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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Khulda The Rat, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Khulda The Rat New Member

    So.. I wanted to remake my first main since he kinda just.. vanished, like, I can't find him on any of my accounts, so I decided I could remake him into a Ratonga but I have a hard time seeing a Ratonga being a Templar.

    My first main was a High Elf Templar named "Springheal", I can't remember what server he came from exactly but I think it was Freeport. He was level 65, which was the game's level cap at the time I took a long break from the game. When I returned, I saw that he was gone, which is fine since I'd be lost anyways.

    Anyways, I wanted to know what I should name him since "Springheal" is kind of a dumb name to me. lol Also, strange thing to ask, if a High Elf Templar was turned into a Ratonga, would he still be a Templar?
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  2. Carynn Well-Known Member

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  3. Pixistik Well-Known Member

    Most people don't even look at what race someone is for a given name, but there are a few rather nice names that kinda fit a characters race or profession.
    There are a lot of clever people out there.
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  4. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Apparently my troll brigand named Donald Trump wasn't funny to GMs. I guess my kitty kat Purrar Shar will have to do.
  5. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    EQ2 does have an official naming policy.

    (1) Modern highly charged political figure names don't fit into the Norrathian ambience. I'd expect a toon named "Hillary Clinton" (or any other famous, contentious modern celebrity name) to be just as swiftly changed, and for the same reasons. As the official naming rules state, "All of the names you find in the world of EverQuest and EverQuest II should be consistent with the spirit of the game."

    (2) The only reason to have such a name is to harass... well, troll (the toon is racially a troll, yes? layers of irony, we see them) people who dislike said highly polarized figures. The official naming rules say: "Naming options chosen with the intent or possessed with the effect of harassing... are not allowed. Utilizing any name option to harass or disrupt another individual, group, or guild will result in disciplinary action taken on the offending account(s) and may result in character deletion."

    (3) As for "Purrar Shar", well, if it's reported, you'll probably have it changed, too. The official rules say: "Proper names from EverQuest or EverQuest II (e.g. Rathe, Karana, Antonia) are not allowed. This includes the first or last name of any significant EverQuest or EverQuest II NPC (e.g. Dorn, Trumpy, Irontoe, Trueshot, Bayle)."
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  6. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    (1) I was targetted and reported, plenty of people have names "not consistent with the spirit of the game"
    (2) How is naming a character Donald harassment? The bar gets lower every day.
    (3) It's a pun. It's not a proper name because it's a pun based off of a character.
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  7. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    You obviously offended somebody if they took time to report it. So I'd say "Mission Accomplished" for you.


    You really ought to read through the official naming rules before you craft your next character name. As the rules state, "Combinations of words that produce an offensive result or produce a policy violation within any part of this policy are not permitted. This includes any combination of naming options (First name, Surname, Guild Name, Pet name, etc…)."

    You probably should be glad they didn't just change the last name to "Tootiefrootie" or "Dingleberry" and then lock the whole name so you couldn't change it. I do recall someone years ago having their last name changed to something risible because of a name offense.

    Can't be a pun, because there's no humor involved. I can only refer you to the O. Henry Museum's excellent Pun-Off and its discussion of puns.

    "Shar" *is* indeed a proper name, or more correctly, a proper noun acting as a name identifier. If I had to guess, they made this particular rule because some jokesters were making toons with the exact name of certain quest NPCs and then were diverting questers with nonsense, which would make a bunch of complaints about the quest not working going to customer service.
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  8. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    Ok let's go through this one.

    The NPC in question is Murrar Shar.

    My character was named Purrar Shar.

    As in, Purr-ar. Purr. Cat. Cats purr. The character was a cat. Who purred.

    I wasn't intending to offend anyone. I'm willing to bet I was reported by someone being a hard[redacted], not because someone was genuinely upset. But if that's what we're doing then I guess it'll have to be my life goal to go and report anybody that has a name that isn't in the randomly generated name button.

    Oh, and my characters name is Donald again. Y'know, after my real name? Could've just changed the last name instead of throwing a $10 renaming fine at me.
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