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  1. Gninja Developer

    Maximum health of all Sentinel's Fate raid bosses has been reduced. You may need to reset the boss once in saved instances. We may adjust further if needed.
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  2. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Reduced the HP? That is the opposite of what I was expecting.
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  3. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Considering mobs had like 250million HP, a 250% increase from before I would say they were a bit overtuned.
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  4. Caul Shivers Active Member

    Great news, thank you for the fast reaction.
    Like we said on Discord, yesterday was a slog, felt like walking in mud on easy mobs - they're still easy, they just take ages to die.

    And like you said, it's a start, then see where we are from there.

    This is not a reduction of mob HP from a day ago, this is a reduction of the mob HP after thursday's patch.
    Mobs were buffed in HP to a silly amount, double HP, tripled HP, etc.
    We posted some basic numbers on Discord as well.

    I think pretty much every guild on Discord agreed it was overtuned, easy mobs became super boring and I assume HM mobs didn't exactly need a 250% HP increase either (we only did HM Malus so far, some people still leveling so don't know about the rest).

    What most wanted was a 30-40% increase on HM mobs and some itemization done, then go from there.

    We don't raid until Sunday, would be cool if some of the US guilds could post what the HP numbers are now (normal mode, HM; whatever).

    Nimrael Nymerria, Europa, Stormhold Fallen Gate
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  5. veredeth New Member

    Once again the raiders got their way with their whining and got mobs buffed. Gratz. To bad the casual raid guilds will be screwed once again.
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  6. Wigglesngiggles New Member

    I have. Have you? My guess is no, or you wouldn't say the game is not broken. If anyone is saying random things it might just be you, or did you forget claiming that threads like this kill mmos? At this point I can't tell if you are serious or trolling.
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  7. Davito Active Member

    1. We didn't ask for EM mobs to be buffed, nor did we ask for as large of an increase as what was given. For the 4th time someone has explained this to you in this single thread.
    2. You made this post AFTER the devs changed the HP back to normal from our requests - like 7 hours ago.
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  8. Atan Well-Known Member

    The content needs tweaks of more than just HP.

    Yes, it is an issue that fights are killed before the script kicks in, the first 4 named in labs are a good example. The HP pools are too low and you can simply out dps the scripts entirely. A 30% increase I think is plenty to adjust those mobs.

    But the other problem is the content is hitting for less damage than level 80 zones. I'm still wearing level 80 gear against level 90 mobs, and these level 90 mobs are hitting me for less than level 80 mobs, I'm not suggesting a huge heavy-handed change here, but it is 'off'.

    HM Malas stands out as maybe needing more than the blanket change. Unless you want this to be the by far easiest HM encounter, in its current state its not statistically different from EM other than adding the curse mechanic.

    I know Beta's add additional work, but these issues could have been addressed with just a couple of days of closed beta with a couple guilds.

    I can't speak for other guilds, but I'm happy to commit/coordinate Momentum to beta raids for tuning going forward.
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  9. Jezes Active Member

    Thank you for posting and letting us know. It really is appreciated and I hope it continues moving forward.
  10. Ysonoko Member

    Not trolling at all. I'm certain you are, though.
  11. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Forget the analogies.

    It's not asking for a lot considering it's the standard for every other expansion, this one just got missed~
  12. kitleez Member

    Thanks for the hp changes. I think the biggest thing is gear at the moment, giving people a reason to run zones/x2/ more incentive to raid. On the first day of the xpac we had a lot of people on to run ER and level, but after seeing the rewards from gear and marks, there really isn't much to do other then craft and frostfell.
  13. Dimek Member

    Personally I am looking forward to the raid content to see how it is. Our Guild is waiting to raid till after the holidays. I always have fun no matter if we win or lose, I just like coming together with 23 other people and killing or attempt to kill a boss. I do like that there is different difficulty of raid bosses, makes it seem like progression. Kill the easier one's, get gear, improve skill, Move on to harder mobs. The way it should be. I also like that the top guilds attempt to help the smaller casual raiding guilds, that is what community is suppose to be right ? Mind you I do have to talk to some of their troubadours to get some advice see what I can do to get some more dps out and on who JC uptime should be kept on, since EoF I have sort have been winging it.

    90 Troubadour
    Reckoning of Honor
  14. Ratface Member

    Just a minor niggle really, but 75 marks feels a little high for the T2 heroic stuff. Could be that it isn't great that is making it feel a little expensive.
  15. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    You get 6 marks per heroic zone you finish (daily mission+chest+end boss), plus 6 for the daily mission in SF. On top of that you get another 24 every 3rd day from the weekly.

    Marks are perfectly fine. But gear is not. Week 2 into SF and people still PUG WoE for gear.
  16. Krov Active Member

    Is this worth coming back and playing from a hardcore level avatar raider's perspective from SH ? I am reading the thread and im seeing the same reason's most of us left? I honestly want to know because im bored and after 2 tlps and a few hundered krono saved on eq1 im seriously bored and need something to do :p


    ps any disturbance , ex nihilo or calamity peeps floating about on here?
  17. Atan Well-Known Member

    Maybe? Sort of depends on the next patch really.

    I know there are some Disturbance folks floating around TLE, sorry don't remember who specifically or more importantly their former main names.
  18. Atan Well-Known Member

    While I know Caith would never read this thread/forum, itemization is kinda sad.

    Best in slot heroic gear is from single group instance from last expansion (WoE). Basically little to know upgrades from WoE gear in SF heroics, no need to login other than to do raid zones.

    I simple can not lose either the Potency from the WoE set bonuses OR the crit chance, cause crit chance isn't on similar pieces from heroic gear, and the yellow 2.5 potency adorn doesn't keep pace with the stats and set bonuses lost from removing woe gear.

    If you're not raiding, you're basically not playing.
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  19. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Well put Atan! That, is exactly how it is right now!
  20. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Its hilarious being in SF and level 90 but all people PUG is WoE for level 80 fabled gear.

    Good riddance.

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