Rangers getting jack for updates

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-akaglty, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Hedah Guest

    Well of course I would like both. That would be incredible and truely put us on par with where we should be. But honestly I wont hold my breath for both.

    If I had to decide I would go with flurry every time.

  2. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    This isn't a class balance negotiation - this is getting them to fix outdated broken mechanics so that we stop being left behind in every single expansion that features enhancements based on those broken mechanics.
  3. ARCHIVED-Hedah Guest

    It's a pipe dream to think that we'll be given AE and Flurry auto-attacks. It just wont happen. I would love to think that the devs would see the ranger class as the red-headed stepchild that it is; being left behind in every expansion, while other scout classes and even mage classes quickly gain major advances in DPS.
    I honestly want to see both. But we both know it probably wont happen. I believe that the devs are just to scared to touch a class that has been plagued with bad mechanics and dreadful mis-management for so long and that changing them now would be admitting a wrong doing in the first place. Ignore the 900 pound gorilla in the room and it doesn't exist.
    Look at all the posts in this forum. Not a single reply. Not one, "We're working on it still, update soon" post from ANYONE. Look at the history of devs consistantly ignoring the ranger problem and tell me I'm wrong.
    Again let me reiterate that I'm not against both. I am for both. I'm just being realistic when looking at what our class has gone through in the past and what we've been left out on.
    I suppose it is possible that with the new SP we may get some well deserved attention but I have not seen any posts or quotes from him since his original interview over a month (2 months?) ago. But again I'm not going to hold my breath.
  4. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    Hedah wrote:
    That's been annoying me, and I glanced back through the dev tracker - no class is getting class balance information. None. They're getting updates on bugfixes to specifically broken abilities, but I think it's fallacious to assume that they're not reading these threads, or that we should be more realistic about our goals.
    A lack of input from the developers doesn't mean we're barking up the wrong tree. It just means they're unwilling to talk about class balance, so... No. With respect, I have no intention of pursuing anything less than full equality for our class.
  5. ARCHIVED-glowsinthedark Guest

    Sydares wrote:
    Hopefully by that you mean ascess to all the same mechanics (AE auto and Flurry) and also some sort of parity with sorcs and sins in regards to DPS/utility combo. I personally would have no problem becoming the AE predator as long as we become a true AE class and are able to sustain it in the way that warlocks and swashies do. The only thing that would be missing then is some utility that is of equal value to assassins hate transfer and we might actually become a wanted class. (personally I would rather just have a pure DPS advantage and say screw the utility, but as I don't see that ever happening, may as well ask for something that would give us the group desirability that we currently lack. As far as what that should be...)
  6. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    glowsinthedark wrote:
    Yes on all counts. We need access to the same mechanics, as well as a reason to put us in the groups that give us the most beneficial buffs. Currently, hate transfer scouts are able to get a spot in the MT group (usually containing a dirge and a coercer) with relatively no problem because of the added utility. We have no such utility to warrant similar group placement - this has always been one of the underlying concerns for Rangers and shouldn't come as an "either/or" in terms of DPS or Utility. Realistically, both need tweaking.
  7. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    Well....I just did the only thing that matters.

    I just cancelled my subscription on my main account with my ranger of 6+ years. Subscription runs out in 4 days. I can no longer justify giving Sony my money for a class with this many issues.

    My second account with my Mystic cancelled too and runs out on the 30th of this month. I will continue playing him for the next couple of weeks to see if I can tolerate the game until the next MMO comes out. Please hurry SW:TOR.

    If Sony doesn't respond in some way regarding the current state of the ranger and I don't enjoy playing the healer full time, then I'm done with this game.
  8. ARCHIVED-Noob1974 Guest

    Did you read smokejumpers post... theres NOTHING coming for rangers.....
  9. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Umm how did you read that as nothing coming for rangers? If that says there's nothing coming for rangers in that post there's nothing coming for anyone else.
  10. ARCHIVED-Ocello Guest

    Neiloch@Crushbone wrote:
    Um notice the classes that use that sword? Those are tanks. We have to sacrifice a shield to use it. Without a shield we are basically dead meat. You are DPS, and for that matter can even use a shield without losing DPS in theory (sorry itemization blows). Rangers with aoe auto and flurry can die a fiery death without some form of hate transfer, period.
  11. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    Really Ocello? Really?
    You want to tell me that there are NO tanks who ever run a raid without a shield. You gonna tell me I've never seen a Berserker, Paladin, or Shadowknight dual wielding on Ernax, or Sara, or Hraakat, or 20 other friggin raid mobs?
    Your comment was about as pointless as most of the rest of the people who post about rangers with no personal experience.
    Nothing you said changes the fact that 2handers now have HIGHER DPS and LOWER DELAY that are capable of AE auto attacking and flurry.
    Whether or not you choose to use them doesn't matter.
  12. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    On a raid only so many tanks can actually tank unless they arranged some sort of unnecessary tank rotation for single encounters that serve no real purpose. I know for a FACT tanks on my raids would be using those swords if they could and aren't the MT. On all trash and some of the easier fights for sure. MT would probably even use the 2hander on some select fights.
    I also know for a fact that I wouldn't take aggro doing more AE DPS and triggering flurries. I know this because if I decide to hold back on fights (screwing what ZW I could have) and unload on a AE fight I can get about 60k parse, and spike for 100k for a couple of seconds at the START where the tank has the least amount of aggro. And guess what? I didn't pull any mobs. Not a single one. Since doing that high DPS has been proven not to certainly take aggro, the only other alternative is thinking having these stats would push us WELL past a sustained 60k AE parse. This would not happen, not even close.
    The biggest gripe with AE Auto and flurry is that we are being excluded from these mechanics, not that it would 100% fix our class and they're just not giving it to us. We would need a look over bow itemization and combat arts IN ADDITION to ae auto and flurry to start approaching fixed rangers.
    The amount of ignorance you have shown here is amazing.
  13. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    Ocello wrote:
    Oh, look. A hotbar. The perfect place to put a tanking sword, a shield, and a 2H sword. Why, it's almost as if they were hotswappable in combat and if something unforeseen happened, you could equip a shield instantly.
    Any other insightfully misguided commentary to offer?
  14. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    HA! I take it back, tanks I know wouldn't use it in some select fights. They'd use it any time a mob isn't looking at them. Hell they'd prolly use it to TAKE aggro, then swap to the sword and board.
  15. ARCHIVED-BinderTwoshots Guest

    All the bull crap anyone posts can't compete with the psrse in every raid or group where the ranger lists last or just ahead of the healers. Rangers need to be fixed. It's just not fun anymore.
  16. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    That's the bottom line. Fact of the matter is if we were given DPS to the point we were constantly pulling aggro that would be an improvement if anything. Swash in my guild can easily keep up with me, and literally in every slot my equipment is better than his. if he had my stuff save my melee slots he would destroy me.
  17. ARCHIVED-Coldel Guest


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