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Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks, and New Player Questions' started by ARCHIVED-Xrison, May 4, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Xrison Guest

    Hey, I was wondering how to REMOVE hotbars. When I right-click a hotbar, I see "add hotbar" not remove.
  2. ARCHIVED-Rhiaden Guest

    Its the option "close window" when you right click
  3. ARCHIVED-Xrison Guest

    Hmm... I don't see that option when i right click. All I see is "Window options"
  4. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    You have to catch the verrrry corner of the window with your mouse to get it to give you those options.
    The best way to do this is to right click, window options, and make the window fully visible - no mouseover transparency, or anything. When you can see the whole thing, click the outer edges of the window, vs. the inner part where the squares are..and you'll get the option to close it.
  5. ARCHIVED-Elorah Guest

    I believe that you could also hit F10 one time to get all the Black background on your Windows... This will allow you to see the edges that you would need to right click and select close window.

    To return the screen to what it was hit F10 two more times. It will go totally windowless, and then return to normal.
  6. ARCHIVED-Coush Guest

    Thank you I was going to ask this if nobody elce did. They should make it a option in the right click menu.
  7. ARCHIVED-ke'la Guest

    Coush wrote:
    It is, the problem is there are actually 2 if not 3 right click menus for the Hotbars, First is the "Window" Menu with it's items which includes the ability to "Close Window", then there is the Hotbar Menu which gives you access to the Hotbar options, like add Hotbar. Then I beleave there is also the Spell/CA menu that gives you the options that effect just the spells. The reason for the 3 different context menus is because if they where all in one menu that menu would fill nearly half the screen.

    BTW, if you still have your Spinner Turned on then I be leave right clicking near the spinner gives you the Window Context menu not the Hotbar context menu.

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