Return of Kerafyrm

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    I am more familiar with original EQ lore as I have only intermittently played EQ2. The new expansion seems to bring back the Sleepers Tomb but does not list the mobs anywhere. To my understanding, after the awakening, kerafyrm layed waste to several old enemies but then dissapeared. Could it finally be the time for his return? To lay claim to his home again... or all of norrath.
  2. Mixxit Active Member

    Kerafyrm has been back since the 3rd eq expansion Kingdom of Sky where we found out he is the now called the Awakened

    He also tricked us into stealing power from Soulfire and the Qeynos Claymore which were weapons of the God of Balance, Rohen Theer

    He now wields weapons that can slay gods and is on a warpath - Rallos Zek brought his fortress Drunder to Velious to annihalate him but we found out that if Rallos Zek and Kerafyrm were to engage in combat it would mean the end of Norrath

    I believe he's currently dealing with the dragons in the Temple of Veeshan so we might see him shortly :)
  3. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Kerafyrm never really went away. He's been working out this plan for a long while now. You actually get to see him at the end of one of the ST zones, the chronomancy mission. I was kinda dissapointed by him. He looks kinda doofy in my opinion and isn't prismatic.

  4. Meirril Well-Known Member

    You've never seen him in EQ1 then. That version was very goofy. Think of a line drawing of a dragon done in prismatic weapons. I've herd the newer version of Kerafyrm they have in EQ1 is more respectable, but the origional was just...special.
  5. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    Kerafyrm in ST has also been stated that he's much younger, and they his power is being dampening/weakened by the Warders...that's why he's that bluish color with the red markings. as to his awakening in EQ2, yeah he woke up, and disappeared. he recruited Vyemn, Harla Dar, Gorenaire, Talendor as part of his Cult of the Awakrned from KoS. we know that he freed his father, Dozekar the Cursed. and got some/all of his old Generals back into his service. he then took on SKyshrine, and beatdown Lord Yelniak, only sparing him becuase the Crusaders showed up, and all 4 of them would prove an actual threat since Yelniak says that despite Kera still being the most powerful dragon, he was still much weaker after his ages of sleep then he used to be.

    Then we found out that Kera's retreat was tactical. while the Crusaders were helping Skyshrine with his legions, Kera sacked ToV...and collapsed the entire Western WAstes into the ocean, killing a large number of Skyshrine's defenders who were looking to take ToV back. and yes, Kera has the power of the Godslyaer right now, though it's unstable, and we're not entirely sure if he's capable of actually utilizing it yet.

    then in the Underdepths instance of SKyshrine, we find out the onel fo the Crusaders, Grenish(sp) betrayed the others, killed two, and seriously injured the last one. so the biggest dragonic threat to Kera? neutralized.

    rumor is we'll be facing Kera at some point I believe this year, ending the Age's End storyline.
  6. Meirril Well-Known Member

    I want to make a note here: there is a huge gap in time between Yelnik being beaten down by Kerafyrm (which happened when the Sleeper was Awakened as part of his script of killing all the major dragons in DoV, SS and VP) and the time the forces of the Awakened destroyed the Western Wastes.

    Kerafyrm's awakening was during EQ1. We don't have an exact date for when the Awakened invaded the Temple of Veeshan, sacked it and sunk the Western Wastes as part of the strategy to do as much damage to the Claws of Veeshan as possible. I'd like to say it was very recent. At the earliest I'd say it happened after the events in Kingdom of Sky but most likely during the invasion of Skyshrine by the Awakened. That makes more sense as Kerafyrm's forces would feel stronger knowing that their leader has absorbed the power of Godslaying (even if they don't realize he might not be able to use it).

    If it happened like that then Yelnik missed the battle in ToV/WW/SS due to diplomatic negotiations with the dwarves, and when he mentions everybody thinking he was dead he was refering to the fight he had way back when Kerafyrm was first released.
  7. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    Yelniak mentions that the battle at Skyshrine, which supposedly is still being waged now, was the fight that Kera beat him down, and the only reason Yelniak isn't dead is because Kera felt the presence of the Crusaders coming to aid Skyshrine. and that when they did, Kera retreated. Yelniak seeing that his city is on the verge of collapse, went to Thurgadin to petition the dwarves for help, figuring Kera > Rime problems. He's somewhat disapponted in that reguard, but instead gets help from Firiona to form the New Combine.

    It's a safe assumption to say that it's during the time yelniak limps to Thrugadin and the formation of the New combine, that Kera sacks ToV and collapses the western wastes. and it would have to have been pretty quick after his assault on SS becuase leading the SS assault in Kera's place seems to be Dozekar, his dad who until Kera takes over, is in a state of eternal prison/purgatory in the Hall of Testing in ToV.
  8. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Ok, when we approach Yelinak for the first time we tell him we herd he was dead. At this point we haven't herd anything about recent events in Skyshrine. We think he is dead because Kerafyrm attacked Skyshrine when he was first awakened.

