Ranger or Swashie?

Discussion in 'General Scout Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Bethany, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Bethany Guest

    Hiya folks,
    I'm looking to create one of these two classes, i'll be purely solo questing/grinding and nothing else, no raiding/grouping of any kind. Which of these two will give me an easier time of it?

  2. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    both are heavy gear relient but the ranger will have most mobs dead before they get in range... barring the mob decides to randomly teleport to your spot.

    EDIT: that's just personal opinion, i'm ranger bias
  3. ARCHIVED-Elf_Queen Guest

    I've never played a ranger but swashie's are decent soloers, they have really good AOE damage which helps when you have more then one mob, they dont have a lot of rear attacks but if you do they have an AA which switches the mobs direction so you can get them off solo, and a stun so you shouldn't have issues getting the rear attack off. Make sure you use vitality breech potions and they also can get an AA for feign death which comes in handy if you're purely soloing.
    I'd say that brigs are better soloers for single targets just because of the massive debuffs and directional CA's/stuns however I struggled more with group encounters.
  4. ARCHIVED-Eugam Guest

    Bethany wrote:
    Most probably the swashy when it comes to solo gameplay.
  5. ARCHIVED-Zemizia Guest

    Besides my Bruiser, my Swashy has been the easiest toon I have to solo on. (Keep in mind I am Swashy biased, much like the Ranger up there ^ hehe). They've got great dps, both aoe and single target. It is possible to build a decent solo/defensive spec, though your best bet is to go straight up DPS.
  6. ARCHIVED-Pattywak Guest

    I love my ranger, but I'd say a swashy is better for soloing while leveling up. I can destroy most mobs before they get to me, but that's at 90. I always had a hard time doing so while leveling. The swashy on the other hand is more defensive than a ranger, can pretty much stun lock a mob while you dps it down, and has much better close melee dps when the mob get's close (With monster aoe dps if you get extras).

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