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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Vogwyn, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Vogwyn Guest

    Hey all. I've been away from EQ2 for a while now, just getting back into the swing of it. I have my heart set on playing a beserker, either dual wielding or using two-handers, but I'm debating on how to set up my AA. My goal is to be able to produce DPS, to feel like a real bezerker, while still taking advantage of our ability to tank. I usualy end up soloing, but I'd love to still be effective for when I have the pleasure of finding a small group.

    My thoughts:
    • Agility/Stamina warrior AA build: My idea here would be to take advantage of double attack (while dual wielding or using a 2her) and getting the use of the AoE auto attacks from the agility line. I figured the agility line would also provide me with some defence, while still having the option to take advantage of a shield if worst comes to worst. However, not sure if doing so would let me keep enough aggro, should I end up being the MT
    • Strength/Agility build: Going after slow, heavy hitting 2hers or slow 1hers to dual wield, I could take advantage of the Strength line's crit % improvements and Executioners rath. Combining that with the stamina line's AoE attack and the AoE auto attacks might produce some nice DPS. I'm hoping that the additional deffence from the Agility line would also provide me with some desent protection down the road.
    Any additional tips would be welcomed. I'd feel a lot better with some feedbacks before I go and **** myself for solo play or bring too much trouble into a group situation. If I end up being the MT in a group, would either of these builds hamper my ability to take some blows?
  2. ARCHIVED-Bazill Guest

    Generally a lot of zerkers go for STR, STA and INT. You have your temp buffs for ae ability and when you get there the Myth provides you frontal arc ae damage on auto attacks. The general feeling is dual wield over 2 handers and 3 or 4 second delay weapons work well for that.
    With 70 aa my own set up is:
    STR: 4 4 8 5
    STA: 4 4 8 6 2
    INT: 4 4 8 6 2
    I'm sure others have different setups to that but it works well for me so i'm happy with it
  3. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    STR 4485 STA 4488 INT 46482 is generally what I recommend. I don't recommend the STA end ability.
    AGI is pretty useless for berserkers. Not only do we have sufficient AoE abilities to make up for the lack of aoe auto attack, but our mythical is also clicky 100% AoE auto-attack.
    Dual Wielding is by far the way to go. There is really no solid 2 hander that can match the damage output of dual wielding in almost every situation you can imagine.
  4. ARCHIVED-Galather Guest

    My AAs are,
    Str - 4 8 8 5
    Sta - 4 4 8 8
    Int - 4 8 8 2 1

    I dont know if it is really necessary to put points into parry on the int line if your healer is decent.
  5. ARCHIVED-Vogwyn Guest

    Alright, thank you all very much for the info. I'll put it to good use.
    I recently heard another beserker who's tested out the wisdom line over the intelligence line and said it improved his survivability, pre Ãœber high level gear, by a noticeable amount. Have any of you tested this one out much? I appriciate the feedback tremendously!
  6. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Wisdom line is useless.
    The +DPS mod from WIS 3 is a non issue because you can easily cap your DPS mod from buffs and gear alone.
    The +Mitigation on WIS 4 is low use because you hit the diminishing returns point on physical mitigation pretty easily; you can hit it even in Mastercrafted gear as you level up.
    The stance modifier for WIs 5 is useless: The negative defense and parry from Offense stance are pretty easily overcome by buffs and gear (the +parry from INT4 is practically as effective), and the offensive penalties from Defense stance are not overcome by the modifier. And honestly the offensive penalty from the Hunker line isn't even felt.
  7. ARCHIVED-Bazill Guest

    WIS line can be usefull on PVP but not great for PVE. Belly smash is about the best thing of WIS line and as i just said in PVP that can help a lot, that and the end line allows you to use Hunker and not get slowed when someone goes to run but can snare them instead.
  8. ARCHIVED-Vogwyn Guest

    Great to know! thank you very much for the information, has helped me out a lot.
  9. ARCHIVED-gazmasterbater Guest

    Hi folks
    I didn't weant to start another AA thread, so i'll try here as it's related.
    I am trying out my Berseker & enjoying it so far.
    One thng that's confusing the hell out of me though is where to spend my AA point's. I've tried the Search facility & my eyes are bleeding with no clue on where to go.
    I see people quote Strength 4 5 8 8 et al & it doesn't mean anything to me!
    Is there an idiot proof guide to AA's & what these numbers actually mean anyplace?

