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  1. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    WoE gear is still BiS except for the top end raiding gear.

    Great content.
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  2. Atan Well-Known Member

    To be fair, WoE gear was grossly over itemized, but that is their fault and they need to scale items and content to adjust for it.
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  3. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    And if you keep the frostfell gear on you, you keep the stats. Also great.
  4. Chrexx Member

    nerf woe gear woo
  5. Atan Well-Known Member

    Reward the early adopters!
  6. Atan Well-Known Member

    Cross posting in forums for other people that are banned from Discord.

    Caith commented that some raid gear was nerfed because it was incorrectly flagged as heroic. Expect some more fixes on Tuesday.
  7. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    So no heroic gear changes at all? Do they want people to only raid on this server? I mean theres hardly any content worth doing once you cap AA. Sig rewards are horrible too except shoulders and the HQ rewards are kinda eeh at best.
  8. Wigglesngiggles New Member

    When I pay for a sub for a game I expect the service to be good (ex. Not broken mobs, gear, etc etc) and yes I can have all the entitlement to cry on a forum because that's what forums are for: discuss various yopics of the game we all pay for.

    You are right I wouldn't ask for a restaurant to change the menu, but if I get a sandwich when I ordered a steak I will sure get that sandwich sent back and ask for my steak. No one here is asking for the game to be changed, they are asking to fix what has been released in a broken state.

    You are right i do not see people go to the kitchen to tell cooks how to prepare food, but you know how restaurants change/update their menu, interior design, etc etc? They do so through test groups and customer feedback. What a novel idea, if only mmos had something similar......oh wait.
  9. Atan Well-Known Member

    Maybe? Not sure, I'm hesitant to assume from omission, but wasn't all heroic gear in TSO also fairly irrelevant?

    or is your issue you are wearing tier 2.5 raid gear (WoE) and not finding upgrades to that gear in heroic dungeons? if so, then its the same problem since live, crazy good raid quality gear shouldn't have dropped from mobs that could be killed by a pug.

    I feel the TSO heroic gear is a clear upgrade over T2 TSO shard gear, but I'm happy to be proven otherwise.
  10. kitleez Member

    I feel more people do heroic content then raid so they should focus some time to appease the greater player base, I see no issue with making some of the rare heroic drops equivalent to t1 raid since the raid content can be 1 grouped anyway. You have to give people a reason to keep logging in to play other than just to raid. WoE was really easy and had OP gear, but the counter to that was keeping more people engaged longer, and a healthier server. Some of the set bonuses on tso raid gear is far better then WoE, so it gave raiders a reason to raid and casuals a reason to group to try to do the x2. This expansion there is no reason to group, and very little to raid atm.
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  11. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I would say that i'm surprised, but at this point and the recurring failures on this server; i'm not. The failures are as recurring as my subscription honestly.

    We waited three weeks for fixes, now another two. We got nothing except a few ports opened up to not let us have guild halls all because of a developers opinion that they weren't healthy for the game, all while he sold us familiars/other pay to win items that make up HALF of your potency at the moment if you go full pay to win. We also got gear downgraded in a lot of places.

    Now we're going to have to wait until three weeks into an expansion to hope and pray that itemization gets made into a usable state next week. At least this is on par with the state itemization was in the original sentinel's fate at least, you guys sure are keeping it classic!

    Is this a joke? Do you guys want us to quit? I'm putting on my tinfoil hat at this point because there is no way at all that you guys are this negligent that you can't even just add 3-4 blue stats to every item in sentinel's fate so it's an upgrade to TSO gear.

    I'll let you in on a secret, every item needs potency/abmod, for healers/mages you need casting/reuse on nearly every piece because of how much reuse/casting the TSO gear had on it. Scouts want melee stats and reuse. You need crit on at least two-three pieces of left side to compensate for the loss in crit because the TSO charms/cloak/RoK Shield/Mythical are best in slot right now and we can't upgrade them. The reason for this is because if you don't add crit, it's better for me to just slap on a few TSO pieces for crit and just ignore the new gear and retain my old TSO items.

    T1/T2 Should have the same amount of blue stats, and be a linear upgrade. T3/T4 should have the same blue stats but add an extra because it's hard mode gear. The reason for this is so the T1/T2 gear doesn't have certain blue stats that are more desirable that outweigh the bonus to potency/ability mod. This happened a lot with the later encounter's in TSO, you get loot off of bosses that no one else on the server are killing and you instantly loot it because it's worthless because the itemization bot doesn't factor in whether it's the initial mob or the last in the zone.

