Recipes need pattern drops that do not drop

Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Suedoenimm, Jun 18, 2022.

  1. Suedoenimm New Member

    I have a bunch of mount gear recipes for which the patterns seem overly rare. (practically unattainable?) Examples include: Pattern: Vacrul Breeching of Extended Fervor, Pattern: Vacrul Saddle of Fervor, Pattern: Vacrul Hackamore of Doublestrike, Pattern: Vacrul Shoes of Fervor, Pattern: Karuupa Barding of the Potent, etc.

    I don't expect that I should have all of the really good ones for every mount slot but, I have not seen them drop for anyone. It seems a waste to have recipes for so many items that will never have a chance to be made in an expac. Maybe if they are intended to be that rare, just drop the finished items and don't bother with recipes for them?
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  2. ayssiryqw123 New Member

    collecting paper, scrolls and schematics are going to be the main way you get your research done. Don't try to rely on random drops to progress. You can also clan up with a friend who has the research done already and then permanently learn it for yourself. Don't have to stay in the clan afterwards either, you just keep all the research.

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  3. Manafizzle Active Member

    I have wondered about this, too. These recipe books are 'rare and special' but the patterns are almost nonexistent. I've raided the whole time the expac has been out and I've seen a total of two vacrul patterns in raid chests...and one of them was a tradeskill one that nobody wanted. Definitely seems off.
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