Request Frum me's Brudder (for subtle quest change)

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  1. Aterskia New Member

    Cuus me's:

    furst, me's tinks Internet Moth'es eats post, sews me's posts agin!

    me's gotsa letter from me's brudder Tyflos aking for heps. me's puts letter an' pic'ure Tyflos sends me's

    dis bees how him's sees Norrath, since he's blind frum berf:

    an dis bees letter Gnomies heps hims rites:

    kin Lightnings Strikes be mades so Tyflos' fend kin heps him? is reel hards for him's to see, his eye'es be hurt'es when he's borns...
  2. Aterskia New Member


    regarding TS quest:
    Stitch in Time, Part II: Lightning Strikes
    step of issue:
    "Pick up a block of ice at the top of the NW Tower ... will start a 5 min timer."

    Tyflos, being blind, needs help, as he is UNABLE to complete /alone/ while walking;

    Perhaps if allowed to be joined there-in by a friend to LEAD him,
    with his hand on their shoulder(as he often does across other areas of Norrath via /follow),
    Tyflos can complete these tasks in the expected time-frame.

    Since this crafting is already "Non-commission-able" i would hope this ought be an easy request to fill.

    I Thank (the DEVs) for this kindness.
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  3. Twyla Active Member

    Does your brother happen to have infravision active? That's what your screenshots look like to me. If he does he needs to disable it, that should make this visible for him again.
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  4. Aterskia New Member

    me's tinks lets Tyflos' bio "speaks" for hims:
    Ripped from within his mother during combat she was involved in, the only survivor of the litter.
    Having suffered near mortal injuries to his head and body, left for dead among the entrails of his mother's corpse; He was found & healed by a monk from the Tower of the Four Winds. Tyflos' stoicism did not go unnoticed by the unnamed monk. Yet now only able to walk with a limp, blind, and mute, Tyflos' monk training has allowed him to not only survive, but be a service to others.
    Tyflos no kin "see" likes we'es,... hims ohnee "sees" heat 'nd sounds,.. so has to slowly "feel" hims way around when hims lone, is why hims walks. (Tyflos gots way lots patience)

    yous tells mes, at nights, yous eber run inna wall, or stub toe onna couch, or step on LEGO block? dat why hims walk slow.

    if Tyflos kin have his fend, Gokanakiji, to leads him as hims' "Seeing-Eye Gnoll," ohnee den kin hims go fast.
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  5. Daryx Well-Known Member

    Ratonga get the racial ability Sonicvision, which would probably work for seeing the block of ice. (There is also a tinkered item Goggles of the Bats that gives that ability if your brother lost that ability in his injuries.)

    I prefer Sonicvision in any dark or low-lighting situation and hate infravision, which your brother has to rely on most of the time. I haven't tried Sonicvision in that instance but it allows you to see pretty much everything's outline, so I bet it would work.
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  6. Daryx Well-Known Member

    It didn't register the first time I read this that it was the speed that was the issue as well.

    I don't know what path he takes on returning the ice. I always make sure I have a safe fall item equipped (or something like Carpet of Clover that lowers falling speed), and once I have the ice I continue over the edge of the platform and jump. If you direct yourself to the right around the middle pillar you will come down either on the bridge or at least a lot closer depending on your actual speed. Having a "glide" item also helps as it gets you a lot farther over the edge in the direction you want to go when you jump off.

    But I also think using the Sonicvision for that one instance would help a lot because you can see pretty much everything and so can move faster.
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  7. Aterskia New Member

    me's re-re 'gin to tink no ones knos what bein' humble bee's like.

    Me's knos, for fact, Tyflos' no never look for escape fum burden likes mos do's; hims accepts hims' lot.
    (hims awso refuse Gnomies' offer to stick ClockWork in head; eeww!)
    Eben to point, if hims no kin gets hep, hims no do.

    me's ohnee askin' one check-box be checked [x] Allow Multiple Players
    so dats Tyflos, in hims dis'bility, bee's able to completes quests to fix Time tingy.
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  8. Daryx Well-Known Member

    I just thought since he was wearing the Rose Colored Goggles to get the infravision he wouldn't mind switching to the Bats goggles. Another tinkered item.

    Just trying to give alternatives, because RP aside, I would be very surprised if that was changed for this reason.
  9. Aterskia New Member

    Tyflos uses the effect from Crown of King Tranix is to make "more permanent" his "blindness," as the Rose-colored Goggle effect, UN-ROLEPLAY-SPECIFICALLY, disable for combat, for, some, reason; as well as the re-enabling of RUN upon zoning.

    Hence the principles established above; Considering EverQuest is a Role-Play Environment.

    To basically define Roles: a purposeful and focused means of acting or performing, or lack(ings) there-of.

    What is being asked does NOT adversely affect said quest zone(the 5min timer zone is the only one of issue, Tyflos successfully, albeit slowly, completed everything up to that point), as the various NPCs wandering around are Epic(x4)^^^, no way two players could ever affect or are un-aggro-able(is this a word? ;) ). Considering also, the Tradeskill quest only updates with the quester themselves doing the harvesting, as well as with the non-commission-able Crafting.

    I choose to hold, absolutely, to the role this "blind" Ratonga endures. Did I mention, "absolutely"?

    So I present this humble, yet simple request, in the only way i know of to communicate with the DEVs,
    not to be bashed on by the public for their want of understanding,
    but for the DEVs to kindly consider(and hopefully respond, one way or another).
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  10. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    I have to apologize for this, but the roleplaying is NOT helping with whatever issue you're trying to convey on these forums.

    I understand you're committed to roleplay, but it's being detrimental to communication on these forums. Am I reading this right that you want to play as a literally blind ratonga, but you're asking for assistance in actually being blind, so you're not literally blind? Or you can't see quest updates in the environment because of your blindness?
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  11. Daryx Well-Known Member

    I don't see anyone bashing here. Like I said, I was giving suggestions as ways to get around the issue. I look at Tyflos on u.eq2wire and I see rose-colored goggles equipped, so swapping seemed a way to allow role-playing while enabling a different way to see.
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  12. Twyla Active Member

    And in the spirit of role-playing. A kindly mage cast a temporary spell on a seeing eye (insert creature of your choice) that will allow a brief (as in from the top of the tower to the drop off point) moment for it to allow your brother to 'see' through it's eyes.
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