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    Did you know healers heal and don't actually fight. When ag is brought to your sorcerers and tank cant get it back don't run a real healer draws ag with group high heal monsters cant resist and can tank it out till monster is vanquished. Start fresh no need to run in panic and regroup kill that sucker. Healer is a secondary tank if anything goes astray. If anyone dies besides a healer in a group the healer SUCKS. I need a guild and I am worth what little help I need but I give a bunch. I know each characters role and am glad to be the patch to stop a sinking ship. I have great schedule and am reliable. Want to have fun and play with great crew. Low level guys now 20ish most because been gone a while need a bit fine tuning but know my job.
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    What is this? I don't even....
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    This is the difference between good and bad healers. I am a good one one of the best from the past looking for guild havent played since PS2 but still have the tools. I was one of the best healers in the game back in the day. Need guild starting over.
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    The first post makes me sad but I can't even express why.

    Well... best of luck finding a good guild. It might help out if you specify things you're looking for: what server you play on/would like to play on, your day and/or time availability, stuff like that.
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    His phrasing is strange and it makes it hard to understand. Though as said please provide Server/Charactername some of us may be able to direct you towards a guild. Also in-game hit U to bring up the Looking for Guild window and you can see what guilds have recruiters on. Send one a tell asking about what the guild does and do be sure to state you are new/returning so they know that you most likely do not already know/have heard of their guild.