Renewal of Ro Beta and Expansion Pre-Orders

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  1. Accendo Community Manager

    [IMG]Time to test and get a first-hand look at what’s to come!

    Before we dive into all the details, let’s take this moment to check out the key art for Renewal of Ro!

    Would you like to see more? Head on over here to get more details!

    Ready to pre-order now? Head on over to our pre-order page for details on the different editions. All pre-order editions include the Takish'Hiz Peafowl Pet and access to the beta server!

    As you may know, beta for the expansion started today and will end once Renewal of Ro is ready to go live. To join your fellow Norrathians on the Beta server, get your pre-order. As a reminder, you can find instructions about how to join beta here. If you’re unable to see or post in the Beta forums, please reach out to Angeliana via private message.

    Grab your characters and get ready to face new and exciting adventures! To all who participate on Beta, we deeply appreciate your time and feedback, and there will, of course, be beta rewards. Have fun out there and thank you again to everyone participating in the Renewal of Ro beta!

    Join us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.

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  2. Gaptia Active Member

    5 level Ascension upgrade ? => No preorder for me.
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  3. Julesholland Active Member

    must admit, I hoped they where slowly killing off ascensions.... new epic spell would be interesting though
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  4. Ichoris Well-Known Member

    When I use the link above named 'over here' to go the expansion page it's all messed up. The webpage has broken graphic and odd text is the wrong places. Is this happening to anyone else? I tried a few browsers and they all seem to do the same thing. If it's a bug hopefully they fix it fast. Not a good look when the website for the next expansion doesn't work right.
  5. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    The new pet is a "feathered stalker?" Sorry, looks pretty much like a Dalmatian dog to me.
  6. mh272 New Member

    Looks good to me on Brave.
  7. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    That's a bug.
  8. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    On my phone rn, waiting for the website to come back so I can pre-order :) That new artwork looks awesome

    Edit: nvm it's back on gonna purchase rn yeeeeah
  9. Smitty87 New Member

    Yeah I think a lot of us were hoping that ascensions were gone. I personally would rather see a well thought out new AA tab then increase in levels or ascensions.
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  10. Bludd Well-Known Member

    i did the pre-order even though ttobey didnt make the kraken mount he promised! (he didnt promise but i am allowed to lie about it!)
  11. Ichoris Well-Known Member

    Website looks fine now. Guess it was something on my end. A Kraken mount would be very cool!
  12. Fidd New Member

    Unfortunately, not all players will be able to pre-order! I can't just because I don't have the ability to transfer money for it! our payment cards do not work in your country.
  13. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    Maybe a Viva or Mastercard Gift Card from the stores in your country ?
  14. Fidd New Member

    Need a card made in another country!
    Only then can I pay
  15. Fidd New Member

    I have a visa card, but my payment will not go through with it!
  16. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Would PayPal work?
  17. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Ok, bought the expac, wife is going to purchase it later as well :) Beta forum section will be added later, I assume? Or is the Beta forum already live and I just can't see it rn?
  18. Fidd New Member

  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    o my that looks so cool, but I still would like more information before I get the preorder.
    and is this why it takes forever to load the game?
  20. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    You mean the normal live server takes longer? It's ok for me rn, loading into Beta is also working just fine. Quite a few ppl in Sinking Sands logging in to test :D

    Lots of info right there btw, the new zones and places look absolutely beautiful on those screens. Can't wait to try them out myself.