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  1. Cassandrajade Member

    Hello all, have a couple of questions. My mystic character has collected a couple of ranged weapons in addition to the diviner's wand - Cragged Spine Censer (actually two of those) and Worn Holy Symbol. I've tried equipping both of them as ranged weapons - they show up in the slot but when I try a ranged attack I'm told there's no weapon equipped. Do they need some kind of ammo or something?

    For my guardian I set up an alternate appearance after a while, but when I try to change appearances, although the original one shows up for a moment, it always goes back to the new one, after saying 'refreshing character list' or similar. What's the trick to actually change appearances?

    BTW, I eventually found a guild for the mystic on Skyfire - Over the Hill. It's pretty quiet at the time I play though.

  2. Ixian Active Member

    Items like censers and symbols can't actually be used for ranged attacks, though they go into those slots. They're basically just stat sticks. Only wands can be used for ranged attacks for mages / healers (well, Channelers can use bows but they're an exception).
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  3. Cassandrajade Member

    Thanks for clearing that up - I'm not sure what a stat stick is but at least I know there's no bug!
  4. Anhari Active Member

    Stat Stick : any item (not armor) that has stats but no other uses, such as the symbols and censors you are talking about. We in EQ come up with some interesting tags, don't we!
  5. Stormy New Member


    Re: alternate appearance...look below your toon on the character select screen...just below on the left you' ll see 'options' ... click on it...find an 'alternate appearances' tab on the row of tabs on the left... click there and make sure the race you are attempting to alter has a check in the square to the right of the race. IF the race you are attempting to alter is not checked there you won't actually be able to change the appearance. Once you check the box - BOOM! the alternate appearance will stick!

    Hope this was clear and helpful.

    Happy hunting!

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