Raids and spell lag

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  1. Jolemai Active Member

    For what it's worth, last night (between 1830 and 2130 UTC) my Guild was raiding on Splitpaw inside Harrow's End and Plane of War. On numerous occasions everyone's clients froze up due to lag and many were experiencing isolated lag spikes during the evening which were unusual for them.
  2. Jrel Well-Known Member

    The lag is so bad in SG: Dissension x4 right now that I couldn't miss an autoattack if I tried. Taking me 6-8 seconds for a 4 second autoattack.

    ***And huge kudos to the dev/GM that showed up 2 seconds after I posted this to observe the lag!!***
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    Yes our lag on Freeport between 9:30-12:30 central last night (and honestly the last while) was so bad it made the game no fun to play. We pulled an avatar and for the first 20-30 seconds of the pull I could not get one single CA to go off, just auto attack, and the rest of the raid experienced the exact same thing. We zoned into the new raid zone and back out within 5 minutes because the lag made the zone basically unplayable. When clearing up to pirate kings the lag was a constanct 1-2 second spell lag with spikes that completely locked ppl up for 5-10 seconds. This is not "our internet" and it is not "our comupters" Please focus 100% of your efforts on fixing this, to hell with new content, to hell with anything else that is going on, a game that runs like this is not fun to play. Fix the lag please.
  5. Biazza New Member

    Ok so I am not the only one, this has been happening to me over the last month and has been driving me crazy, I have checked everything and even plugged directly into my modem with no improved results. I kept thinking it was me. Some nights I have no issues and some nights it just builds up to a point where I am locked and just stand there, then the game accelerates and everything goes real fast till I catch up to everyone, or I get button lag where I am casting 3-4 spells behind what I am clicking (if that makes sense). I am frustrated and to the point I just don't want to log in. I have been playing this game since beta and this is the first time I have had these issues
  6. Le Clown Active Member

    'I refuse to purchase anything on marketplace until Lag is fixed.'


    Yolo Mc'Swaggins & Eq2 Players everywhere
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    Absolutely, wont buy a thing.

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    After I buy all of the unattuners I need to move my gear from one toon to another... I also won't buy a thing.... Oh and also after I buy a hover platform to cover my mount... After that, I definitely won't buy anything until this lag is fixed...

  9. Mohee Active Member

    Well they're all at SoE live now, so don't expect a fix anytime soon.

    Regardless... this crap has been going on for over 6 months now at least. So even if not at SoE Live, I wouldn't expect a fix anytime soon. Maybe everyone at SoE Live can band together and go on strike and show SoE how we really feel about it in person? :p
  10. Jrel Well-Known Member

    Suffering severe lag in ST: Unearthed X4 on Amalgamon on Butcherblock right now. 9:07PM CST.
  11. Gash Active Member

    Amalgamon is really laggy all the time. Not every single time, but a lot. This isn't the first time we actually had to pack up and go to a different zone because despite the fact that we've killed him a dozen times, we just couldnt do it tonight with that much lag.
    Being totally unable to kill a mob that you've killed that many times purely because of lag is infuriating.
  12. Tabri Well-Known Member

    A positive note tonight 8/07 very little lag in Arena of the Gods and POW, and mounts are staying on now ty so much
  13. Vizzio New Member

    I quit the game a few weeks ago because of this problem.

    Any general update? Is the lag in raids any better?

    I would like to come back at some point but the spell lag is just unplayable for me. I am curious how others are doing in regards to lag in raids.
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    Hmm, no posts lately. :cool:
  16. Vizzio New Member

    I have been gone from the game for over a month (as a result of this problem). Last night I did a pickup raid to see if any improvement. Same problems exist.

    Zone into DC pull mobs, I can move around but have to wait 5-10 seconds between casting anything.

    Zone into AOTG, same thing...

    I suppose people are just dealing with it and gave up on complaining about it.

    I actually petitioned the problem over a month ago. Knowing i was wasting my time but did it anyways. The ticket got tossed around to a bunch of different people and i just eventually gave up on it.

    Sucks. Not sure if this helps SoE any but the problem started for me right around after GU66 came out...
  17. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Yesterday in PoW we got pretty bad lag.
  18. Zoltaroth Developer

    Our ISP issues in Vegas seem to have been mostly sorted out - in that I don't see people complaining about the bad traceroutes through switchnap. There are other backend changes we are making (constantly) to help with server-side lag as well. We are also doing future itemization with server lag in mind (if you went to SOELive you got some details about what we are doing).

    That said if you are experiencing really bad lag in a particular raid please do PM me and if at all possible I will hop on to see what is causing it and if anything can be done to make it better. No promises if I will be able to hop in game at any given time or not but I will try. Keep in mind there are lots of different types of lag and even more causes so tracking them all down is a non-trivial task.
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    Do you still have those 'Miles and Miles' of Ethernet Cable on your Sony Server farms... which are the equivilent of twenty-two Super-Computers...' blah blah..." which is how those Promo-videos from 2004 detailed the 'Back End' of EQ2? Maybe a few of those cables need their connectors exercised. :D
  20. Zoltaroth Developer

    No. We have actually upgraded all of our servers to be RFC1149 compliant. By next year we hope to be RFC2549 compliant.
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