Reconsider the TSO Mission Quest

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Atan, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. Atan Well-Known Member

    First off, me personally, I like that the quest requires doing some of the hardest content. So I personally like the challenge to do guk3.


    This is causing an issue with your player base. Where the RoK mission quest motivated players to log in every day and do the mission (and generally I saw them active doing other stuff as well), the TSO mission quest is motivating people to not log in and/or simply quit playing.

    Many players are having issue with this new mission for one of two reasons (or both):
    1) Time commitment to do all the dungeons needed is long (3-6 hours depending on the players and groups) and the mission times out in 48 hours, so you have to be able to squeeze in the play time AND find groups capable of doing it before the quest simply times out on you.

    2) Challenge level of the content is beyond most players and/or PUGs. Guk3 script in particular is too hard for average players and many PUGs to execute.

    While I like the challenge and fight, I don't represent the average player on FG TLE, my opinion at best represents the top 100 players (if that). I can easily see just watching in my own guild (which again Momentum doesn't reflect the average player skill level/experience), that many people simply are choosing not to play verses logging in for this daily. This is the exact opposite effect that the previous RoK mission series had.

    Recommendation: Remove Guk3 from the mission set and change Najena's Hollow Tower to either Tombs of the Forsaken or Ravenscale Repository (and/or change reset timer on NHT off of 18 hours). Reasoning here is the overall time commitment needs to be less, the challenge needs to be less, and we shouldn't gate people from helping others accomplish it due to an 18 hour zone timer. I think with these changes we will see the majority players logging in and doing the missions verses not logging in and choosing to quit playing cause its no longer 'fun'.


    While a very small subset of us like the challenge level, your carrot here is actually driving people away from your game instead of to it. I'd prefer it changed for the overall health of the population as if you keep things this way, I'll soon not have enough people to play with.

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  2. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I would ask only two zones that would rotate, i would not exclude Guk3 (or Guk 2 since without blocker the avg group will have issue with the warping cheating ghost frog -- remind that i should recover a green book and carry jerome around fens of nathar to learn Froak --),

    But I would rotate, so from time to time we will get Guk 2 or Guk3.

    Ideally the mission should not take more than 90 mn.

    From ACT, a Super fast group can clear Najena, Crucible in around 25mn and i got DF under 8mn.

    But some other may be much longer and you also have to include travel time, group build up.

    So i would go for 2 ranfom instances + may be a fast one (DF, NHT).

    For me the real problem is not Guk3 , Sigfrida explained the fight on Wiki and between Tunare watch, Tortoise shell, Myth stoneskin and rebirth my warden is probably just the best healer to bring there. I m quite sure even Pug can do it once the fight is better known.

    But sorry i won t run 4 instances for 2 coins, even during RoK i only did speed-hunter run during currency time 2 events.
  3. Khun New Member

    This is a legitimate concern. Between this, and wizards getting shafted at every turn, I'm considering quitting myself.
  4. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I'm just gonna not do it until we get 8 coins per day, then I'll do it the three more times I have to sit through the quest to get my necklace.

    The cloak is crap.

    The neck is decent, but not worth making yourself log in to make yourself do it, especially when it's only a hair better than choker.

    Not to mention no one but t1's and I guess really dedicated utility really cares about this item. There is no useful stats on it for tanks, or healers. Sans the reuse I supposed, but you can get reuse from other necklaces as well.
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  5. Hydraulics Member

    I personally enjoy the challenge of guk3 but agree that it is the reason many have decided not to participate in the event this time around. Once the first round or two of players get the neck I imagine groups will be even more scarce for the hunter mission. I would like to see the zones rotate for variety. There are twenty heroics available and running the same four is becoming tedious.

    The lockout for najena is also frustrating. If you are not careful when you set that lockout you end up having to run the zone in the middle of the night or early in the morning which isn’t always a feasible option.
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  6. Greene Active Member

    I've done the new quest one whole time, so it's safe to say I'm not really interested in either item.

    But beyond the not taking health from you, what makes the new necklace better than Choker 1.0? The old one is a straight 25% damage increase. New one has better potency and crit if you arent capped, but is only 10%. Am I missing something?

    I almost always have group intercept up so maybe I'm discounting the downside too much.
  7. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Umm, the bonus crit chance allows you to wear the new TSO left side, which nets you a overall increase to potency. Plus you factor in the reuse going into confront fear, you add a 2.2% potency increase plus the 17 you get (10 from effect, 7 from the potency on necklace), (19 including confront fear) the bonus ab mod/intelligence accounts for like a few potency as well. Bonus stamina, being able to wear a new tier adornment... the list goes on.

    As I said, it's barely better. The total potency difference from just keeping the RoK set and choker vs the bonus potency from wearing the TSO set/new neck is very minimal, less than 10%. However you do get more stamina which always helps.

    Plus the damage from the necklace is just annoying. I'm not sure how much you've cleared this xpac, but choker is really bad on a lot of fights, not that I haven't killed everything but zarrakon with it on but, it's just annoying.
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  8. splatterpunk28 Well-Known Member

    Guk3 every day + Najena's lock out timer is just an absurd combination. And, I agree, I know several people who refuse to do the fight and the quest because of the time commitment of these zones and overall ridiculousness of the Guk3 boss.

    And, sadly, the only groups I see going at this time are for this quest and the daily double. People are bored, but not bored enough to do those zones 15 times for one item.
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  9. kozmic New Member

    I think the zones are fine minus guk for a pick up group. I like the idea of rotating zones personally.
  10. Atan Well-Known Member

    I'm done bothering with this mission set. Today is the 3rd time the quest has timed out on me. And if my play time isn't sufficient to get the mission done, I'm not sure who your target audience is.