    Logging in i'm debating just uninstalling, me and a few others run the top guild on the server and have been since running it since tier 5. That is the only reason i'm still playing at the moment, because of an obligation, my guildies who just joined and who are coming back after leaving in TSO because of how broken things were, aren't going to stick around, at least they can be the ones that force me to quit~
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  12. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    (1544601719)[Wed Dec 12 00:01:59 2018] #00AAAAYour insight to Toxxulia reveals the following: (1544601719)[Wed Dec 12 00:01:59 2018] #00AAAA* General Information: (1544601719)
    [Wed Dec 12 00:01:59 2018] #00AAAA* Max Health: 93651069 (1544601719)
    [Wed Dec 12 00:01:59 2018] #00AAAA* Intelligence: 1445 (1544601719)
    [Wed Dec 12 00:01:59 2018] #00AAAA* Potency: 20 (1544601719)
    [Wed Dec 12 00:01:59 2018] #00AAAA* Weapon Information: (1544601719)
    [Wed Dec 12 00:01:59 2018] #00AAAA* Damage Per Second: 2135 (1544601719)
    [Wed Dec 12 00:01:59 2018] #00AAAA* Attack Speed: 1178 (1544601719)
    [Wed Dec 12 00:01:59 2018] #00AAAA* Multi-Attack Chance: 25 (1544601719)
    [Wed Dec 12 00:01:59 2018] #00AAAA* Strikethrough: 15 (1544601719)
    [Wed Dec 12 00:01:59 2018] #00AAAA* Accuracy: 40

    (1544729914)[Thu Dec 13 11:38:34 2018] #00AAAAYour insight to Toxxulia reveals the following: (1544729914)
    [Thu Dec 13 11:38:34 2018] #00AAAA* General Information: (1544729914)
    [Thu Dec 13 11:38:34 2018] #00AAAA* Max Health: 242732398 (1544729914)
    [Thu Dec 13 11:38:34 2018] #00AAAA* Intelligence: 1445 (1544729914)
    [Thu Dec 13 11:38:34 2018] #00AAAA* Potency: 20 (1544729914)
    [Thu Dec 13 11:38:34 2018] #00AAAA* Weapon Information: (1544729914)
    [Thu Dec 13 11:38:34 2018] #00AAAA* Damage Per Second: 2135 (1544729914)
    [Thu Dec 13 11:38:34 2018] #00AAAA* Attack Speed: 1178 (1544729914)
    [Thu Dec 13 11:38:34 2018] #00AAAA* Multi-Attack Chance: 25 (1544729914)
    [Thu Dec 13 11:38:34 2018] #00AAAA* Strikethrough: 15 (1544729914)
    [Thu Dec 13 11:38:34 2018] #00AAAA* Accuracy: 40

    Failure, the easy mode mobs also got a buff package. You guys don't want anyone to kill anything on this server do you? At this point casual guilds are going to stop raiding when they realize that their raid wides of under 500k are going to have to attack mobs for over 10-20 minutes just to get loot worse than ward of elements.

    I wanted a buff, maybe 25-50% tops on some of the more iconic bosses, this? Insanity, if only you had asked for actual feedback and numbers, parses, instead of just assuming. Now you're going to have to go back and nerf all of this content or lose your entire raiding population. Toxxulia is intended to be a starter hard mode mob, i'm sitting here wondering if sages is going to be a thirty minute encounter at this point.

    Hard mode HP seems a bit high, we are the only guild that has a raidwide above 500k i'm fairly certain. You are going to make us fight mobs for 9 minutes, and the #2 guild fight mobs for over half an hour at this point.

    A easier* solution would be to enable crit bonus I guess than go through and nerf it all, cap it at like 100% and see how it goes.

    Edit: I'm just gonna go ahead and post my original post back in tier five about your blanket buffs and the pages of feedback you have on that, i'm really annoyed at the moment, I don't know what else I can provide you people that would help you understand what is going on.
  13. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Hey at least they tried.

    When people ask for harder raids they dont mean doubling named health. They want scripts that work, they want the damage, maybe a slight health increase to account for the increase in player power and they want detriments to work as they should and scale with the gear obtainable in the expansion.

    Making a fight take twice as long is not making content harder, it just makes the game boring.

