Rebate Sale: Today Only! (1/1/13)

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    Happy New Year, Norrathians!

    Swing by the marketplace today to enjoy a rebate sale! Get up to 50% back on selected items TODAY ONLY! The sale ends at 11:59 pm PST.

    Here's to many great adventures in 2013! :)
  2. Kaito Member

    Hmm, some [Services] Category Items are not under Rebate.............:(
    Additional Character Slot etc.........
  3. Vifarc New Member

    I received the advert mail, then log (some hours ago) and see nothing about: when will it begin on Storms server?
  4. ShyMidnight Active Member

    Thanks very much for doing the rebate sale. I had a blast last night when I noticed it's arrival in the store. I noticed that some things weren't rebated, but ended up getting them anyway - such as a few more character slots and the new items like the icy prankster mount and oodles ofl those gumdrops and gingerbread men. I'm too embarrased to say how many of those I got, kept going till I got an icy pink gumdrop. Someone must have chewed my little gingerbreadmen plushie ears off since they won't stay where I put them! :p

    I also got a box from Legends of Norrath, and am wondering how to trade some of those items since I ended up with a few double items. I noticed that some Legends of Norrath stuff is on our auction house and I'm quite confused about how to get them there from in the Legends of N game.

    Anyway, Happy New Year everyone! If anyone can advise me on the trading of LoN item doubles, I'd appreciate it. Hoping I don't have to use the LoN site's trading system, it seems rather like a wall of text, and I'm not sure it's easy to compare what things might be worth.
  5. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    the email specifically states service are not included along with other exclusions

    *Offer excludes experience items, expansions, Krono, items with in-game currency cost, services, and items added in the past 30 days. And, offer ends at 11:59PM PST on 1/1/2013 so hurry!
  6. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    ...kind of like airline miles when you actually want to go somewhere :)
  7. Gigv Member

    Well my purchase of 2000 SC is not showing up in game now so no rebate item for me =(. It shows up on account online only.
  8. Ojawu New Member

    Items marked as Rebate not showing any rebate when you click to buy ie: the heritage armors
  9. Euronomous New Member

    So I suppose those of us on Antonia Bayle who were just about to make purchases before the server messed up aren't really missing any actual deals then
  10. Nightfang Member

    Unbelievable!!, been waiting ages for a sale, no advance warning, never got an email, and when I was logged on in morning there was no sale live on my server at that time ( been checking shop every single day for last two weeks ), then when I come to boards to check why servers have gone down today, I find I have missed sale, wish SoE were a bit better at passing out info :(
  11. Perditta New Member

    So the game is down? I thought it was just me that got kicked out!
  12. Karamak New Member

    Seriously? Yout gonna announce this on the day of the sale and not a few days warning. Lets do some buisness analysis here.

    1. You announce it the day of the sale.
    2. No warning or signs of this at all beforehand.
    3. Majority of people who play do not play every single day.
    4. When people find out they missed a rebate day, theyll be angry.
    5. Unhappy customers hold grudges, dont refer people, dont buy SC.
    6. The purpose of a sale such as this is to encourage buying of Station Cash
    7. A small amount of people would have taken advantage of the rebate sale because most people did not know about it.
    8. Why have a sale if only a small amount of die hards knew about it and used it, and the rest of the customer base that did not log in that day are going to be angry because they missed it?

    Hmmmm. You had a sale where small amount of people were able to take advantage of the rebate sale, and inspired anger in the rest of the customers who did not log into the game that day to find out. Sounds like the opposite of smart marketing to me. Little cash intake because the sale was not widely annouced and added angry customers because of missing a huge money savings event like this, who then hold grudges in the form of non-referals and stopping SC buying.

    Its as bad as not marketing on Steam to the 6 million PC users during the Holiday Sale when thier Steam Wallet is completly full of hundreds from gift cards on xmas that could have been used for buying tripple SC. Yet the expansion sat on steam for full price, There was no front page sale to shine a spotlight on EQ2 and no sale to announce tripple SC if for Steam Wallet purcheses of SC in game with thier steam wallets after xmas day. All that money just passed up on.

    Again, this is just another bad marketing decision we see time and time again with no real thought or direction behind it, The list of botched major sales is long and distinguished, with one of the biggest failures having been SC for subs and not forseeing the loss occured by it. How can these marketing people at SOE not be smarter then an average player of the game like me, and still get paid for it.
  13. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    If there's a holiday coming, assume there's a sale of some sort. You're guaranteed to see something on every major commercial or American holiday. Look for something around Valentine's Day, then around Easter.
  14. mouser Well-Known Member

    Fact: If everyone bought SC on triple cash days and only spent it during rebate events the FTP system would collapse.

    These events reward players who do log on every day for at least a bit to see what's going on. I'm not happy I spent some of my SC a few days before the event, but that's my own fault for not waiting till the holiday season was over. I am happy I didn't spend all of it beforehand, so I did manage to get some sweet deals and buy a few things I might otherwise not have gotten.

    If you want to be 'happy customer' to use your definition, take five minutes every day to check the forum for announcements - or just open the game launcher - they show the news there too.
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  15. Potenz New Member

    These are not facts, these are speculations.
    #3. You can't possible know what the majority of people do. You don't monitor login rates, or monitor people's homes. Listen, George Orwell, Big Brother isn't watching.
    #4. When YOU find you missed a rebate day, YOU get angry. There are more other types of emotions to be had here. Sad, bummed, elated and excited that your kids/spouse didn't ask you for money that day 'just because'. There are many other reactions to be had here. Try a different one. I, for one, was indifferent about the missed rebate day and it did not affect my feelings toward the people trying to make you happy every minute of every day.

    Devs, keep up the good work.
  16. Filly67 Well-Known Member

    Got an email about this ahead of time. Oh, read the forums. That's why it's posted.

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