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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Dexella, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    Hey Everyone!

    As you may have seen, yesterday we announced the start of our new SOE Recruit Rewards program. EverQuest, EverQuest II, and PlanetSide 2 are currently live, and DC Universe Online is coming soon. This program is currently in Beta, but you should be aware that all Rewards that you earn from the date of launch are valid and will not be ‘wiped’ or removed as we move out of Beta phase.

    Leave your feedback about Recruit Rewards here! Please keep in mind that this is an SOE program, not a game specific program, but you are welcome to leave feedback about the EverQuest II-specific features or about the program in general. :)

  2. Dexella Associate Producer

  3. ozzyfudd New Member

    You specify that one must have a Station Account to get rewards. I don't, and yet I'm being urged to recommend friends so I can participate. Confusing. Sounds like I should just ignore the promo.
  4. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    Either you have a Station account or a Pro7Sat.1 account. When you click on the link above, it will take you to the Recruit a Friend page. There will be a link there that takes you to a log in page. There will be a link at the top of that page that allows ProSiebenSat.1 account holders to log in.
  5. Dexella Associate Producer

    A Station Account just means the account you use to log into game. :) By "in good standing," it means your account cannot be banned or suspended.
  6. Dexella Associate Producer

    Ah, Rotherian beat me to it, and with a bit more detail! :) Thanks, Rotherian!
  7. Talathionwins Active Member

    Completely worthless compared to what it was, only a few people will use this service because it really does not matter much. Compared to the old RAF where hundreds of thousands of new accounts joined so they could quickly get into the action.

    It is nice that it has a house item, but I would rather crafters get rewarded with something for winning decoration rewards, not on RAF. To be honest I would probably use it again if you brought back the 300% exp bonus.

    Most EQ/EQ2 players really don't care about achievements, we are not RIFT/WOW/WS players.

    This is my feedback, however negative it is sadly probably true.
  8. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    Since none of my many (many, many, many) toons are named Nostradamus (or even Sumadartson for that matter - although that wouldn't be a bad name for a wizard, and it doesn't exist according to EQ2U*), I will refrain from making predictions, and just state that time will ultimately tell if this program is successful or not.

    * Although I haven't checked it by going through the friends list and putting <server_name>.Sumadartson ;).
  9. Samatus New Member

    Across multiple SOE game communities a lot of people including myself are not happy about the way in which this is being done. Here is what is wrong with the current state of the program and what you can do to fix it.

    1. The program came too late. Systems like this should be implemented at a games launch because that's when the people who have been around since the beginning were telling their friends about it. Because of this the veterans who have recruited people early on feel like they are being ripped off. This problem is tricky since its really impossible to know for sure how many people were recruited by who. A solution to this is to give veterans some of the recruitment rewards as gifts for being loyal players and as an apology present to compensate for whatever they may have missed out on. This is defiantly the hardest problem to solve and unfortunately there may not be a perfect solution to it at this point.

    2. The bar for someone counting as a recruit is set WAY too high. Its hard enough to get players to play a game, and even harder to get them to spend money on it. In order to get 25 players to spend $10 ($250 total) you would need to get 150 - 200+ players into the game due to the fact that many will simply lose interest. Unless you are a Youtube star with a huge following this is downright impossible and discourages players from even attempting to tell others about the game. Two things need to change here, first off the highest recruit level should be dropped to ten. If a single player can get ten people heavily invested in a game, that is amazing, because remember, those ten people will tell their friends as well.
    But the biggest change that needs to happen here is that this system should place value on player time investment, not just money invested. Make it so players count as recruits when they reach a certain (not unreasonable) level. This is a fantastic mechanic because it encourages players to spend time leveling up, going through the game with their recruits. This is ultimately something that will lead to a much higher rate of players sticking with the game (and one day spending money) because they will enter the game world with a friend who has incentive to show him the ropes. It turns recruiters into trainers as well. I love showing new people around game worlds which I have made my home, and if I could get rewarded for doing so, that would be fantastic.

    3. The exclusive items that players wanted are being offered as recruit rewards, making them impossible for many to ever obtain. This is what is causing the most rage among SOE game playing communities. Because I am most familiar with the situation in Planetside 2 I will be using that as an example here. There are several items exclusive to the recruitment system that people really wanted to get their hands on such as the long awaited crystallize black camo and the foreman helmet. There are a lot of ugly camos and cosmetic upgrades in the game that no one cares about but for some reason some of the items people were most eager to get their hands on were chosen to be locked away within this recruitment system. This should not be the case. I understand the need to award players with exclusive items but it cannot be done in this way. The exclusive decals were a good idea, no one is going to get upset about those. For exclusive items maybe have a alternate version of something else such as the gold pistol that was given to players who did the Facebook app or a new type of flare gun, that type of thing. Currently this is a major annoyance to players because they feel they are being forced into doing something they can't even do in order to get what they want. Put the reward items in the shop, they will sell and your fans will be happy.

    Although this system has some serious flaws at the moment I am still very happy to see its implementation. With some revision this could be a wonderful thing for the players of these games, new and old.
  10. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    1. Your premise (the program being offered too late in the life of the game) doesn't support your conclusion (that veterans should receive recruitment rewards as a loyalty gift). Additionally, that premise is merely your opinion, and while you are entitled to it, others (such as myself) are entitled to disagree with it (and I do).