    You are not.
  14. Jezes Active Member

    I have been playing on FG since the day it was released with the main goal of getting to SF and re-living the raid content with my friends. This was everyone's favorite expansion and we were all really looking forward to it, which is the only reason we kept playing despite our server getting a fraction of the support we should be getting. Despite all the pay to win schemes. Despite time and time again our forums and discord being completely ignored by the devs, sometimes going 4 weeks of no responses from the devs.

    We kept playing because we had a (naive) hope that by the time we got to SF the devs could figure out a routine that works for these expansion releases. Surely waiting until after the expansion releases to do any sort of tuning and itemization changes doesn't work and keeps alienating the already dwindling player base. Surely they can see this pattern, just look at TSO as an example. So when there was an announcement for a 3 week delay so that they can review and make sure this stuff is taken care of BEFORE release, we were again excited for SF.

    I don't need to get into the utter disappointment the players felt when SF was released with NOTHING done. I'm sure you've read the forums and get the idea. People are upset. People feel cheated. People feel like they've wasted their time and money. This is the only server that requires a sub and is the server that gets the least amount of attention/time from the devs. How does this make sense? How can we continue to look past the obvious fact that this server only exists so that DBG can keep selling us pay to win crap and make some quick $$ whilst ignoring the players/their concerns/their feedback.

    I would also like to make it a point to say that the fact that there is absolutely no communication from devs to players when these things happen, makes everything worse. Yeah we would still be annoyed that nothing was done, but at least we're kept in the loop. At least we know what's going on. But no, even that common courtesy can't be extended to Fallen Gate players. Worse yet, most of the player base is now banned from the official discord AKA the only place where devs have communicated with us in the past.

    The truly sad thing is that this TLE server will be my last memory of EQ2, as this is my last time playing this game. I'm sure many others can relate to this.

    Here's what needs to happen if you want to keep this server alive through SF, if it's not already too late:

    Communicate with your player base. Stop reading these forums and not responding. Even if you have nothing good to say, just say you are reading and aware of the issues and are trying to work on it. Anything is better than absolute silence.

    Since you already buffed up all the raid mobs (I was under the impression that only HM mobs should have been buffed) MAKE ITEMIZATION BETTER. Make this a priority. Tuning mobs to be harder but itemization staying the same or very slight difference is a recipe for failure.
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  15. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    To be honest, this whole post is giving me flashbacks of KoS on Stormhold. Tuning mobs is fine, and that can be expected to some extent, but these kinds of wild swings in mob health and/or damage is (in part) what drove raiding guilds away from Stormhold in the first place.

    To the developers: Let's not repeat the same mistakes of the past. Incremental changes are fine as long as they're tested and noted in patches so that we know what to look for when we think there's a problem. Wide, sweeping changes to the difficulty of raid content (that obviously has not been thoroughly tested) and no notice whatsoever? For the long-term health of raiding on Fallen Gate, please, let's not do this again.

    The first post in the thread I listed earlier, history repeats itself.
    The parses I see say differently~
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  16. Caul Shivers Active Member

    You are not, 500k is not a hard number to get to. But you are a way ahead of us, who are the #3/#4 guild I guess, whatever.

    That said, I completely agree, mobs are super boring but not dangerous (the easy ones).
    A buff to HMs of 30-40% seemed like a good start and then go from there. Not blanket buff everything by 100-150%.
  17. Jezes Active Member

    No pressure or anything but at this point half (or more) of our guild is ready to quit if the patch next week does not address the itemization issues and the fact that mobs now have way too much HP after today's update. I am sure many other raid guilds feel the same way.

    Please just take the time to do this itemization update correctly. Either we need a significant itemization increase in stats and keep mob HP the same or a mild itemization increase and slight debuff of mob HP. Regardless of which route you take, please make sure the new gear is actually an upgrade from our TSO gear.

    I am not exaggerating when I say that a lot of people are going to quit if this is not done correctly and this is completely preventable.
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  18. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    At this point even just copying the woe armor sets and put em on the new token merchant for heroics with the addition of yellow adorn slots would be better then what we have gotten and actually give ppl a carrot to do heroics until you have fixed this mess.
  19. Ysonoko Member

    The game is hardly broken, at all.
    Far from perfect. But, it isn't broke.
    You didn't get a sandwich, and you didn't order a steak.
    You paid a subscription to access the TLE, at a minimum.
    The OP, and others in this thread, do want stuff changed. ALOT of things changed.
    Have you even read through this thread, or you just type random stuff that sounds good?
  20. kitleez Member

    Do you just do solo quests and think that is the game of eq2? Besides those, yes, it's broken.

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