'Rending' procs vs Devastation Strike

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Twofeets, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Twofeets Active Member

    How well do the 'Rending' procs work compared to Devastation Strike?

    On pure numbers the AoE of Devastation Strike is amazing, especially in AoE fights (which seems to be the norm now days).

    My conji uses elemental damage, are the 'elemental rending' procs even worthwhile with the debuffs? (I know the straight single target proc doesnt compare, but wondering how much the debuffs help). Or should I just stick with the big AoE (for groups/solo).
  2. Reevar Active Member

    Dev Strike is for Heroics and Trash Facerolling where things don't live very long.

    If you are in raid and everyone is using rending/anguish procs the amount of increased dmg the mobs will take combined from the raids Spells and CA's is way better.
  3. Twofeets Active Member

    Unfortunately I dont raid much due to play times. I know the Dev Strike will be higher in AoE trash, but since I usually run with pugs aggro is already a huge issue. I cant parse when Im taking a dirt nap lol. Guess ill play around and test it.
  4. Entropy Well-Known Member

    Yep, this. Raids are mostly about single target named situations. Rending is the right choice in almost every situation. Exception being if your force has enough amplify dmg effects to cap the bonus. This level is currently defaulted to 50%, but mobs that have special resistance to certain damage types can be debuffed through that extra % as well.