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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Troubor, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    As a new eq 2 player and as a new weaponsmith (level 31 atm) I do find that often the new mastercrafted weapons I make often sell for less then the rare component.

    I often wonder why I bothered even leveling as a weaponsmith.
  2. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    RandomStream wrote:
    Removing weapons restrictions isn't going to happen tbh. That is a basic game mechanic for the game. You'd end up seeing Mages running around with 2h axes and Gaurdians with Wands for example. :p of what weapons can be used what class is in order and would fall in line with establishing consistancy within the tiers.
  3. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    This has always been a long standing arguement for Weaponsmiths as well as some other class's. Unfortunately costs of rares on the broker is not something that can be controlled necessarily unless they increase the amount that rares drop.
    Tier 8, rare ore on my server sells for about 20 gold because of how often it drops vs the rare loam which sells for 4 plat.
    However even if they increase the rare drop in previous tiers it doesn't necessarily mean it will up the value or disirability of the weapon.
  4. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    Rashaak wrote:
    Could it be that the weapons are just not as a valuable as other items that could be made by the rares? In other words are the feysteel weapons so less valued then the feysteel plate armor, that it drives up the cost of the rare to the point that its only profitable to use the rare for making the armor?
  5. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    With the current state of weapons I would have to say yes. The inconsistancy from tier to tier is already very relevant and is something Domino is looking into. However Feysteel if I recall is a very rare drop, but also several HQ weapons that are much easier to obtain such as SBH, PGT, SBD, Ghoulbane. They are all high tier 3 to tier 4 weapons. Also, tier 4 you have some nice drop and quested rewards in Steamfont as well that make MC look junky too.
    Theres a lot of factors really, but the main thing is...there are far more weapons out there that are dropped/quested rewards with better stats, procs and damage that no one really worries about buying weapons up. However Armor and Jewelry do seem to be in need through tier 6 atleast vs Weapons. I think Weapons really loose viability right around tier 4. Tier 3 seems to be a decent steady income though. I will tell ya though...what always seems to sell well till about tier 6-7 is monk/bruiser weapons ;)
  6. ARCHIVED-eqaddict101 Guest

    Each player needs one maybe two weapons and some players with the right AAs need none..
    A huge amount of players will use quested or mob dropped weapons...
    Each player needs 7 armor pieces 6-8 jewelery items and a whole BUNCH of CAs or spells.... I'm not saying that every player will use MC armor, jewelry and spells/CAs... But I am saying do the math lol you will never sell lots of weapons no matter what is done to them ..
    lol I have every kind of T8 weapon for sale and oddly enough the only one that keeps selling is the Mage dagger .. The lvl 72 Mages see that high INT and go blind with lust... Also the Adorns sell.. (not refering to the wetstones)(for Evilgamer) Don't forget to buy your enigmas and make some adorns..

    Doom and gloom mode off now.. Has their been any talk at all bout adding a couple weapons to the RoK faction recipes?
  7. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    Rashaak wrote:
    My main is a bruiser, level 32 adventure, 31 smith atm, and I picked weaponsmithing as the toon is of ogre race and I figured the weaponsmith and mining bonus ogre's get might be useful to that trade. And since the other ogre racial is metal armor, I figured weapons would be the way to go since I could use that myself.
    I do think I will be able to make weapons for my class that are worthwhile as I have yet to discover any quested weapons that are better then the MC bruiser/monk stuff (bruisers cant use the ghoulbane, SBH etc).
    However the woodworking blunt weapons are really cheap and with the money I have spent skiling up and the inability to sell my weapons, I really wondering if I had been better off just buying the wood weapons and not wasting my time/money leveling up as a weaponsmith.
    Why is this tradeskill so broke? My friend who is leveling with me picked tailoring as he is a fury and we can both wear that armor, he has outfitted me quite nicely in the MC stuff, but I have yet to make anything worthwhile for him as the wood weapons are just so darn cheap its pointless for me to buy an expensive rare metal to make him a weapon.
    Lol, I should have made a SK, then I could have at least made metal armor I could use, and take advantage of the ogre racial tradeskill bonuses.
  8. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    Lavinder@Permafrost wrote:
    I was never really looking to get rich off it, just be able to make some quality stuff that I could make for myself and friends and make a bit of $ on the side.
    I never really thought about it, but weapons are the most treasured slot for most and if the mods gimped any of them or forced people to buy their weapons it would piss off alot of players and that would be bad for sony's business.
    Probably the reason weaponsmithing was gimped in EQ 1 too.
  9. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    Why is this tradeskill so broke you ask? lol

