Recuso Specialized Reconnaissance Helmet stats are now wrong

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Daryx, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Daryx Well-Known Member

    Category: Mechanics
    SubCategory: Items
    Severity: Affects gameplay
    Frequency: Always Happens

    Zone: Searrach's Estate
    Location: 26.47, 15.61, 254.14
    Character: Level 120 Conjuror

    Summary: Reconnaissance Helmet stats are now wrong
    Description: Recuso Specialized Reconnaissance Helmet had 35 to all harvesting skills when it came out back in February. I just noticed it now only has 35 to GATHERING. What happened???
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  2. Gninja Developer

    Just looked up the history on the item and the stats were moved from the item to a worn effect. It had only gathering and Shadow prospecting skills before and still has the same ones after it was moved.
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  3. Gninja Developer

    After further review, it looks like the system adds the rest of the skills when one of the skills are added to items but not to spells which accounts for the loss of skills. I will pass it along and make sure it was intended.
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  4. Jinksie Active Member

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