    2. Your mileage may vary, but if you are willing to put forth the effort, you could probably convince at least 25 people to spend $10 on this game. If not, maybe you could go purchase 25 $10 game cards and make 25 free accounts, then voila! - you would have the highest reward without having to talk to another person*. ;) As for the other part, there are already in-game rewards for time investment - they're called levels, AA, currency, and gear. :D

    3. If the rewards are easy to obtain, then they aren't very exclusive items, are they? If people want the items, they will do what it takes to obtain them. If they don't want to do what it takes to obtain them - then apparently their desire for the items isn't as great as the distaste for the means to gain those items. o_O

    tl;dr - SOE has given an inch, but apparently you want the whole gorram mile.
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  11. Salty21db Active Member

    1. Released right before EQN information. Most likely going to be an RAF for EQN and it being station wide they focused on their most popular games otherwise.

    2. People spend $15 a month on subscriptions...a one time $10 fee lol. People need to get better jobs then.

    3. I like your "impossible for many to ever obtain." Sought after items in a RAF program /gasp.

    Haven't been on here in awhile, but yeah I believe this to be released at this time for EQN release.
  12. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    I'm confused about the website to directs you to. It offers me a custom link that can be copied and posted to social networks and such. But, how does it get linked to me? At the time I was visiting the page, I hadn't logged in or given it any information other then I wanted it to be related to eq2?
    Also, you're only allowed to send invites to 20 people. Since the highest rank is 25, shouldn't the limit be raised to 25?
  13. Irish Active Member

    Mystfit the code from the link and make sure its from the link and not the sharing of your joining or sharing of hitting tiers, has a id that links to your station account. The same with the email they recieve the link has a id that matches to your account. The sharing of recruiter levels dont have the id though, even though I believe they should. Also you can send more than 20, once someone becomes a full recruit ; they no longer count against the 20. The only problem I have with the program right now is if you play all the games;you can only claim the rank rewards once for one game, I see no way to earn the rank rewards for the other games. So be very careful to make sure you are claiming that ranks reward for the game you want it on. Also only made delegate rank but the delegate rank rewards are one per character. If they fixed it so those of us who play multiple games could earn the rank rewards for each game we play, would be a better implementation.Hopefully any added features will be retroactive.
  14. Caela Well-Known Member

    I looked at the top, and I was automatically logged in. I've found that SOE's websites are very inconsistent. Some keep you logged in across sessions and some will log you out after just a few minutes. Seems no rhyme or reason to it.

    Also - you are allowed 20 "open invites" at a time. That means once someone accepts the invite, you can invite another person. I haven't tried it, but I would imagine (my opinion only) that you can go in and cancel and invite if you know one of them is not going to accept - which would free up invites as well.
  15. Canlocu New Member

    I invited a friend to play, he started a toon and I thought I seen that you get an XP boost. I do not see any difference in him just being some random player. I am I confused with the old program? If so bring back the true mentoring the old program had. Most friends want to get to your lvl and start playing/raiding with ya as soon as possible.

    Getting the Recruiter's Call at 15 peeps is a long time to have your other 14 buds waiting around or running to your location. >.> I liked the old programs summon spell.

    As stated before the 20 peep limit makes the 25 invite impossible, needs fixed.

    I also would suggest that some of the items from the rewards can be claimed on each toon. Anyone that has been playing from launch has a grip of toons and some of the items (Like the mount/pet dragon) would be fun or very helpful. I say this because on my main toon I have got all the items I would want, got a theme going and some of those items would be better for my other toons.

    Other than that, it is good to see your promoting ways for people to get into the game. Server populations have dropped and we can use more players for grouping with.
  16. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    Has he spent at least $10 on the game yet? If not, that is probably why you haven't seen a difference - the player isn't considered a recruit until they have spent a minimum of $10*. If so, contact customer support.

    * Of course, this could be a $10 game card or $10 in SC from the Marketplace. Whatever. Just as long as it is $10 going to SOE.
  17. Oldtimer Active Member

    This is just a spurious money grab. SOE know full well that there are a few players that will Recruit themselves on silver accounts however many times it takes to get whatever reward they want.

    It would have been far FAR better to have rewarded the recruit and recruiter when the recruit reached level 95 say. But of course, there would need to be a way to stop someone doing this from the same IP, or you would be faced with players making silver, grinding 90, and profiting.
  18. Lygerr Active Member

    the rewards are still too weak for most people to want to bother with the program, if you want better results put up a board for people to choose their own purchasable rewards instead of giving people a house trophy which most do not really care about anyways and some other random fluff. in that table of purchasable rewards you could possibly add in tokens for 1 month subscriptions... and why would you add the 1 decent item to the unnatainable level of 25 recruits with the 'call a friend' clicky? that should be one of the easiest to get items...

    i understand not wanting to make the rewards too great but currently they just, well, suck.
  19. Deago Well-Known Member

    Lucan or Mistmoore merc (ultra sk) for 25 recruits?

    Just saying...:cool:
  20. Feara Well-Known Member

    Love the Recruiter's Summons reward.