Renewal of Ro Plot?

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    tell me something i dont know...(everything)
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    There's a lot that we don't know yet, but during the prelude event, several aerakyn claimed to have been contacted by the dragon Atathus, who created them in The Nest in "another reality" (I'm not sure if this is assumed to be EQ1 or some "other" Norrath.) Kerafyrm brought the aerakyn to this Norrath using the Tears of Veeshan (I think,) and Atathus has appeared to several of the aerakyn in their dreams asking them to search near where The Nest used to be located in order to find the means to cross realities and get back to him. This area is in the Sinking Sands.

    During the prelude, we discover an ancient crystal arca in a cave but we're unable to open it. A group of Hizite nomads helped us to locate the cave and the artifact, and at the start of the expansion they offer to have us join them in Hopewell Harbor, in the Raj'Dur Plateaus in southern Ro. This previously uninteresting area of the Desert of Ro has seen some habitation, but it's mostly nomads, pirates, and desert madmen.

    I could go into the events of the expansion itself, but it might be a little early for spoilers there. I can say that personally, beyond the story events that we know about from questlines, I am fascinated by the Sandstone Delta. I can go into it more, but I think there's an extremely intriguing story being told there and I'm curious as to where it's going to lead.
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    I have not completed the entire signature line yet, but here's a massive hint: A major player from the very start of the game is back.

    I would hide away the spoilers if these forums allowed me to do so, so I might come back and post everything again after I complete the sig line.
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    Please tag it with spoilers in very bold text and post of summary of the quest lines. I prefer to read it as one concise text rather than the bit and bobs you get in game. Also I like to see how others took the story and maybe pick upon details I have missed.
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    . (TL;DR cliffnotes at the bottom)
    You arrive at the Raj'Dur Badlands seeking information on the crystal arca. You're suggested to speak with the local Qayyid for information, but he has gone missing. After finding that he's been poisoned by a local undead, you're tasked with seeking out a cure and waiting for him to recover. While he recovers, another Hizite named Jawdaw the Mystic reveals that he can decypher the crystal arca, along with his assistant, Riddan.

    Riddan informs you that the Qayyid's attack must've been a plot of the local bandits, who have settled up in the cliffs to the north. After fashioning a bandit disguise and bribing your way into the camp, you soon learn that the bandits recently had a change in leadership, and the new leader is a female Duende -- an Earth Djinn -- named Aldys (that's her given name, not her true name of which gives all Djinns their power). She makes her exit after you save Riddan from her control.

    Finally having a chance to speak with Qayyid Hakim al-Imam, you start investigating a clue into the combined draconic and ancient elvish languages inscribed on the crystal arca, which are surprising similar. This leads you to investigating the ancient ruins of Takish'Hiz. The ruins can be unsealed with the combined powers of three sigils scattered across the plains, but one of the sigils has been damaged and needs to be repaired by a representative of Growth. In Greater Faydark, you seek out Firiona Vie and inform her of what you've found. She once again thanks you for saving her life from the Ethernere all those years ago, and introduces you to her associate, a Cae'Dal geomancer named Nairion Eldi. Firiona agrees to help you, repairing the damaged sigil and eagerly traveling with you to Takish'Hiz.

    As you delve inside Takish'Hiz, you discover numerous stone statues and unliving citizens. The fate that befell the city is a fate worse than death.

    You find a citizen's journal, a troubling account of the events of the empire's final days. The King and Queen of the Elddar Empire held out hope that they could save the city and its citizens by reversing Solusek Ro's encroaching desert for as long as they could, but the citizens suffered and starved all the same. When the King and Queen finally departed with the last of the healthy citizens who could make the journey to far away lands, one elf seized his opportunity for power. He ordered all remaining citizens who were left behind to guard the city to undergo a geomantic transformation. When they finally died, they would be reborn inside their own bodies make of sand and stone. They no longer had a need for food, water, or breathing, but they were not impervious to death. Their bodies would reform, and each time a little more of their minds would be lost. Over the thousands of years buried inside the city, the citizens became mindless golems only capable of following the orders of their new master. Malechior Caedor created the Stone Curse and afflicted it upon everyone. Now he resides within the buried ruins of Takish'Hiz, enjoying his power over his servants.

