Renewal of Ro Weapon Upgrade questline:

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    Hello again everybody!

    I will update this with slightly more detail when I have a moment at an actual computer, but since I typed this out in Discord I figured I would make a thread to traxk any new info/etc.

    1) Collect a 'Desert Parched <Weapon>' (rare-ish drop from final named in any(?) Ro instance tier - definitely H1/H2, solos, probably H3. (Edit 1/22/23: Graceless NOT required for them to drop in solo)
    2) Clear H2 zones until you get a 'Mote of the Regrowth' - only visible to group members who have a 'Desert Parched <Weapon>' in their inventory/bank (Shared bank works, for folks doing H2s with multiple toons)
    3) Attune your 'Desert Parched <Weapon>', right click and use the 'Mote of the Regrowth' on the weapon.
    4) You should immediately receive the 'Merely Sated Weapons' quest.
    5) Clear H2s to get the 'Parched and Dry Parchment' ( - bonus pop up loot for individuals with the quest, not sure if it is guaranteed in Eye H2 zones only or just random.
    5) Kill Amatheon, the H2 Overland heroic in Takish Badlands Arena. (EDIT: Confirmed this is required, can't just speak to an already spawned Khepri)
    6) Speak to Khepri, who spawns in the arena behind a pillar.
    7) Spend 200 Mira Miracula to buy the recipe book for your weapon, gather the materials and craft the upgraded weapon. [NOT COMMISSIONABLE]

    Will add links to the books when I get a chance. Tbe recipes are split between three books, and multiple recipes appear to use the same starter weapons - EG, my 'Merely Sated Blade' with mitigation makes both a 440 with and without mitigation.

    \aITEM -1748510683 1917749012 0 0 0:[Recipe Scroll: Enlivened Weapons III]\/a
    \aITEM -524228429 1239454095 0 0 0:[Recipe Scroll: Enlivened Weapons II]\/a
    \aITEM 2043263241 -1982414161 0 0 0:[Recipe Scroll: Enlivened Weapons I]\/a

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    Each weapon takes a different type of rare - See the recipe book for the specific rare. The weapon you upgrade initially with your Mote of the Regrowth does not necessarily lock you into those stat spreads, as each of the books has different upgrade routes for the same base weapons, as seen above with the bow - the same 'Merely Sated Bow' has three different upgrades to 440 bows from the same base bow. On Thursday I will have enough Mira to buy a book and upgrade a weapon.

    'Enlivened Growth' required to craft the weapon are harvested.

    Each weapon type takes a different type of rare (see the books), 15 'Enlivened Growth' for 1H/Ranged, 30 for 2H.

    Once you craft your weapon, the quest updates to tell you to show the weapon to Khepri, who is still in the Takish Badlands Arena - but only if Amatheon has been killed within roughly the last two hours.

    There does *appear* to be an upgrade quest beyond the 'Enlivened' weapons, but it requires 'more powerful enemies' - Likely either an H3 boss or Raid named.
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    Got the parchment in Eye of the Storm H2 as well.
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    Was just coming to post an update here - Parchment is definitely not tied specifically to the zone, but it *APPEARS* it may only drop if noone in group is waiting for a Mote of the Regrowth srop - EG, noone has a 'Desert Parched <Weapon>' sitting in their bags/bank.
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    Actually, we got a parchment, a mote and a desert parched weapon from the same chest. So now the person who got the mote needs to wait for another parchment and hope fully the person who got the weapon will get their mote before we get another parchment!
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    Neat. Guess that debunks that theory, then. Thanks.
  8. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    These are the weapons EQ2U has listed. If you click through into the links, you will get info on what dropped it where for most:
    For Mote of the Regrowth, EQ2U has it dropping (so far) from Agmork in Eye of the Storm H2.
  9. Taled Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I was meaning to look at that, it confirms my suspicions they also drop in solos.

    I can unequivocally state the Mote drops off more than just Agmork; We got them in (at least) 3 of the 6 H2s, probably more.
  10. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Do you use the ACT Dragon's Armory plug-in? That's where Feldon gets the drop locations. You manually have to go in to the plugin's tab every so often and tell it to send its cache.
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    I don't but I will make a note to add it, I've been meaning to.
  12. Taled Well-Known Member

    Updated with links to the recipe books and an image to see the stats for an example of the 440 upgrade options.
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    It can drop in any H2 from the last boss.
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    I got my Desert Parched Blade from a solo graceless run of Sultan's Dagger
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    Thanks for the reminder; I meant to update the top post with that note. I think the solo only drops it off the final name if graceless.
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    I got Desert parched mace from non Graceless Kigathor's.
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    Note: As of today's patch (1/10/23) Khepri gives the follow-up quest after you've completed the 440 weapon; Currently it simply tells you to defeat stronger creatures in Raj'Dur and Sandstone Delta - Presumably this is the first two T1 raid mobs.
  18. JanEQ Active Member

    I got a Desert Parched weapon from Foundation of Knowledge [Solo] - NOT graceless

    (1674445881)[Sun Jan 22 21:51:21 2023] You win the lotto for \aITEM 948419476 1686626683:Desert Parched Blade\/a from the Ornate Chest of Sanum Ordast.
    (1674445888)[Sun Jan 22 21:51:28 2023] /who search results for Buried Takish'Hiz: Foundation of Knowledge [Solo]:
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    I thought I had made the edit before, but it is now edited to reflect that graceless is NOT required. Thanks!
  20. Shwetty Member

    This is not the first two raid mobs, more likely the last raid mob of the raid zones Hunt and Storm.
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