Reign of Shadows is here!

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  1. dreamweaver Community Relations

    It's time to adventure to the dark side of Luclin! Reign of Shadows launches right now. Take on Emperor Ssraeshza and his unyielding throngs of insidious zealots. Heroes will be made in the shadows!

    Check out the trailer below!

    Trying to locate patch notes? Find them HERE

    Looking for information on RoS raiding? CLICKY CLACK THAT MOUSE BUTTON

    Wondering where to go to get to the dark side of Luclin? CLICK HERE
  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    thanks for the video , awesome I did not have time to take a look at the new expansion , but I am exited for this
    new adventure for all others .
    Let's get messy :D
    Time to make a new kitty , to bad for Freeportians that they are not neutral and can only be made for the " good " side.
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  3. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    Congratulations on the 17th expansion! Kudos for everyone's hard work.
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  4. Faelynn Active Member

  5. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    argh yea we even got hit by that on Kaladim .
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  6. Carynn Well-Known Member

    So the patch notes say this about guilds:
    • Guilds may now level by obtaining guild advancement tokens from content within the Reign of Shadows expansion. Those same guild advancement tokens will serve as account wide unlocks for the characters that complete them, allowing them to benefit from the guild buff for level 301-350 bonuses. The character unlocks are an incrementing count and each unlocks one guild buff level at guild level 310, 320, etc.

    What does any of this have to do with guilds who are well under level 300? Is there a new way for them to level up? What if you have a guild of non-level 120s? Are they stuck with the old way that doesn't include double guild xp during double status week to actually level up? How does one gain the guild advancement tokens? There isn't enough information in the update note paragraph to explain the new system. And please do not say to go into the game and find out myself, like a dev did to me, because providing information about a product I bought is supposed to be the company's job!
  7. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I'm not sure what happens with lower level guilds, but as I quested through Beta, I'd complete something and get a guild level out of it. I'll have to see what happens now in Live.
  8. KaiskDarkPhoenix Member

    I struggled a little thru the beta, but I blame my horrible wifi for that (I kept getting booted out), so I should be ok now. I'm also getting rid of my cruddy Iksar beastlord to make a Vah Shir, so I'll finally get to try them out. I hope they're better as a warden or troubador than a beastlord. I don't like them very much, honestly. I have 4 120's to go thru the sig line, so I hope it'll be better than the BoL.
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  9. Yavie Member

    The artwork and lore is excellent this expansion. You really gave us a treat with many memories from EQ1. Thank you.
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  10. Garry827 New Member

    no new overseer quest and reward? no new familiars from daily familiar quest?
  11. Boindar New Member

    First of all, thanks for the new expansion. But what did you do with the stand, run and walk animation of the Vah Shir ??? I created a new Male Vah Shir and had to find out. Not only does it look like my old aunt, no he runs and goes like that.
    All that's missing is the handbag ... Can you please change that?

    What's wrong with normal old animation?
    I've been playing this game since the beginning and I remember 10 years ago what was changed in the animations and it was just as bad as this one.
    So please please please give the Vah Shir (Male and Female) decent animation.
    With best regards, Boindar
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  12. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    KaiskDarkPheonix you gave me the perfect answer to getting me a new Vah Shir gal! I have 3 Kerras, one who mirrors my hubby's male Kerra Character and one whom my sister first made as a Khajiit in Morrowind when she visited us from Berleley (in Florida) years ago. So don't want to switch either of them over but the 3rd Kerra girl is free to buy a race change potion and switch over to be my new Vah Shir. Yay! Finally figured it out thanx to your help and good suggestion!!

    As per Vah Shir animations, Boindar I hope that they are not as bad or cumbersome as you are describing. Perhaps I should bill her as the other 2 Kerra's old aunt Shirra?!? hahah. Truly I hope it is better than that. I'm not so fussy about animations so here's hoping I don't notice anything amiss.
  13. Boindar New Member

    @ WhysperWynde

    Well, when I think about it, the last one I saw walking and running like this, was my older daughter's son,
    aged three, with his diaper.

    They really should change something there.
  14. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    I hope they do not change the daily overseer quest requirements. I expect the Blood Ember crate to replace the current Singing Steel crate when the next crate comes out (i.e. Wild Lord Crate).

    New familiars are likely to come out in the next 2-6 months based on precedent.
  15. dreamweaver Community Relations

    What is the Wild Lord crate?
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  16. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    There's a bug with the runs on the Vah Shir, they are getting a speed buff on top of a mount speed buff so the are running at hyper speed.
    This is their intended look and we will be looking at how fast they play soon.
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  17. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    I was just throwing out a name. The crates seem to be following the name of the EQ1 Kunark armor sets.

    It sounded like 'Wild Lord' would fit with this expansion.

    If I happened to hit it on the head, I don't have any leaked info. lol. :)
  18. dreamweaver Community Relations

    Ah no, not that I am aware of. I just thought I maybe missed something.
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  19. Boindar New Member

    Thanks for the answer. I have to say I have no idea about animations but somehow I don't like the running animation in the video either.
    I think the idea behind this should be some kind of powerful running, right?
    Unfortunately, for me and for my wife too, it looks like this poor Vah Shir has some kind of hip damage. So please, give them the animations like the kerra.

  20. Ryni New Member

    My female vahshir runs with her arms at 90 degree stiff angles and her hips swivel (not rock) back and forth alot. Nothing natural about it at all, I almost deleted her due to this. Hoping they can fix it sooner rather than later as it looks painful. On a side note the game must see them as Kerra in other regards as she was offered the Kerra questline in Qeynos.

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