Rangers...... We need some info/help.

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-BinderTwoshots, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-BinderTwoshots Guest

    Yea I know this will be moved or merged. I'm posting here for a more public viewing.
    Rangers are DPS. But only DPS because there's no other role we could be descibed as. We're not tanks, crowd control or utilityl.
    We are the lowest, lamest, least DPS.
    It costs us more to be the lowest, lamest, least DPS. (arrows)
    Fix this please!

    I'm a eq1 beta ranger, eq2 release ranger. (more then 10 years?) and I'm tired of it!!!!

    I'll probsably not quit if you continue to ignore this problem. But you will make a huge fan of your work, much much less of a fan.
    put us on a front burner for a while please.
  2. ARCHIVED-ranga Guest

    Yeah, what he said!
    It really is time :)
  3. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    I thought our utility was bad too but I actually went on to eq2.wikia.com and looked up wizards and warlocks, they have several magnitudes more utility than rangers lol. Hate transfer, power feeds, damage proc buffs, damage shields, resist buffs. I know they're not game changing but they are there. Obviously assassins have huge hate transfer, and the poison buff. I 'knew of' our utility being bad, but now I know its bad.

    Unique stuff we get is a non fighter hate siphon to our temp/swarm pet, and temp melee hit increase for the group. Hit rate being kind of a waste since I see rangers in 'caster' groups more than anything. Again the utility, the arrows, lots of downfalls we have would be understandable if we at least TIED with people on the top of DPS, but that's even close.
    I'm really not even mad anymore, was mad for a long time and I just can't sustain it. Now its just kind of fascinating to me that this has gone on so long, with interest of the gaming industry as a whole. Getting to the point where I would sign a confidentiality agreement and even quit the game if I could just know what they were REALLY thinking, just for the knowledge, just to know the logic, the line of thinking they used. Its amazing to me.
  4. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    Neiloch@Crushbone wrote
    This part. This is where I am now. It is quite the amazing sociology experiment about coorporation/customer interaction, or lack thereof. Now it is like watching a train wreck wondering when it is going to stop - how long will SOE push a whole entire class under the rug.
    It still amazes me that they released an entire expansion with 2 new stats prevelant on DPS gear (Yes I know they were in the game before SF but not on gear where all classes now had access to them) and left an entire DPS class out in the cold. And, somehow, thought it was going to be ok to do that.
  5. ARCHIVED-Coldel Guest

    This is the first time in a long while I've been to the SOE EQ2 ranger forum and I'm surprised at how many people are speaking out about how ****ed rangers and have been for quite a while. I wan an EQ1 Warrior and I remember how "useless" rangers were then, I am also EQ2 Release Ranger, since Nov 9th, 2004. I'd like to continue playing this game, and I completely agree, please fix rangers.

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