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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Deornwulf, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Deornwulf Guest

    Has anyone put together a guide to where reactants will drop by type? I know that the Colossal Reactants only drop in 2 places but I'd like to know where the others have been dropping, especially level 20 and 30.
  2. ARCHIVED-Elskidor Guest

    Fallen Gate, Stormhold, RoV and Kalidm for sure. Probably others, but have not personally ran them to see yet.
  3. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Deornwulf wrote:
    Click through each one and click on "Dropped by".
  4. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    feldon30 wrote:
  5. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    it still blows that the cella queen drops a level 80 reactant.
  6. ARCHIVED-Cyliena Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    While the dropped by lists are a good reference for where to hunt, aside from colossal there's a chance of reactants to drop from any exquisite chest in my experience.
  7. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Cyliena wrote:
    Recently one of my guildies passed a guy AFK killing in Velious. There was a fabled chest on the beach. She waited the remaining 2 minuites for the chest to unlock. There was a monumentous reactant inside. The guy was AFK killing solo mobs.
  8. ARCHIVED-hansomepete Guest

    All I know is I would want one, I have 4 momentous and I would be willing to give 100 or so plat as well.
    I have goten all my reacants from overland mobs and not hard ones either, A chest dropped doing the rygor quest for fanged crawlers. I was hoping it was a collosal but gave me a momentous. I still think it goes by tradeskill level if your not in a raid zone.
  9. ARCHIVED-Nrgy Guest

    Meirril wrote:
    That's Awesome ... I should ask first, was it a Summoner or some randon dud with a Merc or maybe a fatass Bot doing all the work?
    I have gotten a Lv70 reactant from drolvarg trash in Kylong Plains before.
  10. ARCHIVED-Hardain Guest

    CoLD MeTaL wrote:
    Why? You think soloable old stuff should drop them?
  11. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

    CM thinks that the PQ's should drop HM raid gear. He's more concerned with what he "can't" do than what he can.
  12. ARCHIVED-Nrgy Guest

    Banditman wrote:
    OMG .. I first read that as Crit Mit and though that was awesome, becasue I knew who you ment.
  13. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Nrgy wrote:
    Perty sure it was a necro.

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