Renewal of Ro Weapon Upgrade questline:

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    Correct. I'm not sure why I wrote first two T1s honestly, it wasn't even late judging by the timestamp. Most likely I was just being hopeful.
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    The update for the Enraptured weapons *appears* to be a tome that drops off the final named in the Delta/Raj'Dur zones, based on the discos when FoE killed one of the two. Waiting for them to kill Rattlebones to see the final update info!
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    'Enlivened Growth' required to craft the weapon are harvested , you can get one from any node, you get one when you harvest a rare.
    by the way , they are not heirloom/no trade so you can buy/sell them at the brooker
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    As a side note for the 'Parched and Dry Parchment' - If you or your group members are having issues getting this to drop, it SEEMS to be caused by having more Desert Parched Weapons in your bags/bank. I can't say 100% positively, but it appears that the parchment cannot drop if the mote drops - maybe someone else can state equivically that they have seen both from the same chest, and it *might* be slightly different with the change to personal loot, but it seems to be that if there is anyone in group that needs a mote, the parchments won't drop.

    And 'needs a mote' means 'has ANY desert parched weapon in their inventory' - 'in their inventory' meaning on their character, in their personal bank, their house vault, or their shared bank. So if you have not been able to get the parchment to drop, and are still trying to, make sure you have anyone in group with bagged parched weapons swap them to alts to hold them when you run your H2 zones.

    (Edit: removed the specific zone names after double checking the parchment on EQ2U since it shows as having dropped in at least four of the six zones; It looks like it might drop in any but the EH zones)
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    (And I will update this with the next quest steps eventually - I don't have my notes with me at 'work' to write it up at the moment, sadly)