    Yelinak's entire speach is very clearly about the first time Kerafyrm attacks Skyshrine. Yelinak mentions that Kerafyrm is weakened because he just woke up. He doesn't mention anything about an assault on Skyshrine taking place now. He doesn't even mention why he is waiting for a meeting with the dwarves.
  9. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Yea, the attack on Skyshrine that Yelinak describes is what happened immediately after Kera was woken up, way back in EQ1 timeline. He (Kera) fled from that battle because he sensed the crusaders coming. The big gold book 'The Loss in Western Wastes' from the Skyshrine questline outlines everything.
  10. Meirril Well-Known Member

    FYI the whole crusaders thing is a bit of a retcon. Kerafyrm kills Yelinak and moves on to Temple of Veeshan before finally ending in VP. The whole crusaders thing didn't enter the picture until later. Either because it was part of the backstory of EQ2, or because of the continued Kerafyrm story in EQ1 (which happens after the timesplit). Without inside information there isn't anyway for us to know which came first.
  11. Darkholis Active Member

    Actually, the name of the x4 raid zones tells you a lot....a Temporal Leap. For the complete and current EQ2 lore about Kerafyrm, I'd suggest you read \aITEM -1862072698 -2048593098:The Loss in Western Wastes\/a
  12. Meirril Well-Known Member

    "The Loss in Western Wastes" tells you a lot about what the Awakened have been up to...Kerafyrm didn't sink the western wastes. The Awakened did. More or less the Awakened also destroyed the majority of the dragon eggs on Norrath. Depending on the outcome of the war...this could spell the end of Dragons as a dominate race on Norrath. While Dragons have been pushed back a little, really as a race they haven't really declined massively in numbers for several thousand years. Even the "big wars" against the Iksar didn't put the race into a decline more than it forced the dragons to pull back to their strongholds and lick their wounds. While dragons have never had the growth rate that other races do, their numbers were very stable. A few older members would die occasionally, but enough of the younger generation would survive to take their place. Some of the first brood are still around to today.

    But now that dragons are actually fighting dragons, it is decimating the race. Kerafyrm may very well be the reason why Dragons go extinct on Norrath.
  13. Mixxit Active Member

    I thought The Awakened was the new name of the awoken Sleeper?
  14. Darkholis Active Member

    You know that Kerafyrm IS the Awakened right?
  15. Chocmerc Member

    The real question is, Who would win in a fight, Nagafen, or Kerafyrm ;D That would be an interesting reason why naggy is attackable, but not killable/survivable ;P
  16. Darkholis Active Member

    I did killed Nagafen btw, check my sig. :D

    If you don't trust me, I have loads of screenshots, including those of the dead corpse still giving out quests.
  17. Meirril Well-Known Member

    You also know that the entire army of dragons, wyvern, wurms and Droag that have pledged themselves to Kerafyrm are also called the Awakened, right? Furthermore Kerafyrm is a little distracted at the moment, trying to control the newly acquired powers of Godslaying that he stole from Theer. If he unleashed his powers now...more than likely it would destroy everything. (Thus the entire reason we had to stop Rallos Zek from confronting Kerafyrm in the first place.)

    I also seem to remember the book referring to the mages being ordered to destroy the continent. It has been over a year since I read the book so I can certainly be wrong about that. Anyone want to look it up? In general it the entire book sounded like it was referring to the actions of the army, not Kerafyrm himself.
  18. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Umm... you want to compare the only crystalline dragon against a second brood dragon? Kerafyrm fresh from being awakened (and in a weakened state) went across Norrath starting in Skyshrine, traveled through the Temple of Veeshan and ending in Veeshan's Peak he slew every dragon that stood against him. This included every living first brood dragon in Norrath and all the greatest generals of the Claws of Veeshan. More or less his very first act upon awakening was to go after and kill the King of the dragons, Yelnik. After a very generous retcon we get to pertend he was afraid of 5 crusaders and left Yelnik alive...but for some reason continued to the Temple of Veeshan where he miraculously beat the crap out of the rest of the dragons there but left them alive too and then went to Kunark to repeat the same merciful beatdown on the Ring of Scale.

    Seriously, why are we afraid of this guy? All we need to do is have a raid show up and he'll stop whatever he's doing and run for it like he did with the crusaders, right? Well, maybe not since Kerafyrm has never taken "lesser races" to be anything more than disposable. Though...he did use us to get Theer's powers. That shows an uncharacteristic amount of respect for the lesser races that he wants to get rid of. He didn't use dragons to wrestle the powers from Theer, he used us.

    Anyways, Lord "I'm under house arrest" Nagafen isn't going to beat a first brood dragon, much less the very crystalline dragon that he wanted to make a second brood of them with Lady Vox. The only challenge he'll have to Kerafyrm will come in the shape of his own children (or crystalline Droag if he gets desperate).
  19. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Think you mean prismatic rather than crystalline.

    And the Crusaders were a threat because they'd been trained and imbued with the power to restrain him practically from hatching - they were intended to replace the four guardians the lesser races slew to awaken Kerafyrm in the first place. When faced with power strong enough Kerafyrm sensed it from a distance, and given his weakened state at the time, Kerafyrm did the smart thing and left his vengeance for another day. It's not impractical to believe after they assessed the situation in Skyshrine, the Crusaders continued to follow and harry Kerafyrm until he retreated from Norrath entirely. A retcon, yes, but hardly the biggest stretch the devs have ever made.

    Also, Nagafen did make a second brood of prismatic eggs with Lady Vox. The Prismatic quest line culminates with trying to retrieve a stolen prismatic egg from Darathar. When the egg is shattered and we tell Nagafen of this, he says he has others - he just didn't want Darathar to have one.

    Why they haven't hatched yet is a different issue - if they still haven't. I wouldn't be overly surprised to find out Naggy has gotten some to hatch and been quietly rearing them. I seem to remember hearing in EQ1 that Vox had the eggs at that time, but could not hatch them without Nagafen's fire, but that could be no more than a rumor.
  20. Estred Well-Known Member

    Then by that logic the eggs can't hatch in EQ2 because Nagafen is missing Lady Vox's frost. I certainly would like to see more of them honestly Nag/Vox are my fav dragons thus far in EQ2.