    Firiona Vie is taken aghast at the horrors that befell the empire, but it renewed her resolve. She decides that the lands have suffered long enough, and it was time to bring Growth back to the region. She begins performing the ritual on a Seed of Growth, but then bones suddenly start to show up.

    The ritual goes wrong. During the process of spreading massive growth and vegetation throughout the desert, Lady Vox was resurrected. Lord Nagafen swoops in and laughs at how gullible you were to fall for such an easy trap.

    The crystal arca that Silrena and Faezoth tasked you with discovering was a shaped Tear of Veeshan. Lord Nagafen had fooled them into thinking he was Atathus that sent that message to them across time threads. His ultimate goal was to bring his love Lady Vox back to life, and he succeeded.

    As the ritual continues, Lady Vox mysteriously encases herself inside an egg. An army of Cursed Elddar arrive to destroy everything, but you fend them off long enough for the egg to hatch.

    In a flash of light, Firiona Vie is completely gone, and what stands before you is Lady Vox, now physically transformed with growths and foliage sprouting from her body. Without saying a word, she flies off to parts unknown, even leaving Nagafen with no clue where she went. Nagafen departs. Nairion, Faezoth, and Silrena are shocked, but concerned about what happened to Firiona. They decide that it would be best for you to hold onto the arca, especially since you know what they are.

    Outside of the ritual, you are approached by an angry Hizite. Opening up Takish'Hiz unleashed the stone curse upon Norrath. Anyone with even the slightest lineage of Elddar blood can be afflicted. Koada'Dal, Feir'Dal, Teir'Dal, Ayr'Dal, Myr'Dal, Sul'Dal, Cae'Dal, Ren'Dal, Kerig'Dal... Everyone. It's implied that many of the Hizite humans that settled in the area are themselves at least partial descendants of the Elddar elves, which is cause for them to worry.

    Your investigations within the Takish Badlands lead you to follow sightings of red and white dragons traveling over the region. After a dragon lure ends up attracting a local angler beast instead of a dragon, Aldys' servant Zizzez sneaks up and steals away the crystal arca. You give chase and reclaim it back. Upon returning to Faezoth, you're informed that Nairion has been kidnapped while investigating the druid ring built on the island of Hu Haket. Your investigation leads you to Sandstone Delta.

    Sandstone Delta seems to have a storied history. To the west, the effects of the Growth ritual seems to have blessed the soil to allow massive crops to grow. To the east is an ancient seabed, now raised above the water. To the north is a massive chunk of Luclin that crashed into the region, bringing a Shik'nar hive and shadowed beasts with them.

    A Rujarkian Orc named Ulgaf is interested in starting a war between the two cyclop tribes, the Swordfury and Stormfury tribes. He seeks out glory in the name of the Hounds of War, and orchestrating this war with him is sure to please Tallon and Vallon Zek.

    The Swordfury cyclopses seem to be corrupted by the shadowbeasts from Luclin. Many of them are acting against their will, but they still recognize the nearby Ortallians and Shik'Nar to be a threat.

    Your travels bring you to a human named Salaera Taenaris. She's been exiled from the Ortallians because she can see that they've lost their way. They no longer truly worship Solusek Ro. Among the temple of Rath'Mana, the leaders of the Ortallians, has become corrupted by their own power and leadership.

    Selaera Taenaeris says to you, "Against the corrupted mantle of leadership. Those whose comfort in power and personal glory now leads their decisions, not their faith in the Burning Prince. Theatrics, empty platitudes, and manipulated scriptures have dazzled those of the temple for far too long. I tried to speak out, but they refused to listen."

    Assisting Selaera leads you to successfully sneak into Rath'Mana, where you learn that Nairion is to be sacrificed. You're able to save Nairion and draw out the leader, but Nagafen shows up in disappointment.

