Ranger fighting pets (befriend animal) Please FIX

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-CherokeeRose, May 3, 2010.

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    Good point. Then what's your charisma?
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    Looking at it logically, charisma really isn't the lone stat either for "taming" animals (all stats could conceivably be applied -- strength for breaking the animal, wisdom/int for knowing how to do it, etc.). However, if anything, it should be based on some ranger-specific skill. Since agility applies to anything ranger, probably that should apply. It's already non-sensically being applied to all damage and other ranger related checks. Agility factors into "taming" probably just as much as anything else based on that scale.
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    Was curious myself as to whether or not stat or stats affect befriend animal, thinking that the reason it breaks so soon might be due to that. When I originally contacted support concerning this, the GM stated that “the animal is supposed to stay tamed for a full 24 minutes.” Considering the fact that mine rarely does that, and that even animals way below my level break sometimes in as low as 2-5 minutes, I thought that maybe it might be a stat problem. Yes, a very few times my tamed pet will stay for 24 minutes, and sometimes it will even stay for 15 minutes as stated below. However, most times it is way too short a duration. It also seems that the same pet will stay tamed a lesser amount of time, after each consecutive re-tame. Yes, I do know how to root and re-tame, but having to re-tame a pet 3 times during one battle is unreasonable, as well as having to re-tame one over and over, even while just traveling.

    To restate my correspondence: (note the full 24 minute duration point, and the fact that it cannot be reported because the GM cannot confirm the fact that the pet does not stay tamed a full 24minutes. Additionally, being told to post to the forum to see if any other rangers have the same problem of pet not staying tamed for the full duration of 24 minutes. ) I have omitted GM names just in case it is something forbidden in rules.
    RESPONSE from GM__________

    This is GM __________responding to your petition regarding your AA ability, Befriend Animal. I was able to borrow your account today, and head out to Tenebrous Tangle to test this ability. I cast the spell on two sets of tangleflies, and both times, the spell did not break (and I waited about 8 minutes each). I am honestly a bit stumped as to why your pet may be becoming untamed before the full 24 minute duration, especially since the TT mobs are grey to you. Do you have the pet set to defend itself? Are they dying? Were they hit by another player's AOE, as this will release it from being tamed? Please respond back to this petition with a bit more information regarding the specifics of when this happens to you, and we will be glad to continue to investigate the issue.

    GM __________
    EverQuest II
    Sony Online Entertainment


    This is GM ________, following up on your petition. I tried to speak to you in-game but you didn't seem to be looking at the chat window. I followed you around for a little more than 15 minutes, and you had the same vicious dryland scavenger the entire time. After testing the spell as well, I was not able to confirm the issue. As such, I can't really submit a report about it, as it does seem to be working. In these situations, I'd like to suggest that you post the issue on the Ranger forums located here: http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...?category_id=15. This way, we'll be able to see if other Rangers are having the same issue. The Developers of the game regularly peruse the forums for player feedback and bug reports and they may be able to reply directly to the issue.

    Best regards,
    GM __________
    So, the question is... how many rangers lose their tamed pet before 24 minutes, and without the conditions occuring above?

    And after this is answered, I wonder if the Developers will peruse and see that this IS an issue, and do something about it, as the GM's stated above.
    I know we have a ton of issues with Rangers, and I agree with everyone on all of them. Here, I am trying to get the developers to realize that there are problems, and in this particular case, BEFRIEND ANIMAL, as the GM's stated it should stay tamed for the full 24 minutes unless it dies.


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    I have never used this skill on my ranger, because I am definately not the fluffy-bunny-treehugger-type ranger. I have however used it on my fury quite a bit. It never lasts more than a fight or two on the fury. It was a total pain to use because the mob breaks so often. I noticed on my fury that some mobs tended to stay charmed for over 10 minutes regularly while others came uncharmed usually within a minute.
    A couple of points:
    1) The lack of subjugation sounds like a good place to start looking, except that my fury has pretty good subjugation and still has the same problem. If it is a subjugation based ability for a class that lacks, however, then it needs to be fixed.
    2) All mobs get a chance to resist again every few minutes, not just after the whole 24 minutes is up. I don't know why that is the way it is, but it is. On my fury, I picked the ones with the lowest resistance to my charm rather than the ones that would be coolest to have.
    3) On the fury I just accepted it and charmed again whenever it wore off. It was a pain, but he wasn't a very good fighter and it was something I had to deal with. For a ranger, that isn't true. Most solo mobs go down before they can get a few steps toward you if you are specced for dps.
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    I rolled a coercer to try them out - his pet broke charm so often I no longer bothered using the pet at all, which kind of ruins the point lol. I got befriend animal on a respec for my Ranger to try it out in RoK. The charm would break pretty much every 3 or 4 minutes.
    Though I did have a lot of success using it in Sebilis with the heroic Chokidai. Seemed to last longer as well maybe due to a buff another group member gave me. However there's not much point using it in SF. Rangers need 100% dps spec IMO unless you have points to spare that is.
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    I use this AA ability all the time. Level 90 with 250 AAs. The charm does break all the time. When I'm fighting. When I'm just running around. It seems to be semi random. Semi random as in, it stays charmed for a while. Like 5 minutes.

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