Reaver, Bloodrage, & Kaladim: Flat heal values edition

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Repents, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Repents New Member

    So the original Reaver healed for 2.5% of caster's max health (2006, EoF launch), then it was subsequently nerfed to 2% in mid 2007. Then it was significantly buffed later to it's current state on live.

    Why is it now healing for a flat value of 105 on Kaladim? What does this mean for further expansions? This change makes no sense. At a minimum an AA line needs to be able to scale with future content, so a flat value is rather meaningless.

    Also bloodrage for berserkers???

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  2. Tobias Fünke Member

    yea of all the things that need to be fixed (but won't be), making SKs more OP should be at the top of the list.
  3. Kittik Well-Known Member

    I agree with Tobias. SK's could be completely forgotten for 5 years and will still be the more OP class in the game.
  4. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I don't particularly find SK's good at really anything at the moment.

    The dps they put out is decent sure but it's not significantly higher than a monk, and they can't outparse berzerker's at the moment.

    In terms of survivability they're absolutely trounced by Monk/Zerker/Paladin/Guardian. Which will only get worse next expansion when you remember Guardian gets even longer sphere, and Berzerker's get Adrenaline.

    Bloodletter is cool I guess but it's not a super great button as it still suffers from the same issues it did back in 2008.

    I also question where can I really put an SK at the moment and find them useful?

    I run two mage groups, Necro/Wizard/Warlock/Illy/Troub/Fury.

    Both groups sit as above, I now have to remove one of them to run an SK in their place. Which simply will not happen, offtank wise I have to run a brawler due to the avoidance cheese and also Mantis Star. I would even run a Zerker MT over an SK MT as a zerker can just swap to dual wield on nearly everything and outparse an SK due to the melee setup MT group's favor, and take less damage than a SK.

    I suppose heroic content they're pretty good, but seeing as how I wouldn't even build a bot group with an SK at the moment, what's the point.
  5. Kalika Well-Known Member

    My SK is fun for heroic and unlike monk she don t have issues with agro ( i still switch target in the extended agro window but monks have to work harder).

    But sk is quite crap.

    Divine Aura last only 10 seconds, Tsunami last 30 seconds and tsunami works even if the hit is larger than 50% of your hp.. I duo obelix with fury/sk (alt tabbing) and the last named is a bit borderline, if i has 30 second immunity i would just burn it down with no need to heal.

    Currently SKS have no othrer temp than divine aura, devour vitae can grant you a complete heal but only if you have many target..

    Paladins are certainly better as MT due to Divine favor + Lay on hand. LoH is currently hitting for 25K + and since heals are low due to lack of ability mod, 25K is like 15 second of a healer HPS. The other paladin heals are probably not much better than various sk taps/wards but LoH and divine favor do make a difference.

    Guardian and Zerk temp are also certainly better.

    So if there was hard content SKs won' t be used in raid as MTs, but given the current difficulty they certainly can.

    In any case they are quite fun to play.

    BTW in raid one is likely to be a decent addition due to death march and the +5% raidwide spell damage.

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