    I primararily solo & would really appreciate any tips on spending/allocating these points.
    I'm currently maxxing the AA quest route.
  10. ARCHIVED-scrible Guest

    Hi Grulh

    Ok that is ment by str 4,5,etc is it you look at the warrior tree in you aa window hit L to brng that up in game the numbers are how many points to place in each option working from the top down
    hope that helps a little scrible
  11. ARCHIVED-gazmasterbater Guest

    You're a gent Scrible , thank you, it makes perfect sense now.
  12. ARCHIVED-Kota Guest

    crit is too easy to max out. i'd stay out of str tree. unless you're after the end line. sta 4-10-10-1-8 wis 4-8-10-1-8 int 4-5-10 and gonna be agi 10. ppl talk down on wis line but it makes a diff on your hit rates, and def stance needs help with that.
  13. ARCHIVED-nannahee Guest

    My warrior AA spec in SoF is based on the fact that it is very easy to cap crit chance at 125%, so you do not really need the endline of str.
    So I have:
    Str 4 4 0 0
    Agi 1
    Sta 4 10 0 0 8 2
    Wis 4 10 8 1 8
    Int 10 10 2 1 8
    Tested now for both groups and raids. Reason why I pick the wis line is because the skills are no longer capped. So I figure that added dmg is generating more hate than taunts.
    Parry is needless as you can adorn a couple of +19 parry on your rings and you end up with more than you get from the AA.
  14. ARCHIVED-Kota Guest

    sta 4 8 10 1 8 wis 4 8 10 1 8 int 4 8 10 1 6 my new spec
  15. ARCHIVED-nannahee Guest

    There seems to be two different lines of thought in general about raidtanking though. One being that removing penalties and adding to weaponskills will generate more aggro than working with penalties and increased taunts. The other seems to be the contrary that increased taunts are generating more aggro despite the penalties of the stance. That however only goes for offensive stance and regardless the extra taunts from the strength line is not needed on raids - I haven't lost aggro yet - as there is loads of equipment that procs extra threat and dmg at the same time (hell, I am only using 2 out of 3 threat proc items that I currently have). . Adding to your weapon skills and removing penalties in my oppinion is giving just a bit of extra damage output as well as affecting the 'to hit'-modifier and that makes more of a difference than an increase in taunt that you do not need because nothing takes that 100% aggro away from you anyways. .

    I would be more leaning towards adding 10 points in the block chance from stamina line for shield work, but I have that on my mirror spec in case I need it.
  16. ARCHIVED-rvrratt Guest

    What about the beserker tree and shadow tree? We have 3 trees and it's all real confusing to me. I want to DPS and solo mainly. I'm a 81 Beserker with about 140 AA points. Thanks for any pointers!
  17. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    rvrratt wrote:
    That's a tight AA budget to fit.
    I would do something like this:
    *I put 5 points in reuse of Open Wounds assuming you do not have your Mythical
    *Self-heals are your friend, but only for soloing, if primarily DPSing I suppose this might do a little more depending where your DPS/Haste/DA/Crit are with gear:
  18. ARCHIVED-rvrratt Guest

    Hey thanks a lot! I built my tree exactly as you showed me and I really like it! What do you suggest I work on from here on out! Thanks again! Wulf
  19. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

  20. ARCHIVED-fergusnutzak Guest

    Power leveler? My Zerker is Lvl 68 with 133 AA. Looks like your AA is way low for your Lvl?!

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