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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ardrek, May 15, 2013.

  1. Ardrek Member

    I've noticed that items have a "rent status reduction" but apparently this doesn't apply to guild halls?
    If it doesn't apply to guild halls what does it apply to?

    and now for the real question.
    Who's status is used to pay the guild hall rent ?
    Is this "status" the player who pays the rent's 50k status or the guild halls status, which I believe is earned at 1/10th the rate of the players, meaning we would have to make 500k status to pay the guild hall off each week ?
  2. Nelie Active Member

    Personal/player status is payed for the rent. As far as the coin reduction, I haven't noticed. In larger guilds, it just varies between guild leaders to members usually of donations.
  3. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    Players can also put status and coin in the door of the guildhall - right click the door and donate it. I'm currently working on writs for my own faction and status, and have WAY more status than I'll ever use. Besides my 10 percent going to the guild, I usually put status in the door when it hits 30 million.

    Edit: I don't mean this to sound cavalier - it's fairly easy to rack up personal status if you do at least one round of writs for your level every day.
  4. Gazrath Member

    Hi Arkrek,

    Status reduction on house items apply only to personal housing, and only on those houses that have guild membership as a requirement. In every city, there are duplicate floor plans for each house: one that is paid for just with coin and a "guild member" version that is paid for with reduced coin and status. You can easily reduce the status cost to zero using the appropriate house items, leaving you with only the reduced rent cost to pay. This is one of the additional perks of being in a guild.

    As you've noticed, status reduction items have no impact on guild hall costs.

    The weekly status rent on guild halls is paid out of a reserve fund that can be displayed by clicking on the guild hall door. Guild members will need to make deposits of coin and their personal status into the guild fund at this door, creating a reserve account. This reserve account is then used to pay the weekly rent. In my opinion, one of the hardest things about keeping a guild alive is maintaining enough committed members who are willing to deposit status in the reserve account to keep the guild hall doors open. Coin is easy to come by; status takes a bit more effort--especially as you start purchasing all those nice amenities with the additional rent costs.

    The guild status that is awarded at the rate of 1/10th character-earned status only applies to leveling the guild. It cannot be saved or spent.

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