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Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Denmum, Dec 1, 2022.

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  1. Denmum Developer

    These are slated for the first hotfix on December 6. I will add more items as I get them fixed and the tickets in to QA.

    • More ore nodes in Takish Badlands and Sandstone Delta have been moved from flight-only areas to more reachable spots.
    • Players who are working on both the adventuring signature line and the tradeskill signature line will no longer have to reset their instance for the renewal ceremony between the two versions of the quest. (Until this fix goes in, if you enter the renewal ceremony you are having issues, exit the zone and reset it with Alt-Z.)
    • Researchers of Ro:Responsibility for Raj'Dur and Researchers of Ro: Takish time are mistakenly eating the harvests needed for the quest objective, leaving the player with insufficient materials for crafting. This will be fixed in the hotfix
    • Researchers of Ro: Curing the Curse. Bairam Najafi will no longer repeat old dialog if you hail him before the quest tells you to speak with him. Rather, he indicates that he is busy, to back up his wife's comments during the quest.
    • "Takish Tokenses" will no longer be a thing, even for halflingses. Instead when multiple are received, they will be "Takish Tokens"
    • Hizite Carpenter's books I-III should now be dropping. Sorry about that carpenters!
    • There is no longer a pile of nodes underwater in Sandstone Delta throwing an underwater rock party.
    • Several more root nodes in the Raj'Dur Plateaus have been moved to locations that do not require flight.
    • Level 125 crafters who are not level 125 adventurers should be able to use the Renewal of Ro CE teleport item.
    • Mastercrafted Renewal of Ro leather armor should now be able to be refined.
    • Hizite Mace of Strategems recipe now uses the proper crafting events
    • Bairam's research mission to craft Amazing Amphorae will now be crafted using the work bench instead of the chemistry table.
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  2. Denmum Developer

    Because the three Plateaus Crafter books that were to be researched after the guildhall doors were done being researched are available on guildhall recipe vendors as well, there is no sense in wasting time researching them. I am manually visiting researchers on every server to progress them through the research for that specific book. The book will stay on the research vendor for now simply due to fix/patch timing.
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