Raids and spell lag

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  1. Drumstixx Active Member

    Are raids intended to still be enjoyable anymore? Is there anything going to be done with either abilities, server performance, or anything to reduce the amount of latency that exists when raiding (and even grouping sometimes) when it comes to just casting abilities?

    It's barely enjoyable to even be in raid and have slowly responsive abilities, even on single target fights. Is the dev team as a whole aware how bad it can be in raids? This has been a problem for months and was severely increased with "Stacks" from CoE.

    I mean even raiding the contested mobs in empty, old school overland zones produces so much spell lag.
  2. Jacksonx New Member

    It may be hard for them to pin down the issue. I have nights where I'm getting 4-8s lag and I must sit out while the rest of the raid is only experiencing minimal 0.5-1s lag. I've tried net traces to the servers and I didn't see any issues with the routing so as of now when it gets bad I just go play something else which since the release of coe has occured more often.
  3. Primaeval Active Member

    Honestly, I thought this post was going to come from my guild tonight. We literally left a raid zone because of lag tonight.... We had people killed by AEs that never registered in half the groups logs, spells simply not going off, a zone crash... was awesome.
  4. Toran Member

    HE is the worst for me. IDK why but it only seems to effect me. When we are not in combat all is well, then once combat starts it progressively gets worse until its unplayable. I mean 30 sec plus response times. Only HE that gets this bad bad for me, other zone not so bad.
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  5. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Don't have much trouble with the CoE zones, except sometimes with HE, but it tends to be short bursts of lag rather than continuous. Plane of War on the other hand is just nasty.
  6. Estred Well-Known Member

    I can verify some issue. I was doing WBE-AdvSolo but when I started combat I lagged out very very badly. I think it is tied to Particle Systems actually. Once they have rendered a few times it works. In a raid setting with all the spells classes have that would freeze up a system.

    If I knew how to make a video I would post a link to so. Maybe I am missing something but defenitly needs to be reviewed. PoW has always lagged because the zone is one big Particle System.
  7. Toran Member

    PoW glitches my video card, but then its GTS 250 so that could be it.
  8. Estred Well-Known Member

    Yeah, PoW stopped glitching my card when I got my 560. If by glitched you mean "floor went black and the zone froze" then yeah we had the same issue.
  9. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    Never had issues with PoW using hd5870 or my wifes hd6870. But i do have some issues with thos tiny flying mobs from he, at the ghostly lady downstairs ^^ or maybe just cause those mobs where burned in seconds :eek:
  10. Estred Well-Known Member

    More likely if you have Particle Systems turned up it's the sheer number of things going on the screen that or the damage calculation momentarily flooded your CPU which is unlikely. Areas with a lot of mobs or spell effects have a tendency to lag overall.
  11. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    I need some tweak there, even i put on raidvideosettings via profit, there some spell effects left over ^^
  12. Drumstixx Active Member

    Yeah don't even start on video settings and video "slowdown or FPS issues, isn't not even related to the OP.

    If you turn literally everything down, and spell effects completely off, there is still so much spell lag that can exist during raiding. There's gotta be some shared server resources going on or just some scripting latency occurring because some zones ARE better than others but they are far from smooth.

    I can run this game in max settings or "gumby" mode and it's the same result.

    It seriously depressing to log into this game after playing various other games that have near-perfect performance. I know the game is old and can be fairly unoptimized but that's not an excuse to not look into this issue. It's a serious problem with the game and it's been getting worse over time.

    It's gotta be something with how much data is being sent (packets?) constantly during combat. Just look at all the lines of text that gets shot through the combat log per second per raid member. It's an INSANE amount of text with 24 people shooting off abilities, with tons that have less than 1 second cast times. This is extremely multiplied obviously on AOE and green encounter fights....

    I don't know enough about networking and data transfer especially in game design to even suggest what's wrong, but it's gotta be data flow... it's either inefficient or the game just needs to be change to send data in a different way so it's not so inefficient.
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  13. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    Well.... if i dont forget about that, i put up fraps for fps counting and a bandwithmonitor, when we get there again, but can be next week. The networktrafic with eq2 is something interessting anyhow.
    Perhaps it must not be on SoE side, can be the router at home, depends on what someone got and who else is on with.
  14. Twyxx Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I thought the reason they soft-capped multi-attack at 600 was because it was creating too many performance issues. Now you have every piece of gear proc'ing and all these new prestige abilities with multi-hit and increments. Not shocking that there's all the lag. Just don't understand how it wasn't predictable.
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  15. slippery Well-Known Member

    I'm fairly certain this is a very large part of it.
  16. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Theres too many issues with lag nowadays that I doubt any communtiy fix would work but some simple solutions which most people use and I assume were tried...hey never know...

    Turn off overhead combat feedback (most know this)
    Turn off your targeting circle (helps with some zone issues but not all)
    use the /r_particle_priority -1 to turn off particles (though you may have to turn them on again for certain things to render)

    kinda depends if they may help sometimes theirs lag issues we can resolve albeit to a limited degree and other times (mostly) there are issues we cant do diddly squat on
  17. Drumstixx Active Member

    Not. Even. Talking. About. Client. Performance.

    Seriously though. Not being mean, but I kindly request the end of posting up "tips" for this, as Spell Lag =/= interface/display/FPS slowdown. It's way beyond simple fps slowdown and client performance. That's already bad as it has been for years, but this is something completely different, and has been progressively getting more and more impacting in the game.

    I already normally raid with particle priority set to -1, except on fights where you need to see effects correctly. You could turn of the UI altogether and this terrible spell lag is gonna be there in the raiding environment.

    The best example are effects that stifle the player/disallow certain abilities to be cast. After cured, the game can take 1-2 seconds to let you be able to cast again because the latency of the game is just not up to par.
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  18. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    In other news, my favorite part of playing a beastlord now is watching my savagery tick down while I'm chaining (attempting to, anyway) primals back to back.
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  19. Luhai Active Member

    PoW seems to be worst for us. We always have people going LD during boss fights, people are reporting lag all the time when in this particular zone.

    And not talking about client performance: even on extremely low settings (ProfitUI Raid settings) I can barely reach 20 FPS when fighting raid mobs.
    I know it's hard to compare different games but when playing SW:TOR I have high graphic settings activated and I can run Ops (Raids) just fine.

    The only way for me to really enjoy the graphics of EQ2 is to run around solo.
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  20. Jezes Active Member

    I seriously don't even want to log in anymore. The lag is so god awful. I don't even bother trying to DPS, what's the point when even my auto attack is lagging?