Ranger class alittle ****?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Bloodydreams36, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Bloodydreams36 Guest

    First of all this isnt a Ranger bash. I love Ranger class and have played for them for years. Is it just me though or are we cheated alittle? I mean Assassin hit harder. Swash has hate transfer and aoe. Brig has Debuffs etc. but in the end we are the only class that is made for ranged but cant cast on the move. I think we only have a couple arrow attcks that can be cast on the move. I know we have the option to melee likes the others but we get so many buffs just for ranged just to have to fight most solo fights melee/slow stop shoot run stop shoot. Plus in raids we are less wanted then the other classes. pls help me with something if im missing something but as a ranger i feel like its fun to play but less needed then everything other then maybe a Guard.
  2. ARCHIVED-jester0770 Guest

    I agree. It wasn't quite as bad when I still used my myth/enervated with the 0 range, but the enervated sucks compared to new bows so i gave that up. I wish they would make ranger only bows with 0 range, or add that to our myth clicky buff. And I also agree that no one wants us in grps, unless they have a ton of hate transfer or a pali. Almost all grps I get in have to be with guildies because almost no pug wants a dps class without some grp benefit besides dps,
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    People don't want Rangers in groups because so many people can't play them effectively. Which is ironic, because Rangers are one of the easiest classes to play.
    Without any meaningful utility, the only thing you bring is DPS, so you need to max your DPS potential. Get those master spells, adornments everythwere, use master crafted poisons, player made arrows, spec your AAs for DPS not fluff like befriend animal or snares etc.
    Believe me, if you can push out the DPS you will get invites.
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    Adeyia pretty much nailed it on the head. Its not so much that rangers don't bring anything, it's more that there are so many bad rangers out there.
    The groups will come though, a lot of it comes down to you just continuing to work at it, and as you improve your gear and skills in the groups you do manage to get, people will begin to be more willing to invite you into groups. Just don't expect the invites to just come flying to you as they might if you were a bard or chanter.
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    I totally see where you are coming from, after playing an EQ2 raiding ranger for 7 years, giving constructive feedback from the test server,... I gave up trying to convince SOE to improve the class. I am still enjoying the game because of the frendship of my guildmates, but that is all. Now, if you are curious, I would suggest that you take a look at Rift and their soul tree system. Here is a link to a Soul planner: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14031925/ri...calculator.html
    This is everything I would have loved my Ranger to be in EQ2, my favorite combo are either Ranger/ Marksman/ Bard or Ranger/ Marksman/ Riftstalker or Ranger/Marksman/Saboteur. With multi-classing you can complement your favorite class with any perks you want and adapt it to fit the needs of soloing, grouping or raiding. For example my Ranger has an attack pet that can tank a bit for me, just to give me enough time to place a few big Marksman hits and when the mobs get to me "pouf" I diseappear with a riftstalkker ninja trick an reappear 15 m away. Or I detonate a few explosives if I am a Saboteur. If I am grouping or Raiding I support my team mates with some Bard buff songs or help them Regen power. etc ...
    It has been some time since I had so much fun with a Ranger when playing the Rift beta (and I played a ranger in a lot of MMOs: EQ1, VG, LotRO, Aion, AoC, ... ) . And talking about class imbalance, well this is less of an isssue because you are not stuck into a rigid class and anyone can pick any combo to fit his playstyle. I think It is an excellent idea for class mechanic, just wished SOE had this idea before, we would not be in such a dead end as Rangers.

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