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    My ranger currently has an issue with pulling threat in heroic and x2 enviroments. Normally if I have amends or peaceful link, this isn't too bad. But without a Paladin tank or a Coercer around (which PL only offsets velocity a little). What should be done about this? Assuming the tank I normally run with is similarly geared and has the AAs in the right spots. Should I be running with hate reduction adornments (would this be enough?) or should the tanks just find a way to pick up the pace a bit?
    From what I've seen on the parses, I'm doing roughly 3 times the dps of the tank. Would the tank need to up their DPS to compensate? I'm not quite sure what the correlation of TPS vs DPS in tanks are in EQ2 so any insight on this would be helpful. The tank is normally a shadowknight if that helps with anything. Also I'm using MC T9 Ignorant Bliss as well.
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    The best thing that can be done (assuming the tank is geared and has AAs similarly) is to run ignorant bliss, make sure to have cat-like reflexes (SF AA in ranger tree), and master out your passive -hate buff (lower level). Also, wait until the mob is under control to start DPSing. While -hate adorns can help, anything over -50% hate is wasted. your passive being mastered and PL will take care of that pretty close. A better choice is, once you have some raid armor, get the miracle shot adorn that adds a positional drop and keep an eye on the hate and use your droppers. Other than those things, there isn't a huge amount that you can do unless you stop attacking and let the tank get it back.
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    I was afraid it was about like that. And I didn't see that adornment before, that actually might just do the trick, at least for now.
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    What kind of DPS number are you doing compared to the tank & coercer ? I know you said 3x, but what are their numbers ? It may be you are just amazing, or it could be that they are really slacking. To be honest the co-ercer should be very close to you, and an SK should be capable of some decent DPS too.
    If they are not pushing out the numbers, you're going to keep ripping. I was in a group the other day and I was doing more than twice the damage of the tank & coercer added together. He kept complaining and asking me to watch my aggro. Seeing as how AA is 50% of my damage it ended up that after he had pulled a mob I pressed '2' and then just sat there watching my aggro climb steadily towards 100...
    Running dehate poisons, adorns, using your evade and evasive CAs, giving the tank time to build aggro...these are all good things you should be doing, but sometimes you just need to get a different tank...
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    There's one adorment that adds 10% hate gain to your Primal Reflexes to make it 36%, the same is also available in Velious.
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    Taemien@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Don't **** your DPS too bad by going the de-hate route. Better to work on the problem.
    I have an SK tank in mostly BG gear (fabled). He parses around 10k ZW in most heroic zones in SF. My ranger parses around 15k-20k. this is not 3x. At most 2x. Like another poster said what are the actual numbers?
    your SK should be capable of some nice DPS. And a coercer should be right there next to you or better if they are better geared.
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    It's a real relief to see this post and to see that this is not a problem limited to me. I regard myself as an ok player, averagely geared (I guess about usual for a semi-casual, so wearing a combination of MC, better Legendary and a few rare mob Fables from SF instances, adorns practically everywhere and am using the En. Mythical). My stats are not that high - Potency around 30% and CB about the same,with DA around 90% and Crit at about 140% (I know, I should trade off but finding the gear to do it is tricky).
    The instances I have run with raid-geared tanks have been absolutely fine. Aggro barely creeps above 30 as long as I keep IB up and use evade etc. However, I have run the last few PUGs with alt tanks and tanks similarly geared to me and I have hit 100 every time, even after allowing the tank time to lock down. I wouldn't mind but I am not convinced I am outputting huge amounts of damage - I just wonder if it is a large amount early on relative to the amount others are putting out.
    Anyway, I don't havea scientific understanding of it and whilst I sometimes run ACT, I don't have the time to spend a lot of time analysing, but it was feeling odd.
    This is - strangely - reassuring.
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    Keredh wrote:
    Ker i think for more casual players is the high end legendary class set a good addition to the game. If memory serves it has also class foci on it.
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    Another good thing to do that I forgot to mention in my first post, and no one has mentioned yet, when you do start attacking, do it from lowest hitting CA to highest. This allows you to build hate at a slower pace and you can stop if needed. Your hate should not just jump to 100 this way, as it might if you use say Triple Shot as your first attack, and you can gauge how hard you can hit the mob.
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    Jemoo@Kithicor wrote:
    this might keep you from pulling aggro but it will also guarantee a bad parse as well.
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    I have to say, after having clocked over 100 days of playtime on my ranger, that the ranger seems to generate a lot of hate when compared to other dps classes. Why that is I have no idea since, according to the parses I have seen, they(others in group) are hitting the mob even harder than I am. Badly spec'd or poorly played tanks are a nightmare for rangers. One thing to watch though is the old 'blame it on the ranger trick'. This is when some player in the group rips aggro off the tank. Now the ranger isn't competing with the tank for aggro but the joker who took it of the tank. The result of this is that the ranger very quickly gets the aggro off the joker and the joker says 'it was the ranger!'. In a lot of groups I have to save my deaggro's for just such an occasion. This can severely limit the dps I'm Knocking out. Of course, you do get the satisfaction of watching the joker die for his mistake but that doesn't get the group any close to its objective.
    A good thing to remember is to give the tank a 2-5 second start before you begin attacking. You will still get your dps out. Everyone in a group(unless its a bunch of raid spec'd toons showing off) should be allowing the tank to build aggro before they attack. Doing so leaves the joker(mentioned above) out on a limb ;)