Reforging Bugfix 1/12/2020

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Caith, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Caith Developer

    The patch on 1/12/2020 includes a fix for a bug in reforging that granted extra reforge stat on items that had the destination stat as an overcap stat. So while the reforging window would show the correct amount of granted stat, the actual applied amount was the reforge amount, plus the amount of overcap stat, granting potentially several thousand extra crit bonus than intended to characters reforged those items.

    Unfortunately, while this bug was reported in beta the root cause of the bug wasn't located until last week, which allowed it to fester for longer then it should have. Items that gained these extra stats will have their reforging reset and be flagged for a free reforge.
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  2. RedBB Active Member

    Essentially obsoletes a feature that has been in the game for a long time given the modifications with this expansion. While I understand the desire to combat the ludicrous stat gains of the prior expansion, haven't y'all taken things a wee bit too far in the other direction? This could have been easily remedied given the stats of new gear with a 10-25% return when reforging. Now all that has been accomplished is set the entire playerbase on a mission to acquire caster and tank stats. Food for thought.
  3. Smashey Active Member

    It sucks losing 3k CB but in the end fixing bugs and unintended gameplay seems more important. I still had hopes that the reforging changes would be followed by an actual stat squish because just changing reforging and limiting our access to some stats seems odd.
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  4. RedBB Active Member

    There was nothing wrong with the reforging system itself other than conversion rates. That could have easily been tweaked to match "the vision" while still allowing us a source to otherwise unattainable stats, or at the very least turn useless stats back into something useful. Now suddenly everything is re-introduced as adornments in a separate "bug-fix". Again I'm ok with the stat squashing but ruining a key component of the system wasn't the right answer to me. And this early in the expansion it isn't too late to change course.
  5. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Have no issues with this being corrected nor the reforging now being completely irrelevant with min/max however you saw fit. I am all up for the old days of making hard choices on stats and gear but the itemisation generally right now is really really bad.

    The defenisve stats do not work, we have resolve and the hidden stat checks that are the main resistive stats.

    Sort out itemisation and i think most will be on board with this.
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  6. RedBB Active Member

    I would respectfully disagree. Reforging came from "the good old days" and even then were they really that good? Now if you really want to roll back then we could strip all blue stats and go back to sta str agi wis etc... Problem is so many new mechanics have been introduced and pivot around the stats they just nerfed to oblivion. Most recovered through AA choices. Ex I got all my recovery back without issue. Strikethrough on the otherhand, with mobs parrying and dodging from behind and sides (not functioning as intended), was a critical component to any DPS build that wasn't a mage. At this point the mechanic is broken thanks to reforging getting nerfed. Now if they pulled the defensive mechanics out where a mob wasn't ducking and dodging 40% of incoming damage nobody would even care unless they had a straight auto-attack build.
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  7. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    What I want to know, as I am replacing all my alts' reforging, is why the heck even allow reforging into potency if the max you can get is 6.4? What are you gonna do with that?

    I feel that we're being pushed towards boosting ABMod. Why?
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  8. Observing Active Member

    Pointless to have an MMO with persistence when everything changes every week.
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  9. Dockter Active Member

    Your changes took 40% of our normal groups DPS away; you have 6 very ******* players.... Our BL reports no improvement in DPS at all, if anything she feels she went down in DPS.
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  10. Bentenn Active Member

    This has been bugged for over two years....not just beta, and really a free reforge. Do tell us what we can reforge into that is worthwhile. Do us a favor and just remove it like you want to anyway.

    Reforge is worthless now and removal of recovery did not fix lag, just saying. Maybe get rid of surge damage and tons of adds in PQs would be a good start.
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  11. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    No wonder reforging is now free. It's totally worthless.

    And when did it become free btw? Last September?
    Imo they've known this change was coming since then. They didn't want people who had paid for the 'ability' it in the last few months to whine about it on forums. We've just had the cooling off period.
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  12. Moss Active Member

    I believe reforging should be removed temporarily from game until it is made useful and working properly again.