    I wouldn't say it's broke but more or less severely overlooked as updates and changes were made to the game. Also, theres been 3 different TS Dev's since release, so turnover rate seems high for TS Dev's :p
    As for why Wood weapons are cheaper? In lower tiers, especially tier 4 and 5, rare wood is easier to come by than rare ore. can get rare loam coming out your ears, unlike Tier 8, where its the exact opposite! lol
  10. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    Rashaak wrote:
    I disagree as a newb, with this being my first taste of EQ 2, I think weaponsmiths are broke, I have leveled mine to 33 and this is it, I am not going any farther. It has been nothing but an enourmous time & money sink with no rewards.
    Just the common ore drops for tier 4 are hard to find, they sell for 50 sp on my server (mistmoore) when all the other common tradeskill indgredients sell for 2-4 cp. Its insane I always gather/trap like 4-5 common roots and common pelts for every common cluster i mine in enchanted lands. And then it takes 3 clusters to make one weapon, 2 pelts, and 1 root.
    All to make a weapon that is only marginally better then a legendary one I could buy for 15 gp, never mind the plat I have spent just getting my skills up. Never mind that there is pretty much no market for the weapons either. Compared to my duo partner who did tailoring, my weaponsmith is pretty much worthless.
    A complete waste, I should have done provisoning or jewerly. I asked around on my server if anyone in the higher tiers used mastercrafted weapons and I got little to no response.
    This has completely ruined my desire to do any tradeskills from now on and I think I am just going to stick to adventuring, if any part of the adventuring gets to be like this, (high time sink, low rewards), I will not be renewing my subscription.
  11. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    Broke no...FUBAR'd yes. :p
    This is has been the general consensus for many who retired their weaponsmiths. Some trudged along doing the writs to atleast make their fuel costs and supplie monies back. Other's just gave up. The ore to loam ratio and costs has been a well known debate that Domino seems to think is working as intended. While it's been pointed out the many...MANY products requiring ore that she should already know about. In fact...adding Loam AND then adding it to Ore nodes was not a bright idea. It should have it's own node, but when you get in to Tier 8 you'll find that rare ore is abundant, while rare loam is not.
    Anyways...I suggest at least keep your eye out for updates from Domino about Weaponsmiths. It seems she know's how FUBAR it is...we'll just wait to see what she does to make it better...
  12. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    Rashaak wrote:
    I am not going to hold my breath, as has been previously stated, weapons hold a "special place" in my RPGer heart, hence we have things like "epic weapon" quest and "heritage quest" that give very good reward for the risk (like SBH, PGT, ghoulbane, etc.)
    I have a sneak suspicion that making weapons as a tradeskill will always be doomed as they dont want to upset their player base, by makeing them pay for their weapons, people seem to have no problem paying for armor, spells, or jewerly, but weapons are a sacred cow for alot of players, and in no way will something be done to alot of players for the sake of balancing tradeskills that only a few even take the time to do.
    Perhaps they should just merge us with armorers, at least then we could make something people want, without enraging half the "phat lewts" crowd that demands easily obtainable, nice weapons, so they can post their highest crit.
    Maybee the developers will suprise me, but I remain skeptical.
  13. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    Merging WS with AS was suggested a while back by a developer. A hypothetical question was posed by one of the development team last year I think. However...I hope they don't.
  14. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    Rashaak wrote:
    The ideal think would be to fix WS, if that doesn happen then they should at least merge us with AS.
  15. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    Ideally yes...
    Unfortunately we have to wait on the 'think tank' Domino put together with other developer's to improve the profession
  16. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    Could we try and be constructive here instead of complaining? This entire page is filled with posts that do not give ideas, or support ideas for making weaponsmith better. Proposing that the craft be abandoned is not an improvement.
  17. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    Meirril wrote:
    TBH I think his/her complaint is actually valid, for this is a new player or at the least new to the crafting aspect, and his/her first experience in crafting being that of a Weaponsmith has left a foul and nasty taste for crafting all together. So it holds a lot of merit to the overall conversation of Weaponsmith and their current state within the game.
    Also there are pages and pages already of very nice ideas, concepts, etc... ;)
  18. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    Rashaak wrote:
    You are correct I am a new EQ 2 player. I played EQ 1 from the Velious expansion till the Gates of Discourd, then quit RPG all together till within this last month.
    I am still on the free 30 day subscription. I intially wasnt even going to mess with tradeskills (as the my memory was tainted as to how crappy they were in EQ 1)but my duoing partner (fury) and RL friend has more time to play then I do, so he started to skill up as a tailor when I wasnt playing, since we both wear leather armor (his is a fury, I am a bruiser).
    Anyway I sort of felt guilty about him making me gear I could actually wear and use so I decided I would also take a tradeskill to help us both out and make some money on the side. Anyway I choose weaponsmithing becaue of the bonus ogres get with regards to faster mining and less power use with weaponsmithing racials.
    But wow, weaponsmithing is so unprofitable I am done with it, I got my smith to 33 and that is it, I am not going any farther with him, the time/investment isnt worth the rewards. Especially when you take into account how much better the other tradeskills are. I totally feel like I wasted my money and time leveling up my smith.
    Just a rant, but weaponsmithing is very broken and needs something done to it, because as a new player, i feel its pointless to try and level one up as the ore is darn rare, (both common and the rares) and the demand for these weapons is low due to quests and comptition from woodworkers.
    I actually think I picked the worse tradeskill I could have, lol, only because I actually thought it might be smart to take advantage of my racials, lol, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
  19. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    Like I said before, the craft isn't CAN still level to 80 in the craft by doing writs. The writs will give your coin back that you spend on fuels and raws as well as level you and gain you faction with the TS Society.
    However the WS craft just isn't viable after a certain level, but do feel it can and will be if at the very least uniformity and consistancy can be maintained for all weapons through all tiers.

    But the craft isn't broke....just not a desirable or viable option after a certain level.
  20. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Just to update y'all briefly, I think I have all the mastercrafted 70-80 weapons with stats, delays, and skill types laid out and created. I'm working with Fyreflyte's advice to create two new imbue effects to replace the current single proc effect. One is going to be very similar to the current direct damage proc and will probably be a preferred choice for fighters and scouts though potentially usable by everybody, and the other will benefit mages and priests, probably by boosting spell/heal crits. All weapons should be imbueable with either effect. These details still subject to change however! Once this is done I'll review the weapons with the rest of the mechanics team for a sanity check on balance and so on, and once everyone's OK with it I should be able to post more details.

    Then the next step will be to scale the same weapons down for handcrafted and all the lower levels, working with Fyreflyte so they don't completely break some of the lower level loot reitemization he's currently looking at, and then I'll redo all the recipes, and then fix all the crafting writs which will break with these changes. Fun fun! :D If all goes smoothly it may be possible to include with GU45, if not then I'll do my best to at least get some of the weapons on a test server merchant so they can be tested out in the mean time.

    Thanks again for all the input from everyone. :D

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