replace standard mp3 music for eq2 to other mp3 music of my choice.

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    quick example of what im trying to do. i hit open file location, clicked on music, many of options of eq2 music, they are based on zones, guildhalls, raid, tons of options, they are all mp3 format. for example there is a mp3 in music folder in eq2 file named "loading" so while u are loading any zone in the game u always here the same music. what i want to do is replace the loading mp3 with acdc thunderstuck mp3, so in theory when i am loading i will hear that thunderstruck song by acdc. so here is what i did and it did not work.i pulled the loading mp3 out of folder and put it on desk top. i put in acdc thunderstruck mp3 and renamed thunderstruck mp3 to loading,and the original loading mp3 i deleted.i restarted pc and when i go back to the file location and play the mp3 named "LOADING" it does play thunderstruck. but when i am loading a zone ingame it still plays the original loading sound and not acdc.
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    You need to open up the directory in which eq2 is installed. Inside of EverQuest II you need to create a folder called custom_music. This is the folder you need to put the music you want to hear in. The folder structure inside custom_music needs to match that inside the music folder.

    For example: I still listen to the April Fools theme because it's just so dang funny. So I have EverQuest II\custom_music\zones\nameof.mp3 (too lazy to type out the full mp3 file name). With that whenever I log into the game I hear the April Fools music instead of the normal EQ2 theme.

    There was a post on the old forums that did an infinitely better job of explaining this that what I have done here. I was unable to find it though. Anyway, this should be enough to get you on the right track to achieve your goal of custom loading music in EQ2.

    If I can find the old post I'll reply with a link to it here.o_O
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