    Also ALL reforged items should be reset on next patch to default values (it is still not the case today) as many players are still reporting items with old reforge still on them. Please fix this once for all.

    Why this demand:

    Last year we had the broken AB Mod to DPS stats reforge. Before the patch we had crit bonus overcap to crit bonus broken reforge.

    Now as it stands we have DPS to crit bonus broken reforge. I call it broken because it gives up to 20x times more crit bonus than any other reforged stats. So everyone will ONLY want armors and weapons with DPS because it is OP and all other stats reforge could not compare.What will be next...

    As mentioned only dps to crit bonus is wanted and is broken. All other reforge are useless as they stands, also most items could not be reforge at all with the current limitation.

    So why keep reforge at all in it's current form, it is only an embarrassment and frustrating for players.

    I understand some players have been paying to get this feature, so give everyone something to compensate for removing the feature or promise them to have this feature back soon completely revamped and fully tested.

    And please this time include key players in the thinking and designing process.
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  13. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    Don't know a danged thing about reforging. Just got the message that some of my equipment may have been reforged and that I can get it reforged for free. Why? Don't even know what reforging does. Could someone please enlighten me if I should even be concerned about this please?
  14. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    If your going to strip something that we have done (with YOUR permission in the first place) have the good sense to tell us what items were stripped? This logging in and finding crap removed from your whatever's of that day is getting old. Now I have to try to figure out WHAT item that was reforged got what stripped from it out of 21 on multiple toons? Why did you allow us to do it in the first darn place if you didn't know what you were doing? What I am seeing looking at my stats is that my crit bonus went to hell and my DPS numbers are useless. Keep going and you will run off the rest of your paying base. Yes, I am angry.
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  15. EmJay Well-Known Member

    My first thought when I read this Post by Caith was Shame on you all for allowing this to be left in the launch of this new expac. Reforging should have been disabled until all the bugs were worked out.
    Then my second thought was if they left out all of the bugged content and broken mechanics from this new expac launch, we wouldn't have RoS at all!!
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  16. RedBB Active Member

    Riddle me this Batman.... If it wasn't intended then why in the world is there so much CB overcap on all the gear? This was clearly an afterthought.
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  17. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    All that CB mixed with recovery was causing too much lag

    I also love how it's conveniently claimed it was reported in beta when this "bug" had been around all through BoL and with all the reported bugs in RoS beta that made to live, this is what they spent their time on. I love going backwards in improving my toon
  18. Moss Active Member

    With current itemization we could see a good increase in crit bonus on jewelry for each tier (+60-80 per tier), also we know that at around spring/summer time we will get new content with upgraded gear.

    A quick math and comparison to previous years and we already see that will reach the CB overcap at the end of the expansion.

    I though it was a mistake that we could already reach CB overcap, fervor overcap at the beginning of the expansion, it makes players unhappy with itemization and makes progression not fun and farming boring.

    You know what's the point of farming a new item if you only gain 5 resolve, 100 stamina and 100 potency when it will not even make a dent on your parse or ability to progress. We had players not looting any raid items for 3-5 months last year because of bad item progression and mechanics for their class.

    Each item tier should be wanted, so having uncapped crit bonus until last raid tier and/or summer ethereals is good path to keep some players playing and farming content longer.

    Itemization and mechanics has been the ban of players for the last 5 years.

    I prefer this kind of move that makes some players unhappy now because they feel the immediate global nerf, but will allow better item progression later on and keep those same players happy to get new gear.

    Note in my opinion there is still some big groundwork to do on current itemization to make it good, just saying it was a necessary change and it still needs to go further.
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  19. Gelenor Active Member

    Thank you for your openness and your post. But why was the ethereal (peculiar) and panda (shadow) jewellery that existed prior to this that only reforged ability mod to DPS mod was also reset (restored) as part of the same patch?

    This has NOTHING to do with a error of reforge with overcap. However you have effectively removed dps mod from all players using this excuse. Very misleading. Honesty works wonders.
  20. Luciano Member

    Better to say, melee attack in EQ2 got definitely killed ... R.I.P.

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