Kera.