Raids and spell lag

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Drumstixx, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Le Clown Active Member

    1 (tiny) zone, 1 mob, 1 raid:

    just lol, i mean, el-o-l.
  2. Tabri Well-Known Member

    We killed Tunare in the Arena last night 7/24 but it was painful to say the least not with us dying as we didnt but the lag, how we were able to kill it with the severe lag and not die I dont know. It was not just the Arena there was lag in HE and in DC horribly also sorry I did not do a traceroute.
  3. Blumfield Member

    I don't know how to do a traceroute, nor do I want to learn. I want you to do what you're paid to do and fix this goshdarned problem. I've been subscribing since eq1 beta, and it has never been this bad. The new avatar instance is unplayable on freeport! /shakefist
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  4. ColbyJack Well-Known Member

    I know I've spoken up in the support section about how this lag is making raiding impossible.
    With just the raid force in the new arena, I suppose it was overly hopeful to think we might see less, if not a complete lack of, lag. At this point, as I've bluntly told guildmates, I love raiding with them and being social... just that it has gotten to the point where it's impossible to enjoy it because of lag. I'm faced with debating if it's worth stopping my gold sub and moving on to cleaner running games, and right now, it really looks like the other games are winning.
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  5. Taysa Well-Known Member

    Got some absolutely terrible lag spikes in Djinn's Prism last night. 10-12 second button lag.
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  6. Valarnin New Member

    There's still some lag going on but it seems sporadic. We had a bit of lag on the trash in Fabled Djinn Master's Prism when we first zoned in, 2-5 seconds of spellcast lag, but after about 2 minutes it cleared up. It was raid-wide.Could still be either network or server lag issues at this point. I ran a pathping but had no packet loss for 100 pings to each server on the path. Ping times themselves were in-line with my previous post. This leans it a bit towards server lag, but there's no guarantee. Happened at roughly 9:35PM EST. Oasis server.
  7. Amnesia Member

    Ive turned EVERYTHING off / down, i use /combat_filter 1 to filter everything and i still lag, my whole guild does, Area of the god sharing the same server as pvp servers ? We have to leave HE because we all have 4-5 second lag ? This game is becoming a joke. Looks like eq1 graphics with everything turned down and more lag than any other game Ive ever played.
  8. Drumstixx Active Member

    I created this topic in January. Look how far we've come folks!
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  9. Lethlian Active Member

    It's not just in raids alone where the lag is bad. It's also horrible in PvP, especially in battle grounds. Also have toons on nagafen and the open world PvP lags at times to. In general it just seems to me if there are more then 5 players present anywhere together casting spells or combat arts, lag is going to be there too =/
  10. Loldawg Member

    It's gotten so much worse since then!
  11. Glassjaw Active Member

    Sucks to see that this is still a problem. The lag was easily the main reason I quit the game many months ago now and it is still an ongoing issue. I am glad to see that they are at least trying to fix it now but it took far too long for that to happen.
  12. Prrasha Well-Known Member

    It's not even just raids and battlegrounds. I took some returning guildies into Dreadcutter heroic this past weekend (4 people 2 mercs), and we were getting the "10-20 seconds of staredown, then catch up all at once" lag effect.
  13. Kanolth Member

    The way abilities work in this game, it's going to be an incredibly difficult issue to solve. First step would be amortize damage on single targets, such as MA hits and flurry hits. That should be the easy part, and it's a good first step. But I daresay, some spells need to be reworked to be server friendly.
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  14. Davito Active Member

    We understand what spell lag is, and what this lag being described is. This is not only spell/combat lag. Considering there is times it occurs while not in combat. Please read the thread before anyone else replies. So that we can keep this thread on topic, rather than derailing it with misinformation to the topic at hand.
  15. Vizzio New Member

    I play to raid and this spell lag is really hurting my desire to even login anymore. About the only thing I can do without lag is solo questing or maybe a group.

    This has been going on for weeks or longer now. Is SOE even taking this problem seriously?

    From a troubleshooting perspective I would suggest that SOE contacts some players that can re-produce this problem on a consistent basis so they can grab logs or whatever information they need.

    SOE - please toss more resources at this problem and consider this a T1 issue.
  16. Mohee Active Member

  17. Kander Developer

    We've been looking at Freeport. We are making some config changes on the current raid zones to see if we can fix the issue. This does not require a patch. Keep us posted how the rest of the evening goes please.
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  18. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    It was a bit better towards the end of the night. Still choppy, but nowhere near the 4+ second lag we had earlier. Thanks to Zoltaroth for popping in - shows at least that you guys are actively working on it!
  19. Twisty Well-Known Member

    around 11.45pm EST on same day you posted, Kander, lag on Freeport inside Fabled Gin-Master Prism was 4-5secs of freezing every 30secs or so. We had to leave after 2 sets of trash mobs 'cause it wasn't playable

    right after, during 30m inside SleepersTomb: Temporal Leap it froze for 3s once. hope you finger that culprit good. and soon
  20. Kcool005 Active Member

    The lag seems to trail most zones happening to random people, as well as happening to everyone at once.

    Sunday on pirate kings we had 3 people Completely lock-up who typically never have any lag issues at all making the fight impossible to complete because they were core class's needed (Tank + Ported Person) - Was due to lag, and know it wasn't internet, because i was on same connection as one of the 2.

    Tonight on our optional raid, it seemed we had spell lag 3sec pauses relatively often, and as twisty said prism was 100% unplayable, it was complete 100% lock-ups to the raid, we couldn't cast anything. Felt like the original HM oxxy fight during SF when the zone was full.

    Old ST seemed to have the same issue just not as bad, as well as HE (more random), so it's not isolated to zones, it has to do with something else, because it seems to follow no matter what zone we're doing.