Rangers: Word is you suck.

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-blitz, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-blitz Guest

    There is nothing new under the sun. is it true that rangers suck? I REALLY want to play a ranger, but I really don't want to suck. Help!
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  2. ARCHIVED-Kagara Guest

    Highest character on Mistmoore server (me) is a ranger. They do not suck.
  3. ARCHIVED-blitz Guest

    Cool...can you elaborate a little? I guess what I'm asking for is a description of your findings in the higher end game. I know they don't really get like a group camo, they can increase group runspeed, I've heard bow attacks are broken and don't really work, I know they don't do as much DPS wise at level 13 as Guardian does, but that could simply be a matter of low level similarity. What's the difference that you notice between your role and a fighters role? Is an assassin a superior creature than a Ranger?
    Did I mention that I really WANT to be a ranger? I just don't want to sink time into a character that won't be wanted at the high-end when the expansions come out.
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  4. ARCHIVED-Kagara Guest

    Rangers get ZERO group utility abilities. We are killers. We Hunt, We Kill, We Track. That's it.
  5. ARCHIVED-Trobon the Orange Guest

    Ok i'm getting tired of "Ranger's don't pwn therefor I'm going to go post that they suck" Can't you have put it a different way?

    We are not the ordinary class. We have a proud tradition behind us of Ranger's from everywhere. We have come from the Ranger's of Kithicor to teh RATGWNIWNU from Star Wars Galaxies. No matter where we are though we are different and people don't understand us.

    And that m'boy is the truth behind rangers
  6. ARCHIVED-Archanis Guest

    Rangers do NOT suck. They are different from Assassins -- yes, assassins get some group utility spells that rangers don't. Rangers are DPS, and we do our job well :)

    Put it this way, I got a lot of comments during beta when people saw the damage I did at times.

    Enjoy the class, enjoy the game, just don't compare your Ranger with other scouts -- if you compare one class with another class of the same archetype (and i'm not just talking scout) you'll always be disappointed, because there's always something out there you wish you had.

    In the grand scheme of things, Rangers are a blast to play :)
  7. ARCHIVED-Archanis Guest

    One thing you have to remember -- you need to upgrade your combat abilities whenever possible. Dont worry about it too much in the pre-teens and mid-teens, but once you get closer to the 20s, start concentrating on finding all adept1 or higher spell scrolls for your skills.

    Bow attacks aren't broken -- they do work. Believe me -- i'm really missing my Backshot and Hidden Shot right now :)
  8. ARCHIVED-Scilence Guest

    "Ok i'm getting tired of "Ranger's don't pwn therefor I'm going to go post that they suck" Can't you have put it a different way?"

    I agree. If you have to ask that question then maybe this class isn't for you.
  9. ARCHIVED-Cexia Guest

    "I know they don't do as much DPS wise at level 13 as Guardian does,"

    What kind of crack are you on. Look at the list of highest melee hits... Show me a non predator on that list.

    There is no BEST class. There will be no BEST class. SOE has finally taken a good step forward with rangers making them closer to true archers. If you enjoy this type of playstyle then Ranger may be the BEST class for YOU.

    If you dont like the way a Ranger is designed to be played... There is the door, watch your head on the way out.
  10. ARCHIVED-blitz Guest

    I phrased it the way I did to get a response, and it worked. Simma down now. I was a level 34 ranger in Everquest and usually play a ranger, my curiosity was about the dynamics of Everquest 2, not the nature of the class. I read several posts saying they were bad, clearly my post was not saying the same thing, but asking the question. You've all answered it. I WANT pure DPS. The problem in EQ was that we WEREN'T pure DPS. When my monk was 54 he outdamaged most 60 rangers. I see one thing hasn't changed -- Rangers are still universally touchy about their class image. There truly is nothing new under the sun. ;)
  11. ARCHIVED-SinCity Guest

    The whole Rangers suck thing comes from EQlive. Well, after 4.5 years or playing a Ranger in EQlive I will tell you... Rangers did not "suck". Like every class they went through stages of evolution. Some points of the evolution were better than others. Nobody save maybe the Beastlords could match a Ranger for sheer versatility. As far as EQII goes, I can't speak on it too much yet. I was not invited to beta and just started playing like the day before yesterday. From what I have been reading though it sounds like Scouts are going to have to be run by pretty skilled players to maximize their effectiveness. So if your Rangers “sucks,” it may not be the toon. It may be the driver.