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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Moorgard, Jan 10, 2005.

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    There have been many posts lately about recent changes to the berserker class. I thought I would talk a bit about the reasons for these changes and the goal for balancing going forward.

    Before the update on January 6, berserkers could outdamage most other classes--usually by a considerable margin. This not only unbalanced the fighter archetype, but the relative power of the other archetypes as well. This required that several berserker abilities be adjusted. While no class likes to have their damage output reduced, change was needed for the health of the game.

    In terms of damage output, berserkers are intended to fall behind bruisers and monks. Berserkers should do a bit more damage than a guardian, since they do not tank quite as well as the guardian.

    We are in the process of evaluating the damage output of all professions to see if they perform as we want them to. We will make further changes to the overall potency of spells and arts in order to achieve our desired results.

    Regardless of how we balance the classes, there will be some people who don't agree with our decisions. A lot of the distinctions in class balance are subtle ones, prone to emotional interpretation--especially when players make such an personal investment in their characters. While balance will be one of the gameplay elements we focus on over the next couple weeks, it will also be an ongoing process.

    In the wake of these changes you may not believe this, but we want berserkers to enjoy their characters and their role in the game. I hope that you can understand why changes like this happen, even if you personally don't agree with them. I regret that we didn't provide more warning that these changes were coming, especially when they affected so many players.
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    Well that's that then...
  3. ARCHIVED-Thundrox Guest

    Well, I hope that means we get some actual balancing done rather than another kick to the nuts. Watching some of these other classes, that are meant to outdamage us, out tank us as well is rather disappointing. Also, if our damage output is supposed to only be a bit more than guardians, can we have our defense boosted to match that drop in offense? Because right now our defense is substantially less rather than just a bit less.
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    You guys are lucky ..I've never seen a dev post on the illusionst boards ..hehe
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    Does this mean that all future nerfs will be laid out clearly for the targeted classes? If so, will the berserkers be given the opportunity to re-select their training abilities? These training abilities came in the same patch as the class changes, and with no warning many berserkers are regretting their picks. If future nerfs get warning then berserkers should get some compensation. If future nerfs will not be forewarned than this post serves no purpose other than to say that the Sony customers who got upset are being "emotional".

    Also, if it is a balance issue, why wasn't the test server used properly to check these things first? Will it be used in the future?

    Back in their world again,
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    Thanks for the info Moorguard,

    Think ya'll might wanna change the 'Zerker description then...

    "Berserkers are among the most dangerous warriors, inflicting heavy damage on their foes with their chaotic fighting style." (From "Welcome to the Bezerker Class Page")

    Personally, I'd suggest "some damage" or maybe "a great deal of damage in 10 second spurts, occasionally."

    - chagas
    24 Zerker Everfrost
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    Sorry Moorgard, but can you explain how the main website describes Berserkers:
    Beserkers are chaotic warriors who inflict heavy damage with all manner of weapons. Their furious attacks overwhelm their opponents, to whom they show no mercy.
    I ask this simply because what you have stated does not coincide with what you are advertising Berserkers to be. I think in fairness, information regarding changes to a class is PRIORITY to your customers.
  9. ARCHIVED-Davos Flare Guest

    Very saddening.

    Glad I saw this complete and utter screw up coming and jumped classes weeks ago :\

    You'd think if Guardians got 25% more damage mitigation that berserkers would do 25% more damage then them...

    Heres how to truely fix the class:

    Make it so they can go into berserk mode much much MUCH more.
    Then make it so berserk isnt a 35% haste. Make it 20% or so. Or whatever amount more of mitigation guardians get over berserkers.
    And declassify going berserk as a self buff. This allows other fighters to still MT over berserkers which was the ONLY complaint I ever saw about berserkers.

    Bam. Fixed. Guardians are happy. Berserkers are happy. Devs are happy. Everyones is happy. Things are balanced.
  10. ARCHIVED-bathory610 Guest

    we still out damage most class post 40 which means they not done "fixing" us sad times a comin
  11. ARCHIVED-Tataline Guest

    /nod, that's what I would expect too. My guess is that the "intent" is for guardians to tank 5-10% better and zerkers to do 5-10% more damage but by and large be fairly equal. I realize that isn't the case now though, but I think that was the origional goal.
  12. ARCHIVED-BraveBulgo Guest

    Err... then why do you folks call them 'Berserkers?'
  13. ARCHIVED-Odissius Guest

    Well thanks for wasting everyone's time who made a berserker.

    We now have very crappy damage and now no one wants us in their group as we are useless now.

    This game is obviously still in BETA!
  14. ARCHIVED-Diaboliq Guest

    Let me translate that from SOEshan to english: "reroll or quit".

    The fact is, our damage output is no where near in line with the defensive ability of a guardian now, might as well merge them into one path or let the zerker die... im glad i wasted 30 levels. It's going to be a lot easier to leave this game for the next 'big one' when the time comes...
  15. ARCHIVED-Animox Guest

    Moorguard wrote: "In terms of damage output, berserkers are intended to fall behind bruisers and monks. Berserkers should do a bit more damage than a guardian, since they do not tank quite as well as the guardian."

    I thought and we have had it forced down our throats by the devs that ALL FIGHTER ARCHETYPES TANK EQUALLY WELL.
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  17. ARCHIVED-vaalenko Guest

    Considering that most gaurdian defensive abilities don't work and most their guard spells and taunts are very weak/broken, i have no idea where the whining about guardian 'uber defensive abilities' comes from. :smileyhappy:
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  18. ARCHIVED-Davos Flare Guest

    Then fix them ALSO

    Isn't that a great idea
  19. ARCHIVED-Faded One Guest

    What exactly is our purpose in this game then? If we are not a DPS class what value do we bring? I would really like to here the SOE definition to what a Berzerker is. Are we a Guardian with 2% more DPS? What exactly are we. I thought we were a DPS class based on the description, but again thats the problem with words. They are left open to interpretation.
    Please at least tell us what we are supposed to do in this game, what are our skills, what are our pluses and minues so we know whether to re-roll now or not. Allow us that small dignity.
    Many of us have invested many, many hours of game play on a character we gre to enjoy. Now in one swift move we have lost what we have once known. I understand balance, but it seems 9 times out of 10 balance equals nerf after nerf after nerf without any communication on what lies ahead to ALL classes and where the developers are taking us.
    If we are to be meat shields with a slightly higher DPS then at least tell us that in plain english. IMO Berzerker does not sound like a meat shield to me. It sounds like a scary, weapon weilding mad man/woman. Not a pansy that takes damage for the better of his group. That person is the Guardian, savior if you will. We are warriors I thought :smileysad:
  20. ARCHIVED-Faeye Guest

    I would say Zerkers are a tank, like Guardians. Guardians get targeted, short term defensive buffs for their group. Berzerkers get offensive buffs for the group. In fact, berzerkers have the same mitigation, armor class, and nearly as much Hit points.
    That's the way I read it, considering it was in the "Warrior" Class tree.

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