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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Moorgard, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-TrueLove Guest

    Well you SOE guy's can do whatever you wish with your game, yes...

    ...But WoW seems more and more attracting to me, Blizzard don't lie so much to customers as SOE does (SWG, EQ1, EQ2). Read what you wrote up on main page about berserker. And Reducing damage below monk damage now is a harsh... Monks do funny damage and i don't want to do damage lower then that. I reached lvl 50 berserker and now i hear what it will be useless and playstyle Greatly changed ???!!! Let us Rechoose Class then. I expected heavy damage and ability to wear heavy armor (not to be better tank then Guardian as it now).

    Cheaper cost of changes wont make it more attractive to customer's.

    Antonia Bayle
    Berserker 50 lvl.
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  2. ARCHIVED-Lutok Guest

    This post needs to be sticked, to inform new customers of the new definition. Although it wouldnt surprise me that the majority of them dont read the forums. Hopefully they will have the insight and crystal ball that all the guardian wannabies seem to have.
  3. ARCHIVED-sceptre155 Guest

    Don't forget the fact that we are only talking about lvls 22-28 ish.
    Above and beyond the 30's we are still a viable class.


    For now........
  4. ARCHIVED-Gilgamel Guest

    For the love of god, shut your whiny yaps. This is a class that is the second best tank in the game, and also is #2 on the damage list behind brawlers. And you have a 300 page thread whining about how crappy you are. Let me explain to you how I see it as an assassin. My class is outdamaged by yours by a large margin. Aside from your damage, you bring the ability to tank(yes, you tank just fine even if you don't seem to grasp that), group buffs, and good taunting ability. I bring 1 thing. Damage. I have no group buffs, no utility spells, and I have no role other than making things die. At the moment, zerkers are still far better at that than I am, even though that is the only role of my class. Then to top it all off, I come here and you guys are whining like someone stole your favorite blanky. There's a serious problem at the moment, ALL fighters are outdamaging scouts and mages. And you still have the balls to moan about how awful your class is and how SOE is the devil. Get a grip.

  5. ARCHIVED-Trumluk Guest

    Look I can ressurect posts that haven't seen action in over two weeks too! Look Gilg. Don't know you, don't care. The scab is in place, don't go pickin at it. Okay?
  6. ARCHIVED-Mielx Guest

    I am 42 zeker. I am pretty ok with my char. right now.

    Only issus is, I am very hard to hold aggo from Monk, or any scout.

    If our damage have to be nerf , please consider how the "Taunt" things work.

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