Rangers getting jack for updates

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-akaglty, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-akaglty Guest

    Since the ranger forums are an oubliette for devs and we haven't heard a thing from them for months, I figured I would post here.
    We heard plenty about fixes that were going to happen, such as:
    1) AE auto attack and flurry from ranged attacks
    2) Making rangers more ranged dps, so they didn't have to fight within 5 minutes of a mob.
    3) Adding a menu option to enable always ranged auto attack, for when we use melee CA's.
    Rothgar said he wouldn't have time to get this in before the expansion launch but would look into it after. We haven't heard a single thing about it since then. Patch notes come and nothing in there for rangers, yet on raids we have SK's and rogues doing tons more dps than us.
    I'm glad you guys had time to do things like revamp a travel system which has worked fine for the last 6 years, yet don't have time to work on class issues.
    I read Aeralik's post about how leadership changes and priorities change with them and I understand how frustrating that must be but, to ignore issues like an ostrich with it's head in the ground hoping that it will go away is only making people upset and cancel their accounts.
    We need some kind of feedback on what you guys are doing because right now the assumption is nothing.
  2. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    Quitting the game after 5 years of ranger playtime because of the wall of silence. Sick of giving my money to a coorporation that ignores customer feedback.
    I will do my best to make sure no one I know ever plays an SOE game again.
  3. ARCHIVED-Upirus Guest

    someone start the timer....
  4. ARCHIVED-Magnethjelmen2 Guest

  5. ARCHIVED-Noob1974 Guest

    I said it before int est forum with gu56 no ranger updates and in the ranger itself.....
    Even Rothgar never gave a timeline it was the expectation of the ranger community when not immediate that with gu56 to get atleast something... but theres nothing.......
    Only summoned ammons for other scouts and brawler, better dmg ratd melee weapon for scouts and 2h weapon for crusader with the same dmg rating as bows.......
    Be serious theres nothing happening till/with gu57, the BG Crowd needs new fields, armor,jewelry and Velios is making is appearance.
    Devs know about the expectation about the expansion, so they rahter spend the time in this than to fix the ranger class....
    Funnily with GU56 and uncapped potency that gap between sins and ranger widens......
  6. ARCHIVED-Lethe5683 Guest

    AoE autoattack on ranged attacks would be overpowered, it would be better to ask for something like a permanant proc that has a chance to do AoE damage sort of like brawlers WIS line.
  7. ARCHIVED-Nevao Guest

    Lethe5683 wrote:
    That's the problem a lot of things are "too powerful" for rangers but we never see a balancing effect, we just don't get it. This leads to those whom it is not too powerful for bypassing our only function, dps. The thing is that this time we were told by Rothgar that he talked to Xelgad and Xel had some ideas on how to make it work (my guess is that does less damage to balance out) but then we never heard about it again.
  8. ARCHIVED-akaglty Guest

    How would it be overpowered when we would only have a 29% chance to AE auto attack (compaired to what swashes get) and a much slower attack speed?
    Granted, I know there are adornments to increase the percentage but melee classes get those same adornments.
    Not only would they keep people from quitting by fixing us, they would also get people to return who left the game over frustration of having the carrot dangled in front of them for years.
  9. ARCHIVED-Writer Cal Guest

    Lethe5683 wrote:
    But two handers with bow damage ratings using AoE auto-attack isn't OP?
  10. ARCHIVED-Taemien Guest

    How would it be OP for Rangers to have ranged AOE auto attacks? Their damage would go up on trash, but not bosses. Which they'd still be lacking.
    Last I knew, bosses dropped loot, not trash (maybe the occasional adept).
    What needs to happen with Rangers is reduce their proc damage (remove some of the procs all together) and up their CA damage. Their auto attack damage looks like its fine, its those CA's that aren't. Also by reducing the procs you get them in line in PVP (if they need it, thats still debateable, make another thread for that) as well.
  11. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Daenee@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Here's a two hander (that can use auto AE and flurry btw) and an example bow of the most top damage and DR we can have on a bow. Granted that 2hander is off a difficult mob (3 rune theer), and the bow is off hard toxx, but the fact remains it's possible.

    As a matter of fact auto AE and flurry would be so ordinary for us, I doubt it would be able to fully close the gap in DPS disparities for rangers. This is why I am reluctant to specifically ask for flurry and auto AE and instead I push the point home of the desired end result, more DPS.
    Increase our CA damage, preferably on ranged CA's. If your worried about it giving us more 'power' in PvP well they have different damage and effect tables for CA's in PvP, so just don't increase those.
  12. ARCHIVED-FearDiadh Guest

    I officially welcome this post to the recycle bin.. er ranger forum...
  13. ARCHIVED-akaglty Guest

    Knew that wouldn't take long. Thanks for throwing away our topic Kiara.
  14. ARCHIVED-FearDiadh Guest

    Rangers should not be part of gameplay?
    I would lol, but to be honest not many are anymore.
  15. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    Neiloch@Crushbone wrote:
    Well. Now I'm more angry about lack of ranged AE autoattack / flurry then ever before. There's literally no legitimate excuse anymore.
  16. ARCHIVED-Upirus Guest

    it almost made it 3 hrs before it got moved....
  17. ARCHIVED-Proud_Silence Guest

    you want to do same dps like assassins who have a 5m action radius and have to joust AE's while you have 35m+ action radius, and don't have to care about most AE's.

    Yeah right, dream on.
  18. ARCHIVED-FearDiadh Guest

    Proud_Silence wrote:
    I can't do max damage unless I am in a tiny little area no bigger than yours that is far enough away to get auto attack off and close enough to get melee CAs off. Your 35 m ranged theory is flawed.
    Most raid assassins I have heard from are saying they do not need to joust this expansion because of all their AAs. I unfortunately can't do that. I never get in a tank group because I have nothing to offer. My one healer group and 20k hp means I have to jump when they say out.
  19. ARCHIVED-Osp Guest

    Proud_Silence wrote:
    Typical response by a complete idiot who has no clue what he is talking about. Before you put your foot in your mouth, you "might" want to do a litte research on how Rangers are really played.
  20. ARCHIVED-Gungo Guest

    Sydares wrote:
    The only issue is what we discussed in the beta forums. How do you make ranged AOE auto atk?
    Is it a frontal hitting any NPC in a 50M+ frontal cone?
    Is it a Point Blank AOE centered on your target?<-- Imho best possibly solution
    Is it a Melee ranged AOE autoatk using the bow?
    Honestly rangers have fallen drastically since beta and they need to find a resolution to the AOE auto atk and flurry issue asap.
    Also rangers have been complaining lately of the thrown weapon that summons ammo. The problem with making a bow that summons ammo now is the ammo it summons should not be better then the raid dropped ammo. So it doesnt really help the ranger dps issues either.

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