Refined Mastercrafted Weapon Stats Broken?

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Drax, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Drax Member

    Yesterday I crafted & experimented to create a "Visionary Cleaver of the Draconic Defender" using a refined tungsten (unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a reliable way to link this modified item).

    Examining the weapon shows all the stats, including the bonuses deriving from using the refined rare & the experimentation, to be displaying correctly. However, once I equip the item it is clear that my character stats for MA, CC, CB and Strikethrough do not increase correctly.

    It seems that the bonuses I receive for MA, CC etc. are those deriving from the basic version of the Cleaver and that the additional 10% coming from the refined rare are not being applied.

    I am unsure whether this problem is restricted to this one specific weapon or whether all crafted/refined/experimented weapons are suffering the same issue.

    It may, of course, be just be a presentational problem and the additional bonuses are being correctly applied despite not being correctly displayed in my character stats.

    Anyone else noticed this issue?
  2. AustinB Member

    I noticed after the first patch on Thursday that I had lost points in some stats. Looking back at it, this loss in stats would be explained by my refined+experimented not providing their listed stats properly.
  3. Everdog Member

    I confirmed this.
    I am using Mace of Radiant Divinity which is Refined and Experimented.
    The mace is not giving me proper stats.
  4. Drax Member

    I thought that some specific figures might help to clarify.

    Crit. Chance:
    base figure without Cleaver = 304.9
    cleaver adds 51.7
    revised total should be 356.6
    character stat displayed as 351.9

    Crit. Bonus:
    base figure without cleaver = 236.9
    cleaver adds 9.5
    revised total should be 246.4
    character stat displayed as 245.5

    base figure without cleaver = 253.1
    cleaver (including adorns) adds 13.9
    revised total should be 267
    character stat displayed as 265.8

    base figure without cleaver = 418.9
    cleaver adds 30.4
    revised total should be 449.3
    character stat displayed as 446.5

    base figure without cleaver = 30.1
    cleaver adds 10.6
    revised total should be 40.7
    character stat displayed as 40.2

    My concern is that the whole mechanic of crafted/refined/experimented weapons (and possibly armour & jewellery etc.) isn't working as intended. Hopefully its just a presentational issue. Anybody know a simple way to test this please?
  5. slippery Well-Known Member

    It can be tested if you had an ability that deals an exact amount of damage, so you can predict how hard it is going to hit. Then you can do the math and see if it matches
  6. AustinB Member

    I did some testing with Devastation Fist on a L95 solo dummy:

    I started by taking off:
    \aITEM 812669277 -523469364 1 5 1971522149 0 3 1 0 1 1 "" 5 6 57 1 "" 6 6 59 2 "" 0 0 378974823 2 378974823 3 1570613800:[Visionary Worked Dragonhide Arm Wraps]\/a
    \aITEM 1868797005 -462983223 1 5 1043034459 0 4 5 0 1 1 "" 9 6 57 1 "" 10 6 59 1 "" 11 6 62 1 "" 0 0 -2022740579 2 -2022740579 3 -239853315:[Visionary Woven Drake Tooth Gorget]\/a

    This reduced my stats listed on my character sheet to:
    339.7 CB (including base)
    216.8 POT
    Devastation Fist hit for 55998228 Focus Damage
    Dividing out my CB and POT gives a base of 4020061.026 damage.

    Equipping these items increases my stats to (as listed on my character sheet):
    362.5 CB
    262.4 POT
    With these stats I would expect Devastation Fist to hit for 67380242.86 damage

    If these items gave their correct stats I would expect my stats to be:
    363.9 CB
    266.4 POT
    I would expect Devastation Fist to hit for 68330167.2 damage

    After equipping my two pieces I hit the dummy with Devastation Fist twice and recorded these values:

    These recorded values appear to agree with the values listed on my character sheet. This would indicate that Refining + Experimenting is not working correctly.
  7. Mysstie Active Member

    I am seeing the same issues with my Refined Gear as well. For example, with my Cloak, while it shows the Refined Values in the examine window, it is only adding the non-refined values to my Crit Chance, Potency Totals and so on. I /bugged it in game.


    I noticed it when my totals weren't matching the values in my saved signature below.
  8. Drax Member

    Just to emphasize the point, I can confirm that the same issues are affecting Visionary Barbute of the Draconic Defender and Visionary Shrunken Wyvern Stinger Earring.

    Looks like a game wide issue rather than a problem that is restricted to specific items and, therefore, really deserves an urgent fix given the (apparently) huge scale of the problem.

  9. slippery Well-Known Member

    I have a cloak that is just experimented on (was made prior to xpac) and it adds stats correctly (at least to persona window) so it must be isolated to refining.
  10. Doxi New Member

  11. Drax Member

    I had hoped that a red name might have commented ("known issue, working on it" kind of thing) but nothing so far and I can confirm that the issue remains unresolved.

    I have submitted a /bug report and so, hopefully, the problem will be addressed in a forthcoming patch.
  12. Cruelshot New Member

    I think its something with a patch last week because mine were giving correct stats refined and experimented then one day i come in and my CB was 5% lower didnt realize what it was till seeing this forum
  13. Gaealiege Active Member

    Good old Sony. Breaks something 100% unrelated to their fixes then ignores all feedback regarding the broken content.
  14. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Looking at that screenshot it looks like refining is broken, yeah.
  15. Ishidaa New Member

    Yup, the refined bonuses aren't taking effect.
  16. Drax Member

    Disappointing that there isn't any official acknowledgement that the problem even exists, let alone some assurance that a fix is somewhere in the pipeline.
  17. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    We can just keep bumping it with Refining is broken.
  18. Terrogaunt Developer

    This is a bug that I recently fixed, actually.
    It should be on Live now. If not, give it another patch cycle.
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  19. Zahk New Member

    Seems to be fixed on Live now, at least for the items I have equipped. Thanks!
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  20. Drax Member

    Thank you Terrogaunt :).

    The various items I have equipped all seem to be working correctly.

    Your update is appreciated!

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