Renewal of Ro Guide for Beginners (or Returning Players)

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  1. Heresford Active Member

    Thanks so much for doing this. I had been working off your VoV guide and substituting Hua Collector for Hua Jubilee. I saw a few Ensorcelled runes had identical stats to their Hua Collector counterparts, so I did a little picking and choosing with the adornments from Tishan's Toolbox.
  2. Tinotino New Member

    White Adorns for combat skill are now Hua Collector's Adornment of Magical Skill (no Swishy Poke)

    In RoR Tishan's now offers both Red Chorus and Red Symphony
  3. Hennyo Member

    There is a major error in the first page write up, none of the blue runes such as embers currently work in RoR, and instead should be replaced with blue versions of red runes, or less useful blues such as replenishment.

    Another RoR progress tip, is there is a very useful about 5k potency buff you get for completing the solo shiny meta. While obvious to anyone who has been around awhile, there are bonus upgraded versions of various red and blue runes for completing content, such as all the solos, all the h1's or h2's etc.
  4. Taled Well-Known Member

    Embers, Insight, and Mystery absolutely do work. If you are using anything else you are entirely incorrect, and if you are telling other people to do the same you are actively making them worse..

    There are old *versions* of them that do not work, but if you have them you can replace them with the ones in the lockbox weapons.
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  5. Hennyo Member

    Wait, so the last raid earned versions of these runes absolutely do not work, but the free box gear versions of them do? Well call me stupid here, just assumed that the versions that had to be earned were the most current ones. Now if there was something other than gear box versions I missed, please let me know. As someone that has earned about every single hard to find adornment over the past 4 xpacs, I figured that the box had nothing of value for me.
  6. Taled Well-Known Member

    The last raid earned ones are from two expansiond ago, and thus no longer fit the 'Works in 'Earned/Dropped Expansion plus/minus one'.
  7. girney Active Member

    why are the insight "snacks" worse than the vov equivalents? 100 less potency. why bother making them?
  8. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    We aren't bothering, I go back and harvest my tuchis off in VoV so I can keep making the old ones.
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  9. girney Active Member

    exactly, why would any dev think this was a good idea to reduce stats?
  10. Kaezil New Member

    Anyone have suggestions for a wrist 410 option? There's the MC for 1, but since they're LORE, I'm struggling to find another clear path to one.
  11. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    The final boss in Dagger Solo drops at least one of these,and probably any Solo end boss has the chance.

    Expedient Custodian Bracelet
    Expedient Seeker Bracelet
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  12. Chillispike Active Member

    How to get the Resolve up to start Heroic
    *Having your whole equipment (21 pieces) with 410 Resolve gives you 8610 Resolve
    *The remaining Resolve for Heroic I Instance comes from the mount
    ** "Tishan's Fluffy Transport" from the free gear crate
    *** That mount gives with the mount boost "Tolan's Darkwood Mount Infusion" from the crate 270 resolve
    *** Which gives you a total of (21*410+270) 8880 Resolve.
    ** "Kalista, Protector of Renewal" sold by "Charifa" for 100p, 25000 Status + 100 "Renewal Talent"
    *** That mount is the upgraded Version of "Kalista, Victor of Renewal" from the collectors Edition of the expansion.
    *** That mount gives with the mount boost "Tolan's Darkwood Mount Infusion" from the crate 306 resolve
    *** Which gives you a total of (21*410+306) 8916 Resolve.
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  13. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Added another blue adorn to get!

    Go to Forlorn Gist and do Vikana's quest, Contract Termination, to obtain the blue adorn Nature of the Archaeologian to boost your Crit Bonus and Potency. (You must complete enough of the Visions of Vetrovia sig line to have access to Forlorn Gist).
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  14. Erak Member

    Hi there,

    Pretty nice guide.
    I would like to have a question. How are STAT CAPS standing for actual expansion ? Page from WIKI isn't accurate for many Xpacs if I am reading it right. Did anything change? or stat caps doesn't matter that much how it used to be in past times?

    Thank in advance for any answer.
  15. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Stats have been in such rapid change that I personally have no idea what caps look like now, short of boosting a value until it shows up tinted in the stats tab of the Character window. Well, Ability Mod maxes at half your biggest hit or heal. And we know Crit Bonus is king this expansion, but that Potency and the rest are still important.

    For things like Reuse or Flurry etc., look at the stat packages of the boss mobs you encounter in Solos and Heroics, and look how much of which stat they debuff. There you usually want however much they're debuffing plus 100.

    The problem from my POV is that the devs have never been really forthcoming about damage calculations. Usually it's been min/maxxers who have experimented extensively with training dummies and live mobs and come up with good information about them. This is not my personal forté, and I haven't seen anyone post a thorough analysis in a few years.

    I started a separate discussion thread on this to get some of the numbers gurus to respond. EDIT: folks are responding, so see the linked thread for discussion on stats. At some point I may try to organize that thread into an update for the wiki.
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  16. m0zone New Member

    ment to post this in another thread
  17. Tweedles New Member

    Thank you for this guide. What a HUGE help this will be. I purchased the latest expansion so I could level quickly from 110, now setting at 124 TS and 121 A. I still have the last three expansions to get thru so I will bookmark this write up and look to see if you did others. I’m trying to get my Veterans Bonus back. I’m so glad I came to the forums. It’s really overwhelming to be so lost. Again, thank you!
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  18. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

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  19. Tweedles New Member

    First, thank you very much. I finished reading your VoV write up yesterday.

    Second, I surely don’t mean to make you blush Sigrdrifa, I even thought about sending you a private message but I decided I wanted it out here for all to see because you have already helped so much.

    Your write ups are amazing.

    You actually give sanity and hope to the returning player. Your so helpful I feel like I should be paying you. It amazes me that for over a month now, every time I researched something it lead me to these forums and to your posts.

    That’s really saying something.

    I’ve played since launch, got frustrated and stepped back a time or two for years at a time but nothing has ever replaced EQ2.

    I think you missed your great calling… an EQ2 developer. Why? I can tell you really love the game and the players.

    Now I’m off to show my Swashy some love.
  20. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I'm a retired technical communications person. I started doing wiki and the gear guides as a shortcut for me and my alts, TBH. That way I didn't have to strain my brain as hard when I went to do it the next time.
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