    Nagafen: "Where is the other one? Where is Firiona!? This was not the elf of Growth I wanted you to capture, Villijs! Argggghhhh! Pathetic creatures! Scale mites, all of you! What have you done to her?! What have you done to my beloved!?"
    Nairon: "We didn't do anything to Lady Vox! I swear!"
    Nagafen: "If you will not tell me what you did, I shall have to see for myself!"
    Nairon: "My eyes! Agggh!

    Nagafen stole away Nairon's sight. In the confusion, Zizzaz shows up and steals the crystal arca again while Nagafen flies away.

    You take Nairon back to Hopewell Harbor to recover. You have to get that arca back from Aldys, Sultan of the Daggers. As you confront her again, Aldys effortlessly takes control of Silrena. You have to shatter her mirror to snap Silrena out of it. You're able to take back the arca, but Aldys once again takes her leave.

    Back in Hopewell Harbor, Nairion seems to have recovered a bit. He is still blind because Nagafen indeed stole away his sight, but he has proven himself to be the new Protector of Growth, the title formerly held by Firiona Vie.

    What has happened to her? That is the burning question. During the ritual, Firiona Vie's plea to bring Growth back to a lifeless desert was heard by Tunare. She has ascended! She is now the Demi-goddess of Renewal!

    Nairon: "We had not known it, but we had been witnesses to her ascension. She is now the Demigod of Renewal! The Great Mother was moved by her plea for new growth, her love of the Mother's creations, and her willingness to sacrifice herself so others may blossom."


    - A power-hungry Earth Djinn is still out there, and she is certain to be back. So long as a Djinn keeps their true name hidden, their powers will remain uninhibited.
    - The Aerakyn were tricked by Nagafen into using a shaped Tear of Veeshan to focus life-giving growth magic.
    - Lady Vox has been resurrected, but she is now infused with Growth powers. Nagafen has no idea what is happening to her, and is frustrated that she didn't even acknowledge him as he stood before her.
    - The Stone Curse has been unleashed upon Norrath. Curing it wasn't something as simple as destroying all of the geomantic obelisks that Malechior Caedor left among the ruins of Takish'Hiz. Anyone and everyone of elven lineage may be at risk.
    - The large chunk of Luclin that crashed in Sandstone Delta brought Shik'Nar and Luclin's own shadowbeasts to Norrath. If left unchecked, the beasts in particular may corrupt more people outside of the area.
    - In order to advance your investigations into the Ortallians, you had to assist a Rujarkian Orc in starting a war between two Cyclops clans. This may have future implications.
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    Looking forward to it. I like to see what the the lore experts of EQ2 thought about it. :) While doing the sig line I had this nagging feeling that I am missing lot of references and foreshadowing.
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    It'll be interesting to see where the story goes from here. I'm glad they brought back such a key player in EverQuest's storyline.
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    Ops sorry had to edit some things i type too fast
    Thanks for the info all
    Shocking Revelations.....i already want the next expansion...
    I wonder what happened to Vox will she change alliances will she start to worship Growth?
    What about Firiona Omg and I wonder if they will bring Vox and Nagafen Eggs Plot in the Future!!!!....
    I wish i could be playing now but computer needs some repairs
    Well i hope to return as soon as i can to see it for myself...
    Now a moment of silence for Firiona she is gone but wont be a certain goddess hehehe
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    I wonder how her friends will feel now she (Firiona) has evolved into a divine state....poor Duality, Elves , Antonia, and more.....and i wonder who will lead the elves....i wonder Lenya will try to force claim even if she is vampire she still royalty right? If she still unlive i dont remember if we killed her permanent...did we,?
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    I think Lenya is dead canonically thanks to the end of VoV.
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    All I can say is damn it. Not because of the spoiler but got to wait until Next Exp.
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    i thought firona posseed vox and thats why she was infused with growth liek she sacrficed her self to take over vox and run away
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    The thought crossed my mind as well, but I definitely think that Vox and Firiona Vie may be connected to each other now. Maybe Vox is now the physical avatar of Firiona Vie? We'll have to find out in the future.