Recommended type of merc for Shadowknight while soloing et. al.

Discussion in 'Shadowknight' started by ARCHIVED-sirmorte, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-sirmorte Guest

    If you have tried various merc or are happy with your merc, which type of mercenary would you recommend to
    go along with a shadowknight for soloing and what is best for grouping: a dps type such as assassin, or a healing merc or even a bard type that does all kinds of things?
    Also, would you recommend a merc at all soloing considering the experience drain?
  2. ARCHIVED-Silzin Guest

    admittedly I don’t have a shadow night, but I still may be able to help. Since you have some healing to yourself the Inq would probably be the best healer if you need a healer, since he probably has the best dps of the healer merc's. I also like the Necro since they do amazing dps and also give Mana candy.
  3. ARCHIVED-Thor71457 Guest

    I use an Inny and find that works out very well for my SK
  4. ARCHIVED-sirmorte Guest

    Thor71457, Is an Inny the same as an Inquisitioner?
  5. ARCHIVED-Sir Darrack Guest

    I pretty much solo all the time and have average gear compared to raiders and those in SS armor but i can easily do POH (first 4 sub bosses) / PR etc with a healer merc which nets 150pp + (just remember to dismiss the merc prior to looting the chests).
    The Rat Inquisiter is possibly the best or the Dwarf if you want to sneak into Qeynos.
    Im currently using the elf warden from Kelethin who does the job but its purely for something pretty to look at!
    hope this helps.
  6. ARCHIVED-Sir Darrack Guest

    sorry missed the bit about exp drain.
    Until mercs came out i never really bothered with alts as i got bored! Mercs will eat into your exp at lower levels but at 30+ you can grind AA and once your quests start turning yellow (and mobs harder) a merc can keep things moving along without you getting frustrated.
    I found when levelling years back that you had to sometimes leave quests unfinished in a zone and pop back at a later date, now i find with a merc pretty much everyting can be thrashed out before you move on to the next area.
    Also in areas like Steamfont where those pesky Gnomes send you off to Klak you can get those dungeon quests cleared up for decent equipment and yet more AA with a healer merc.
    Happy hunting.
  7. ARCHIVED-Thor71457 Guest

    sirmorte wrote:
    Yes : )

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